2. If it didn’t happen then why are the Republicans going after the Doctor? That makes no sense

    1. @Bimmer Fan people gave up their rights the second they checked that little box on Google’s Terms of Service. the job of the SCOTUS is to apply the Constitution to Laws and lower court rulings. i’m sad to see so many Americans ignorant of our Constitutional rights and how government works.

  3. …And have any of these deniers come out to apologize or rescind pushing their lies? Jordan is such a liar.

  4. I worked as a child protection investigator and pregnant CHILDREN was not rare. The youngest child was 9 when she conceived and 10 when she gave birth. She had to have a C-section and she faced years of physical problems let alone psychological. I never had a doubt this story was real and only became public because her right to an abortion was denied.

    1. @Teresa Myers They don’t care about anything but keeping their oil stocks in good shape and their corporate daddies happy.

    2. @Nonya Bizness He’s never worried about assault against ANY child. He doesn’t care now either. But since he requested a pardon, he needs to be prosecuted right along with every corrupt party member that was involved.

    3. @Aisha bint Abu Bakr From Aljazeera January of this year:
      Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) scholars have given a range of time during which they said it is appropriate for a Muslim to have an abortion – from a few weeks to a few months.

      So, just like our conversation from a while back, you still don’t know anything.

  5. Unfortunately, this same story happens every day in every state and almost never makes the news. Forcing a kid to carry to term is so grossly immoral. It’s horrible that our country needs to re-learn the lesson of why abortion was made legal.

    1. @United Promotionsc1 um cause suicide isnt illegal and doesnt deserve to be illegal. people chose to do due to what they dea with in their lives and couldnt handle it anymore.

  6. There’s a reason republicans insist accounts of child rape are lies. If you’re not sure what I mean, just ask matt ‘pizza’ gaetz to explain it.

  7. Senator Kunze states that government can’t possibly know the solution to every problem and talks about pro-life and pro-choice coming together to talk. So why on earth would government want to get involved?
    This of course is more government interference with individual’s rights, setting up more committees and contracting highly paid lawyers to endlessly argue fine points of law.
    I’ve got an idea. How about just leaving it to the mother and those she trusts around her to make decisions about her body?

    1. Bob, that line of thinking is far too logical and compassionate for conservatives to support or even understand it.

  8. Doctors Appalled By 10-Year-Old Giving Birth [LiveScience] The greatest danger, however, is to the pelvic floor. Girls may start ovulating and menstruating as early as age 9, though the average is around 12 to 13. (Some studies suggest that the average age of first menstruation is dropping, but the data is not conclusive.) Just because a girl can get pregnant, though, doesn’t mean she can safely deliver a baby. The pelvis does not fully widen until the late teens, meaning that young girls may not be able to push the baby through the birth canal. The results are horrific… Girls may labor for days; many die. Their babies often don’t survive labor either.

    1. @Затворник Шестипалый Pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last period. If you haven’t had a period yet (because a period sluffs off blood in the uterus if a egg isn’t implanted) then it’s possible some girls haven’t even had a first period but could get pregnant but because of God or the universe’s strange ways, a lawmaker, not doctor, calls the shots for girls and women. Guys on the other hand (knowingly discard billions of partial babies) in the shower, washcloths you name it, but in contact with a females egg (when even not asked for) now it becomes sacred.

    2. ​@J Turtle And while C-sections are an important option for ADULT women, they still are MAJOR abdominal surgery that can and do result in maternal fatalities.
      Fun Fact: The USA has the most Maternal Fatalities during child birth of all Developed nations. So if you give birth in the USA, you are more likely to die than if you were in labour any other developed nation.

  9. Now these devil’s are going after the Doctor, that sums up how they think, wow instead of how can we help this poor child….Their evilness in these so called Christians hearts is dark.

  10. Apologizing would be admitting that they are pushing a false narrative about abortion. They will never do it.

    1. @Teutonic Nordwind i have a question. Do you consider removing a diseased tooth that could kill you as part of the Healthcare system? Or getting rid of a tumor that happens to be growing inside of you that can kill you as healthcare?

  11. The obscenity of rape of anyone, let alone a 10 year old girl, would be horrid enough. There are no words I can use that are suitable here to describe the vulgar, low life attacks by deranged people who hide behind a “conservative” label and an abhorrent self-righteous ignorance who feel entitled to smear an innocent victim. The political polarization in this country has reached unspeakable levels. Unless there is some miracle that knocks some sense into these despicable individuals we will no longer be able to exist in this vile environment.

    1. @Romance with the Past Police procedures on releasing information that constitute an unnecessary invasion of privacy, during an ongoing investigation and collecting evidence. DNA collected after the abortion would confirm the perpetrator. Investigation and collecting evidence take time, because they did not release information to the public, does not indicate the time the Investigation started.

    2. @RJ Geo Call the police department and ask them if you can see a report. In criminal cases, the police department will not allow suspects or victims to get complete copies of reports related to their case. (They will release limited information), but not the entire report. They said they had no report. At least that what WP, Fox, WSJ questioned.

  12. Calling a child rapist “the father” says everything anybody ever needed to know about how absolutely deranged and ignorant a too large part of this country really is. Someone having reproductive organs in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM MAKES THAT PERSON A #PARENT !!!!

    1. @Henry W I have nothing against Russia because they are doing what any other nation would do if they were under threat.

  13. That state senate lady is just as despicable. She refused to condem any of her republican colleagues for calling that story a lie.

