1. I hope the West doesn’t say after few years that Mr Jinping surprised us as we discovered now that he is not a reliable partner or supplier .

    1. β™₯️ π‚π‡πˆππ€ πŽπ–ππ’ π“π€πˆπ–π€π π…πŽπ‘π„π•π„π‘ says:


    2. @β™₯️ π‚π‡πˆππ€ πŽπ–ππ’ π“π€πˆπ–π€π π…πŽπ‘π„π•π„π‘ NEWS FLASH! *Taiwan IS ALREADY INDEPENDENT*

  2. So what really happened to Hu Jintao? He was hustled out of the presidential table as he sat beside Xi Jinping himself. The traditionalist former president probably didn’t agree with Xi’s 3rd term that’s not the norm.

    1. Hu was sent to the communists heaven in appreciation of his previous services . It seemed he wasn’t happy with a third term nor with a new war similar to that of Ukraine where Russia expected a very short war .

    1. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ ONE CHINA’S β€οΈπŸ€—πŸ˜˜


  3. Being a Chinese, I feel sad and disappointed of seeing my home country going back to its dictatorship stage back in 1960s.

    1. im glad you said ‘home country’, assuming you’re out of the country now. if you were in china, we’d never hear from you again if you said this

  4. Well of course they’re going to circle that tiny Island because they’re just looking for a perfect time to strike it’s pure insanity but I guess they’re looking for a fight but with the wrong gang of peopleπŸ€”

  5. China doesn’t want to have an equal-footing talk with Taiwan because it thinks it can heavy-handedly force through its conditions. China’s strategy is to use military to frighten Taiwan and try to cause chaos in the island so Taiwanese will accept China’s conditions. Taiwan government has long said that it will negotiate only on equal-footing status.
    In the current situation, Taiwan has to stay calm, not being frighten, live everyday life, but actively prepare for coastal and island defense in response to China’s aggression.

    1. If a peaceful outcome is to be reached on the Taiwan issue, it can only happen under the premise of China’s democratization. The ultimate solution is only a democratic and free China.

  6. What does he meant β€˜legitimate threat’? Is he saying Taiwanese think it is ok for the PRC to recover Taiwan?

  7. 1) Elon Musk proposed to make Taiwan a special administrative region of China, which made Taiwan people angry. Some legislators questioned whether it is safe for the Ministry of Defense to purchase Tesla electric vehicles, and the Minister of Defense said that they would not buy them again in the future
    2) An online poll conducted in March this year showed that 78% of Taiwan netizens are in favor of extending the military service period, the Taiwan military service may be announced to be extended before the end of this year
    3) The CCP’s military planes often harass Taiwan’s borders, and sometimes even cross the central line of the Taiwan Strait. Some people disapprove the weak response of Tsai Ing-wen’s government. Taiwan will hold local county and mayor elections on November 26, and public opinion may be seen from this election results.

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