No 'guarantee' supply chain issues solved by Christmas: White House 1

No ‘guarantee’ supply chain issues solved by Christmas: White House


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says there's no 'guarantee' that holiday packages will arrive in time because of supply chain issues.

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    1. @Mike Ansley not really considering how much you resemble Jabba the Gut, at least in thought processes or lack thereof

    2. @kathy smith Umm… Biden is trying to add $5T to the American nat’l debt, is encouraging the firing of hundreds of thousands of critical workers, has decimated the energy industry leading to increased prices for consumers and revamped outsourcing of jobs… 13.2% inflation on one year! Not to mention 200,000 illegals are flooding into the USA each month to compete for jobs with marginalized communities you only pretend to care about because your entire world view only satiates your corpulent ego.

      Yeah… Bidenomics. Billions to the Taliban. Bizarre new taxes for Americans.

    3. @Mike Ansley Soooo… you’ve taken predictions about what you think might occur or what Biden wants and believe that’s the cause for things that already exist? Did Biden invent time travel or something? Lol, bud, put down the pipe.

  1. They can’t predict , in other words anything is possible even a bad scenario. Get Ready for shortages of any kind

  2. the problem is, this is not a single country issue, this is worldwide with many factors contributing to the slow delivery from companies closed due to the pandemic to many fewer truck drivers to bottle necks in numerous ports. expecting ONE GOV”T to solve the problem is like saying every gov’t in the world has the same gov’t.

    1. If hell brakes loose let’s meet at the warehouses and distribute the goods… They should hire more truckers and produce chassis for trucks. Why doesn’t Canada have their own trucks?

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