1. Hello 👋 how are you doing today? I hope 🤞 this year brings happiness, peace and love all over the world 🌎 I’m originally from Canada 🇨🇦 grow up in Fort Worth Texas, currently living in Key West Florida. Where are you from if i may ask?😊😊😊

  1. Well I can only watch but the unguarded border crossing raid must have lifted some moral today, from here it’s reached the level of respectable hilarity. Keep a stiff upper lip!

  2. OMG Nick you are “BRAVE”Thanks for the great report,Please stay safe.
    Nick I just notices in your eyes the sadness and pain you’re experiencing ,it will take you a long time to recover from this experience.
    Please take good care and as well the CNN crew.

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  4. Well were seeing how important Bakhmut was after all but the border crossing a distraction from losing Bakhmut ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

  5. I don’t know that 224 days to take a small city is such a great accomplishment for Russia.

  6. 𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱𒀱 says:

    We will never understand what they’re up against til the day we’re in the frontlines ourselves, which isn’t far. We people have no idea what’s coming, absolutely no idea

  7. There was comments by French mercenary how civilians in Bakhmut have hate and fear in their eyes, when they see Ukrainian soldiers – not like when they was on the west side of Ukraine.

    Make you think, you know
    But I think news of course will not bring up that type of topic 😅

  8. Yet another brilliant strategic win for the Ukrainians as they are advancing backwards out of the city into the forest.bravo!

  9. Next to the full extend of donbass…next one big city left….lets go russian army.❤

  10. Next moving to kramatorsk❤
    And donbass complete for now and kiev will be the last one

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