'No One Is In Charge' After Haiti's President Assassinated 1

‘No One Is In Charge’ After Haiti’s President Assassinated


The Haitian Times founder and publisher Garry Pierre-Pierre says that a military coup is "unlikely" after the assassination of Haiti's President Jovenel Moïse. 
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    1. Did you know that person that you called a truant and how well did you know him. Maybe you can be the next President of Haiti, I am sure you can get the job done before they murder you.

    1. Ever since the Clintons laundered the money they had raised for humanitarian storm relief.

    1. That’s not their system. They have a president & prime minister. Problem is, the president’s term was over a year ago, according to their courts & the prime minister is just an interim prime minister.

    1. @Tonito Rodriguez; “All the way”?, you have no idea what you are saying, those folks are headed off a cliff. You all are festering with confirmation bias which is triggered by denial and insecurity. How long can you keep believing in the BIG LIE, how long can you hold your head in the sand to what a psychopathic liar and criminal drumpf actually is. In reality he has done nothing good for this country because he never cared about any thing but himself.

    2. @Shawn Corbin; This all is far from over, and he is the one trying to keep himself relevant.

    3. When is Joe going to take a cognitive test? We have no president here either. Just a creepy old pervert with scrambled eggs for brains.

    4. @Lena Strope Strope He doesn’t need one. Doctors only give cognitive tests to people that show signs they need them. That’s why Dementia Donnie took at least two. His “person woman man camera TV” test was ordered by his doctors when he made an emergency unscheduled trip to Walter Reed for what they called “half of his yearly physical”. I know Donnie is fat but I doubt it takes two trips to hospital to weigh him for a physical.

  1. Remember Biden said you can’t move against the government because you need f15s and nuclear weapons

    1. Parts of Chicago lack infrastructure & other resources & have high crime. That’s true of every large US city, to some extent. Equating any US city with Haiti, just demonstrates your ignorance of other countries & lack of empathy for their people. Not everything is about the US.

    1. Because the Clintons are desperate to control Haiti due to its climate being perfect for reptilians

    2. @Roger Fedora everyone called President Trump a racist when he pointed out how bad Haiti is. My how things have changed.

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