1. @Save 🇺🇸Yeah! Jewish space lasers, denying the holocaust and 911, taking away Social Security, some believing JFK will be VP, yelling during SOTU showing no respect for the office, taking away women’s rights, banning books, attending White supremacy events, breaking into the capitol and injuring over 140 cops, etc…….it’s scary. Oh. I’m sorry that was republicans…my bad.

    2. @David HenningWhat does that have to do with making things better for the USA? Culture wars instead of policy is ok with you? Grow up.

    3. @N. JamesKBJ knows the answer it was a stupid question and she refused to answer. How that became such a big deal I’ll never understand. Her qualifications are important and her class in not answering a stupid question got twisted. Humans seem to look to argue over stupid stuff.

    1. @Didier Tekum seems like we all know it is bs. But if they keep pushing propaganda and distraction we can’t get complacent again. Don’t buy the alien garbage either.

    2. @4 Touchdowns in one game Do Not Count Haley out yet…She is an employee of Rupert, has been for years and still is…

    1. They’re going to treat trump with kid gloves while he’s going to take the low road and kick dirt in their eyes if they’re on the ground

    1. @Contra Talk with Richard But Haley is not a conservative or a populist. She’s just a female Jeb Bush, and people who vote in the Republican primaries don’t care about race and gender or “firsts,” so there’s no way she will win unless the election is a totally rigged clownshow like the Democrat primary.

    2. You may be surprised. It’s all about money and I think there is going to be a lot of money against Trump. He’s burned too many bridges to make it back. His unfavorables makes him a sure loss in a presidential campaign if he wins the primary.

    3. ​@Contra Talk with Richard She is an establishment and pro-war candidate. She will continue the pointless wars, and she will give into social pressures from the left. When she was governor she took down the Confederate Battleflag because the left was rioting and screaming about it. She is one of those people who cares more about what the left and media thinks than what her constituents want. Just a female version of the Bushs.

    1. Yeah, she left her South Asian background behind right? Next Trump will start up with her “birther” thing…


    1. @C0Y0TE Trump hasn’t won even once yet. He’s 0-for-2 in popular vote. If he runs again he will end up being 0-for-3 in popular vote. He’s losing more and more of the “sane” Repub votes with each passing month.

    2. I say she names Tulsi Gabbard as vp running mate – to lock down that Sikh/Hindu/faux-conservative-female/pock-face base.

    1. She probably is in to water down the field which gives Trump the win ( and will probably be running as his vp )

    2. I remember Biden and Clinton saying a lot of things in the mid-1990s. They’ve obviously flipped their positions. Do you remember what demographic they considered “super predators?”

    3. In order for her to be picked by Trump as a VP running mate, Haley must run for the Presidency to be seen as a viable choice. Did Harris run for President? Where is she now? This is Basic politics 101.

    1. She befriends bullies praises them as long as needed. DJT sent her away to watch rocks. Now she’s ready to emulate her idol, choose Ted Cruz as VP BC Ted has no balls & He will do anything to feed his ego and his family. And move on. Trump set the bar, Republican slogan ‘”Any Imbecile Can run for POTUS”

    2. @Joe wears a drool Bib I’m happy having someone with an education level in the Oval Office slightly higher than a 5th grader’s and a modicum of intellectual curiosity to boot. We can’t say that for Former Guy.

  1. And honestly, I think her move here is to help Trump. Think about it… Run, wait for Desantis to run, split the votes between them two while Trump takes the rest.

  2. She’s doing it for free air time and contributions. I can see her joining Trump on his ticket when he gets nominated just like Joe did with Kamala. Also depends on what DeSantis does.

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