Rise In Vaccinations In States Hardest Hit By Coronavirus

The states that have been hardest hit by the coronavirus are now seeing a dramatic rise in vaccinations. The Morning Joe panel has the latest reports.

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Rise In Vaccinations In States Hardest Hit By Coronavirus


  1. Delta is spreading so fast we are closing in on daily new cases at our peak last winter. All the better to send GOP voters to the morgue as dead Trump Virus stiffs so that they can vote as dead in 2022 and beyond. That is why prominent republicans are pushing for the jab. They want there to be enough live red votes to get them re-elected and not have the dead red votes thrown out.

    1. @Wark Mahlberg That’s a dumb comment even for a wingnut. It’s also a garbage deflection attempt. COVID is killing people in the US because Trump ignored the problem then did his best to shift blame and the weaklings in the GOP followed suit.

    1. @Robert Fernandez Wait a minute…..if your here making comments……whose smuggling the drugs over the wall?

    2. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 You are only citing per capital death rates. Of course a less populated state will have a larger per capita death rate.
      I know New York has a large population. Most of their deaths were the earliest and concentrated in a large urban center.
      Now you need to cite overall cases, hospitalizations, and overall deaths by state.
      Overall not just per capita.
      That chart will change quickly.

    3. @Mary Beth *- the Death Rates in Blue Commie $ Holes shows us that Stupid People Voted for Biden, the Democrats and Failed Liberalism again.*

  2. So, how much did the dim bulb in Tennessee cost us? How many people who had other problems couldn’t get help because of this wastrel sucking up space?

    1. Much worse: how many people didn’t get vaccinated because he was feeding their “oh no, evil mainstream media, Covid19 = sniffles” believes?
      I have many people did he infect before being hospitalized?
      I have zero compassion for that man, I’ll save it for people whose lifes can be permanently crippled by a medical bill.
      Byrd is just a clear case of Laser Guided Karma.

  3. Turns out that listening to Tucker Carlson/Sean Hannity/Laura Ingraham/Greg Gutfeld/Brian Kilmeade and Fox “news” can be harmful to your health; who knew?

    1. @Dino First amendment rights do not entitle you to express your views on television or on any other privately owned platform; (eg. Twitter etc). They only entitle you to express them to anyone who wants to listen. No one is asking for anyone to be silenced. That’s a straw man argument.

  4. The toxic tangerine and his pathetic pips are responsible for 99.5% of deaths and covid related medical costs since july 1.

  5. I really want to feel sorry for these people but I don’t. You have to experience tragedy to believe science. You believe foolishness on social media before scientists.
    I do feel for and admire the healthcare workers.

    1. Don’t waste your sorrow…they’re dead! One must choose their fate…either way, life offers no guarantees.

  6. Well it’s either that or die. Glad to see basic survival instincts finally kicking in after a year and a half.

    1. Hopefully it will stay that way when Q-insanons, Fox Lies or Newsless spread that the increasing numbers of patients in hospitals are caused by vaccinated people and proves the dangers of vaccination.

    2. @Patriotic Mexican-American the march of the clowns is a grand spectacle, i hope you enjoy to be in the center of it

    3. @beatrice fuhrmann it should never become public that vaccination helps, GOP will start vaccination suppression once they find out.

    4. @Michael Jarmuzek Lol the stats prove me correct…. But I still got vaccinated Im not a anti vaxer

    1. @Nic Moreno I HAVE READ IT 100 TIMES. YOU ARE 100% MISTAKEN. GO BACK TO GRAMMAR SCHOOL. YOU NEED IT. You will not elicit another response from me.

    2. A woman who was shot at Jonestown, has just compared Trump to Jim Jones and Trump’s most fervent supporters to Jim Jones death cult members. They are not in control of their own faculties. Death cult leader Trump is.

  7. If you die from covid, at this point can’t that be considered committing suicide?
    So do you get to enter the pearly gates or is it down to purgatory?

    1. Not exactly. But it’s akin to it. Like vacationing in a war zone or playing on a freeway at night.

    2. Wonder if a life insurance company it’s forced at this point to pay any benefits to the survivors….

  8. Here we go again, proving to the world we are the dumbest country on earth. We could all live, some will get sick, but they WILL NOT DIE. Except for one thing, Donald J (Jimmy Jones) Trump.

    1. @Jarry Sciligo Yeah America is bad it literally accomplished nothing for the world thats why your on the internet on youtube😂

    2. @Patriotic Mexican-American Yeah, because a big country can take in more people then a small country. So per capita and land mass are the most important and only valid way to compare countries.
      You are not the sharpest knife in the drawer it seems.

    3. @DerIchBinDa You realize America isn’t the biggest country? Take ur own advice ? Lol or maybe its the fact that the dumbest country has the most opportunity to succeed ? Why would people want to come to this evil racist poverty filled country?

  9. “if I had the information I have today we would have gotten vaccinated” buddy the only new information you got was that you almost died, LISTEN TO SCIENCE

    1. This is the issue. You have 0 clue what project mockingbird was and still is , I’m sure you never heard the name Klaus Schwab, world economic forum.
      If you are counting on corporate mockingbird programming for info you have absolutely 0 idea what’s happening.

    2. 100% true. He _did_ have the information, he just chose not to listen to it, because “the liberals are out to steal your guns” makes for a more interesting story (with him as part of the plucky rebel army), and it saved him the trouble of changing habits and wearing a mask.
      And now it’s “oh, no way I could have known that”.
      Darwin Award is getting old, I feel we need a Kaye Ivey reward here.

    3. @Bobby J Bear 🤦‍♂️ you sound like this: “the space aliens have implanted micro-potatoes in your brain stem to tilt society towards expanding the world’s bee population because the aliens need an environment with a lot of bees to survive…thats why the vaccine is bad…I’ll send you some links I found on the internet that will explain everything…”

  10. One way or another, the virus will eventually make believers out of everybody. 🤦‍♂️🦠☠️🤧😷💉

    1. Yep. If not the first time around, the second time, the third time. This virus isn’t like season flu that stops in spring. This doesn’t stop

  11. As Churchill said – paraphrasing ‘Americans always do the right thing after exhausting all other possibilities.’

    1. Sorry Winston that is no longer true. Have you tried to find a photo of you on line with your famous cigar the “Churchill”? You ALWAYS had a Churchill cigar in your hands. Changing history as we go…. oh did you hear about Jan 6th? It was such a nice friendly pleasant day….

  12. More nurses and doctors will suffer. What are we going to do without them.? Stupidity of Fox News and republican leaders.

  13. I don’t blame hospital personnel not wanting to take the jobs even with increased pay, why should they when these citizens have no compassion for others? Compassion burnout is a thing and it’s something those in the job right now are experiencing.

    1. @FacheChanteDeux STOP. Seriously man, just stop. With over 90% of those who are dying identified as unvaccinated, when do you stop??

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