  14. These republicans learned well from their dear leader con man Trump. NEVER admit you were wrong and never apologize for anything. Disgraceful and shameful.

    1. Not to let them off the hook but they were like that long before he came on the scene he just brought their cruelty out in the light of day

  15. Sounds awful to say, but this case actually did have the effect of skewering the stark gap between the GOP’s theocratic self-righteousness and reality at the time it was most needed. And now all the fuckers can do is squirm.

    1. @Romance with the Past Technically allowing abortion in states isn’t good enough when abortion services in those states are severely limited. For example, Mississippi only has one abortion clinic in the entire state. If Mississippi makes exceptions for child rape, she’d technically be allowed to get one, but she’d have to travel quite a bit to get to the clinic, which requires the parents to request time off work even if they can’t afford it. *Maybe* she could get it done at a hospital, but anti abortion religious organizations are buying those up without putting their religion in the name of the hospital. So patients aren’t always aware when a hospital has changed hands.

    2. @Kari Kling A parent would need to take off no matter where the service was. A child must never be left alone not just because of physical needs but emotional.

    3. @Romance with the Past Yes, but obviously they’d have to take more time off if it’s further away, and if the clinic were closer and they had other family nearby, they could have other family with her if they absolutely need to work. This isn’t even to mention the problems with limiting abortion services if a woman’s life is at risk because they don’t always have the time to travel far away to save their life, especially if lawmakers are busy getting involved in what can legally be considered a threat to a pregnant person’s life.

    4. @Kari Kling Every single state will place a WOMAN”S life over the child. And any hospital will treat HER. ” a pregnant person’s” 2+2=5 get out of my face.

  16. This shouldn’t even be an issue. The family of the girl and doctor who helped her should have complete privacy. The GOP needs to stop and learn some compassion.

    1. Media should also abide by the same rules . The doctor that leaked the info is in violation of HIPPA . YES??? Food for thought .

    2. @Char Van Kerck did the Dr leak her name? That would be a HIPPA violation. Did the media use her name? No, that would violate their requirements when reporting anything about a minor.

      Doctors report to the local public health authorities all the time, it’s part of their job. That’s how the CDC gets data on diseases. In cases where a crime is suspected they report to other authorities as appropriate. In this case I believe the doctor reported to the child protection authorities.

      You are just trying to throw blame on everyone you can to distract from the important issue, which is the consequences of Ohio’s anti choice laws: a 10 year old rape victim must travel to another state to get health care to save her health and perhaps her life.

    3. @david komen nope, wrong, Roe and other decisions about “things not written in the constitution” has to do with precedence, and the right to privacy, there was no such thing as abortion when the Constitution was written, OR semiautomatic weapons of war, so your argument is we should also ban all weapons created after the constitution was written because they were not explicitly described in the Constitution? GOOD IDEA, and we should also stream everything you do in your house to the internet, because, you know, privacy isn’t a guaranteed right in the constitution either… you see what a slippery slope it is when you put unqualified idiots in the Supreme Court????

  17. Jim Jordan, in denying the story was real, embarrassed himself, his state and his party with his heartless response. But then, we remember the wrestling team at Ohio State. And he is in Congress. Disgusting man, or rather wimp. No courage in Jordan’s DNA.

    1. @Henry W Add the word ‘blind’ to his name is he plans to use that as his main defence for every crime he commits.

  18. I read a story today about a 30 year old cancer victim who can no longer take the pill, but if she gets pregnant, she will have no choices. Instead at least three doctors at least four lawyers, a judge, and a jury will have all the choices, choices that will not be made until the fetus and the cancer victim may both be dead. This is the horror of overturning Roe.

    1. @Sandra Minor Williamson many young women are now looking to do that, rather than be subject to government control of their bodies and choices. Which means they won’t be able to habe children later on if they’re ever in a better situation to habe one.

      Overturning Roe may reduce the number of wanted children in future while increasing the number of children in poverty or abusive families or fhe overwhelmed foster care system.

    2. @Sandra Minor Williamson I don’t know why people ate so concern about other people’s bodies , life , or anything else that ate not personally affecting them. Mind your business!

    3. @Sandra Minor Williamson a cancer victim may not be able to withstand the surgery to sterilize her let alone the pregnancy. This is why we should leave healthcare to the people affected and their healthcare providers. Stay out of it.

    4. You may want to read the WHOLE decision. Health of mother is concerned primary in that decision. Pls read fir yourself the WHOLE DOCUMENT .

  19. he implied the story about that child being raped was a made up lie… but he “never doubted the child”

  20. It is doubly sad for this girl. Not only that she had to endure the man doing what he did, THEN having to undergo the procedure to give her back her future, she now has to endure the whole thing being dragged around through media and political arguments and undoubtedly the talk and whispers she will endure from people who are in her community who are not terribly compassionate or understanding.

    1. @Nyanza Rojas She knows who she is. I imagine she is not living in a box, she would hear via news and peoples discussion and know it is her they are talking about – not something kids that age like to have happen – she would be in a lot of emotional pain with all that has happened to her. She has a lot of trauma to deal with and heal from – some people never heal from it and it haunts their lives every waking moment. Her age and being not psychologically ready for all things related to sex and violence related to the act of rape , and soon the turmoil of hormones that accompany adolescence, if not given the right help and compassion could lead to mental emotional illness, depression, self harm like drugs etc. And it is the dismissiveness that adds to the trauma in regards to the impact of such an event has on a persons life that happens when men and some women law makers or church people have only their own importance and agenda in sight and not the well being of another living human being.

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