‘Norm busting’: Expert breaks down China’s new leadership line-up

Xi Jinping has unveiled China's new leadership in the seven-member Politburo Standing Committee — with himself at the helm, surrounded by allies and loyalists. Victor Shih, Associate Professor at University of California San Diego, reacts to the new line-up.

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    1. Is it about the US or the UK? These two are often led by questionable characters with dubious track records!

  1. If Hu was pulled out for health reasons, Xi didn’t seem too concerned or empathetic – Xi looked like he just wanted to ignore Hu, like ‘just move along old man’. And I’m not surprised Li KeQiang got bumped out – he had contradicted Xi a few times and it was clear that he was actually more rational while Xi was inflexibly sticking to his BS propaganda.

    1. @不信邪 – I was raised in Taiwan (20 years) and live in Hong Kong (17 years) but I guess those are not China? And I’ve also travelled and worked on projects all over mainland China for decades. But what you are saying might be true and we agree! Xi showed ABSOLUTELY NO concern or compassion for Hu – and that IS the culture of the CCP! NO COMPASSION OR CONCERN FOR PEOPLE!! Just ruthless cold-hearted barbarians! And you are proud of that? Sick sick sick… That’s why Taiwan is culturally light years ahead of China! Taiwan is a country of warm, kind, compassionate, passionate people. Taiwan is the way China could be without the CCP. You basically admit that and are proud of that! You are a sick, cold-hearted person. Recently, I saw a video of a woman getting hit by a taxi in a busy city road i China – no one came to help her – they just walked by and looked at her while she lay there – finally another car drove right over the top of her – crushing her – and people just continued to walk past her. THAT is the Chinese culture you are proud of? Someone is suffering in an emergency, but it’s not your problem – don’t let it disrupt your day. Cold, heartless barbarians! Even ants will come to aid an injured ant! Are you even human? I was walking with my 85 year old mother in New York, as we crossed the street, she twisted her ankle and fell in the road – even tho I was right there to help her, 3 guys came running to make sure no cars would hit us and to help my mother get up – other people who were further away came and asked if we needed any help. Those were New Yorkers! People from the most busy, hectic city in the world – but they stopped everything to help a little old lady who fell. That is a society with compassion – people who care about their fellow humans! But YOU are proud of Chinese compassionless culture? Barbaric! If you claim Taiwan is part of China, then you see what Chinese culture and society could be like – get rid of the CCP!!

    2. @不信邪 – This reminds me of the news story in January about an eight months’ pregnant woman in Xi’An who lost her unborn baby after being refused immediate entry by the Gaoxin hospital for not providing a valid Covid-19 test result – her test was 4 hours expired. She was seen sitting outside the hospital for two hours with blood running down her legs. But she did not meet the guidelines so no compassion for her – not your problem! And THAT is the Chinese culture you are so proud of? How often we hear these stories coming out of China…. Oh, and then the story of British diplomat Stephen Ellison who dived into a river in China to save a drowning student who had fallen in – while Chinese onlookers just filmed the incident on their phones! THAT is the culture you are so proud of?! Life is cheap in China! You’re right, do the math – you’ve got 1.4 billion people – so what if a pregnant woman is bleeding on the sidewalk right outside a hospital – who cares? There are another 1.4 billion people so individuals don’t matter – Not your problem! I’ve never heard one such story out of Taiwan. Clearly Taiwan is NOT part of China – the culture is completely different! Maybe I DO understand Chinese CCP culture perfectly – maybe I’m just disgusted by it!!

  2. Very good analysis, I am a Chinese American in China. My wife is a Chinese citizen and we have two children. When Xi changed the Chinese constitution in 2013, not many people in China noticed but I started worrying. And it’s been getting worse over the years. I started the process to take my family back to the US during the “Covid” lockdowns in Shanghai earlier this year since we were scared of a possible famine. It would seem China is on a downward slope both economically and politically. Right after the 20th CCP meeting, the sentiment here is great uncertainty. Rumor on the street has that Xi would attack Taiwan by the end of THIS year, lots of military airports along the Chinese Eastern seaboard are under construction with strict deadlines. Lots of my Chinese friends, rich or poor, are asking me “how can I get out ASAP?” I think Xi is NOT a politician, but a gambler, he will do some crazy things just like Mao did and it will be another series of disasters for the Chinese people and all countries around China (30 million people died during the greatest man-made famine by Mao). Taiwan will be the first line of defense against the communist attack on democracy and the US should increase military and financial support for Taiwan today, NOW!

    1. @hj You need an updated script to read from, child. When people resort to the equivalent of threats and/or cussing it generally indicates they do not have a logical rebuttal.

    1. Who cares what people think of you, what title you have, you are you and that’s all that matters. Titles mean nothing after you die. Live a humble life and help others, but never look down or keep people “imprisioned” by your greed of control.

    1. You nailed it! Eye contact on a video conference? Aren’t they both looking into different ” person, woman, man, CAMERA, TV?”😂😂😂

  3. This Party Congress was marred by three events:
    – indefinite delay release of Q3 economic data for no reason,
    – violence of the Chinese consulate staff beating a demonstrator in the UK, and
    – former president Hu Jintao was led away against his will from his seat.

  4. It doesn’t matter whom they select into the CCP 🇨🇳 leadership, they are all hazards to:
    – their own citizens,
    – freedom of speech,
    – transparency, and
    – the international rules-based system.

    1. “The international rules based order” the US and western countries made those rules. Why would you expect the CCP not to want their own “rules”?

    2. Well the CCP had also managed to lift 600 million Chinese out of poverty in the last 20 years, so I am not sure as to what you’re referring to as “hazards to their own citizens”.

      Freedom of speech? As in the freedom to organise violent demos that we often see in the west? Freedom to talk crap without any impunity like they do in the west? Freedom of speech that will eventually enable hostile nations (you know who) to sow discords amongst the masses in China?

  5. One party system, get so much done for the country. Two or more party systems like the West, going nowhere, US is one good example.

  6. “…over time, will generate uncertainty…” What about today? Hu wasn’t “asked to leave.” It was, “Leave, or else!”

  7. Almost always western analysis misses in prediction of China, and probably this is rooted in thinking in western ways.

  8. One of the things that bothers me about Xi and his government is that the CCP has become so remote from common sense and reason. They want things all their way regardless of how it hurts itself as well as the world at large!

  9. *Was* the 2nd largest economy in the world, past tense. Western Greed & weak leaders drove it, and now Western pragmatism will see it crumble to dust.

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