No Party Permits for Christmas | TVJ News - Dec 14 2021 1

No Party Permits for Christmas | TVJ News – Dec 14 2021


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  1. Somebody tell Desmond a ina tivoli di most party deh🤣 anyways….The hotels are full n no one is bothering them. Why bother others?? J.l.p party is so wack

  2. Only hope the hotel dem don’t keep any party cause that where these politicians party and drink champagne 🥂

  3. A thief’s ounu fi try catch in a de Christmas why some of ounu government people don’t resign and find something else fi du and stop live off taxpayers money 💴

  4. You fool fool why ounu can’t come with a plan for the level of crime in a Jamaica ounu nuh c how de crime rate gone up ounu just don’t have no sense no knowledge how to even cut down the level of crime resign a dat some a ounu fi du and give people who have more ideas about this crime ting ya in a Jamaica 🇯🇲

  5. Desmond McKenzie….. Remember your words…. Because mi sure seh party 🎉 ago keep a Tivoli Gardens until hours a morning.

  6. Wat about the crime in Jamaica uno nah talk bout it!!! Idk but Jashii wasn’t lying the system one bit! Until it reaches at there door!!!!

  7. I bet unu politicians a gu keep fi unu party tho, this only apply to certain ppl, unu can’t stop andrew constituency fi follow rules tho, them is not apart a JA

  8. A foolishness u talk u just a beat down the lower class a people, I’m wondering if u see how basic food items a go up, What uu expect people to do, Wecked Ness.

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