Trump Announces Lawsuit Against Facebook, Twitter And Google 1

Trump Announces Lawsuit Against Facebook, Twitter And Google


President Trump announced that he would be filing a class action lawsuit against the social media companies associated with Facebook, Twitter and Google over claims of violating First Amendment rights.
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  1. You may be wondering how Trump can afford to sue all of these tech giants at once. Two words: campaign donations.

  2. That’s funny, I’m a liberal who was banned from Twitter. I broke their rules, that’s life.

    1. @Bitcoin Trumps lies as president caused hundreds of thousands of deaths. They caused an insurrection.
      There is no comparison. Lie to yourself all you want it wont ever change the reality of this.

    2. @Marvin Guigar not close, but there are those who want an authorian dictator…..fortunately he LOST.

    1. This makes me think of the old saying “You can put pearls on a swine but it’s still a swine”

  3. oh the IRONY….. blocking everyone who has a critic sound… sending DOJ after comedians who make jokes about him in order to silence them. And yet, they all tell the TRUTH.

    1. @sebastien holmes that is the most idiotic comment I have read online today. Congrats.

    2. @MENTALLECT the media lies all the time wtf are you talking about? Clearly you didn’t read that Malcolm X quote

    1. He needs to confer with Melania who can verse him on bullying and why he’s been banned.

  4. Does Trump have attorney-client relationship anymore, and do attorney’s find him trust worthy ?

  5. ” They can do it to anyone ” yes they can and they do, WHEN YOU BREAK THEIR RULES. He is such an effin baby

    1. @Redjam Redjam aww you seem obsessed with princesses and Russians how much you pay them camgirls for tokens

    2. @eric ford
      Awe Chubakov Bogatishevi never mentioned russia
      You are confused komrade

    3. @Jack Warner you sound about as mart as a second grader please stop teaching people online. You are not teaching facts.

  6. Revenge is eating away at Donald Trumps mind. He’s like a 5 year old bully in a sandbox. Just watching him eat his own mind.

    1. @Trapper Trump has a speech impairment along with other disabilities and his BMI problem is a concern. His IQ is about 70.

    2. @Leonie Romanes “Otherwise he would be whining to a global audience, making America look weak.”

      Too late, he had 4 years of that.

      It’s gonna take Biden that much and more to repair that damage in trust among the US allies and enemies.

    3. @george Hastings Again you ignore the elephant in the room!! Dementia Joe has a huge cognitive problem not to mention the moral issues, and that’s obvious to those who can see. And oh yeah how many billions of dollars does that person with an IQ of 70 have? Lol,lol

  7. Actually, Banning him has been one of the best things that ever happened to my world LOL cue the Trump in a diaper balloon. Retool the factory, we’re going to need a lot more of those

    1. @Justin Purcell how can he win any lawsuit ? No private company is obligated to give you a platform.

      Now if they discriminated against him on Race Religion or other personal traits, he might have a case.

    2. @Michael Reid Yea you’re right, I was wrong. he’s just suing them over HIS ban which won’t work.. But Twitter is known for skewing their own rules and not being opaque about them, they just ban who they don’t agree with and give a reason that is normally nonsensical. You can’t set rules for clients or employees and then makeup rules as you go along for certain individuals, that is descrimination.

    3. @Justin Purcell thats quite normal either a company will look for and find a reason to say no, or else they give a vague one!

    4. We finally have some moments of relative peace & calm without some big loudmouth spewing his nonsense.

    1. Well hes not paying guilianni with any of that donated money so I guess he’s saving there. Let’s see how long before rudy sues him

    2. Trump needs money infusion for his criminal indictments for his company, his “children” and himself. His base is so braindead they will gladly send him money that will be flushed down Trump’s golden toilet.

    3. Lawyers will always take the money. And if he wants to waste it on frivolous lawsuits, I’ll enjoy the show as they close down his businesses & expose him as B R O K E.

  8. Representative of a law firm, “We will need a 5 million $ retainer that is non refundable “. Trump “just put it on my bill, I am good for it, just ask anybody”. Law firm “We did”.

  9. People behind him don’t even take him seriously. He just needs to stop pretending to be president it’s over Donny.

  10. This man has no shame he wants to continue to lie without no responsibility with that he’s shifting his responsibility like he always does and to others

  11. Other than golfing, whining tweets was pretty much Trump’s Life. Removing Twitter from Trump is the equivalent of taking a smartphone from a teenager

    1. And now the court’s will start confiscating his gold clubs to pay back taxes, fines and penalties, so his world is about to get VERY smol.

  12. Those platforms have rules, Trump broke those rules, they reacted accordingly.
    Can you imagine if *law* worked the same way? You know, accountability for crimes and such? Crazy, right?

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