Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 7th | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 7th | MSNBC


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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 7th | MSNBC


  1. HOW MANY TIME DO THEY HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS DOESN’T MEAN DE-FUND ! It is Police reform…Tired of hearing people twist this message! Further it is the Fing Republicans who won’t even honor the Capitol Police who risked their lives to save their A$$!!!

    1. @Jock Young So did BLM slogan as well because there are lots of people who don’t know what BLM stands for and then they say back…All lives matter and you know at that moment they never understood what BLM was all about. I truly believe *most of those people aren’t trying to be racist, I think they just don’t understand BLM and they don’t understand that saying ALL lives matter IS a racist thing to say yes! Only they don’t get it so they think everyone else is being racist..because I believe they mean All lives matter as in every color matters . They are missing the fact that black people have always been persecuted right up until even now and most white people have never been racially profiled or would have any idea what that would feel like. I believe that once it was explained correctly that most of the white people saying ALL lives matter , once it was explained they would be fine with police REFORM but when you say defund you make people think you mean end totally end! and of course that’s a false statement as well! It’s just so sad to me that most folks are just being misunderstood. In that, I believe a massive amount of people are simply misunderstood. Mainly we are fighting about something we really agree on. Please thumbs this up if you agree with me? Anyone? 🙂

  2. What was previously “unimaginable” that a black man could win (Staten Island) (Senator from Georgia) just for example…today it’s the reality.
    The root cause? Maybe those who could imagine it happening?

  3. The Major election proves that the slightest mistake in the system will be CAUGHT! NOT the opposite!!

  4. I didn’t know MSNBC posted this on YouTube but now that I do I’ll look for it each weekday! Thanks!

  5. If every time you say “defund the police” you have to follow with “but we don’t really mean that”, you know you have a really stupid slogan

    1. Fortunately, you don’t have to follow it with that. Many of us saying defund the police mean it. We mean take away some of that police funding, and put it toward social support workers and other personnel that are better trained and better equipped to handle people with mental health issues, who make up a disproportionate volume of police call volume in many urban areas. The slogan is fine, the stupid part is people misunderstanding it.

    2. @Kiarra Kiarra
      But knowing that people WILL misunderstand it, why use it? There are some radicals who literally want to disband entire police departments, but most people who use the slogan do not want to reduce actual crime-fighting activity. And yet most people will assume it means exactly that.

  6. While I’am back at disagreeing with you over almost everything again given you are conservatives I gotta thank you for the interview with Valerie Biden, it really shows the contrast of Biden’s immediate family vs Trump’s family.

  7. The Title DEFUND THE POLICE including CRITICAL RACE THEORY has been just the right handle for Law Enforcement (and others) to manipulate the truth and cause widespread panic. You are led to believe there’ll be NO Police followed by anarchy and rioting. NOT TRUE. Find out for yourself.

    Just remember the deliberate Police absences created by our ‘Protectors’ and the results. Law Enforcement public relations, absences, and misinformation created people’s fears – and then exploited / capitalized on those baseless fears.

    These recent events are relevant and they strongly reflect the use of the same tactics = fears and groundless distrust of CRITICAL RACE THEORY. So far, those people passionately expressing negative opinions about the history info – know ONLY what they’ve been told to frighten them. Find out for yourself.

    So, WHO will examine CRITICAL RACE THEORY for themselves – and Dispel their OWN irrational fears? OR continue to allow yourselves to be manipulated and exploited…Peace

  8. Um, yeah, it’s the hackers fault that protein prices are thru the roof right now because it’s more important for the corporations to further enrich their stockholders than it is for American children’s parents to be able to serve said protein. We could eliminate this problem by helping local family farmers who serve their immediate communities to thrive while turning our backs on the profiteers who don’t pay their workers well or provide benefits.

  9. Come on MSNBC, get rid of this guy. Have we all forgotten the Tawanna Brawley fiasco? Sharpton is the black Rudi Giuliani. A shameless self promoter.

  10. Why does the media KEEP talking about defund the police? I haven’t heard one elected Democrat support that or use those words as something they support. Please start using the description of the REAL policy that progressives and some other Dems support, such as utilizing community support in some instances when appropriate. We don’t want fewer police. We want more effective interactions with citizens who are mentally ill. As a licensed professional, I see the need for involving counselors but also keeping the police to back them up.

  11. “There’s no accounting for what life dishes out for you; there’s only accounting for how you deal with it.” – Valerie Biden Owens

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