1. This is not the truth, I’m sure he is respected by his fellow drivers ect. Dosent sound legit

  2. Clearly someone is trying to start some sort of civil war. Seems like so deep state conspiracy stuff coming true.

    1. @Tyrone Bateman yes because his father was Fred Trump. Racism tends to continue through family lines.

    1. @Rodney Ricks the agression depending on where you look up history who started it but clearly fort sumter is in north carolina which had already seceded. that occurred in 1861 which is when the war started.

    2. @Rodney Ricks the southern cotton plantation states seceded because of the morrill tariff which taxed the cotton exports but the funds benefit the indurstrial states.

    3. @Rodney Ricks nobody disputes that the southern states were slave states but no the civil war was not fought started or fought because the union wanted to end slavery and the south didnt.

    4. @Rodney Ricks im not condoning slavery just clarifying that is not why it started or why it was fought .

    5. @Rodney Ricks the southern states seceded in 1860, the war started in 1861 and the emancipation declaration was not signed until 2 years after the civil war had already started.

  3. Every time I see someone flying that flag I think to myself – there’s a loser advertising the fact of being a loser.

    1. But it’s heritage in their eyes, the fact that it’s wrote down in history books as a icon of the preservation of white supremacy and oppression of colored, it’s about heritage, not hate.

    1. Sorry if things like that get under your skin Professor Durham but i think your time would be better spent correcting spelling mistakes in other comments ! Besides i really do not care . Thanks and have a nice day .

    2. @Rebecca how? Jussie Smollett fabricated the whole thing that “happened” to him. That’s a fact.

    1. @jason coates
      Confederate flag is just a rebel flag, yes it was bad during the civil war but it’s a flag of resistance, not slavery, thats the problem with cancel culture, it throws the baby out with the bath water

    1. Gave Jim Acosta enough time to weasel in and watch a YouTube video on how to tie a noose!!

  4. I’m from Ky and currently live in TN. Believe me when I tell you, racism is still very real in the south.

    1. It sure is. Every time I try to get a job, they turn me down because I am a white man. You know? Affirmative action. Did you forget about that kind of legalized bigotry.

  5. Would I be labeled a racist if I questioned this?? Sounds like a French actor jussie smollett story

    1. Being dismissive of something that happens so often could be driven by racism. Like people who dismissive all rape victims because they know one fraud. An inability to accept that others have been wronged just because they don’t look like you.

    1. Those shootings – plural – are not related, other than being related to the issue of gun violence. Using shooting deaths to act like THIS story doesn’t matter is weird.

  6. “I don’t value indulging irrationality, hyper-partisanship.” -Chris Cuomo on the topic of his job on CNN

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