No Major Cuts in 2014/2015 Budget

Roosevelt Skerrit

The nation’s leader and Finance Minister, Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit revealed to GIS that in his upcoming budget estimates, Dominicans will not face an major fiscal cuts.

This announcement, the Prime Minister says, is notable in these tough financial times as Dominica has not been spared by the global economic and fiscal crisis.

According to the Prime Minister, Dominica has seen a reduction in its revenue however not one public officer has been sent home or experienced a reduced salary.

“We have not cut back on our social safety net programs or our housing revolution the latter which seeks to assist people with modern washrooms and having homes. We continue to invest in agriculture, education and health. As a matter of fact our budget for education and health has increased in the last financial year. So we will not see any major  cuts  in any of those Ministries but you will see us moving ahead with many exciting plans and programs.”

Hon. Skerrit further stated that his Government’s policy of financial prudence will be maintained throughout the next financial year and will be evidenced in the 2014/2015 budget.

“We have to ensure that prudential limits and parameters are maintained as managing the economy of Dominica is a very difficult task. If we tinker with it unnecessarily or against the realities we will very well find ourselves in a situation where we have to go back to the International Monetary Fund and our other international partners. Therefore prudence and a responsible approach towards preparing the budget is key.”

Importantly, the Government leader emphasized, Dominicans will see no political tactics in the budget estimates.

“Notwithstanding the fact that we are in the election year and certainly elections will be held during this fiscal year 2014/2015, you still must not allow that consideration to lead you in preparing a budget. We are not going to do any politicking in this budget. The country is too important and in too much of a delicate stage for us to tinker with it for any apparent political gains.”

Cabinet is expected to reveal the budget estimates sometime this month.


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