1. For far too long the world community has accepted oppression and aggression because it is good for business. We must join with other nations and link international trade directly to human rights in a positive and consistent way. Never too late to change our selfish ways. The profit must be taken out of oppression or nothing will really change. In fact, only crooked corporations and oligarchs profit from the current world order. In the long run this would save us trillions in military waste.

    1. The world has not accepted oppression and aggression because it is good for business. That is just naive.

    2. @Zak July As you can see if you are not blind Russia has its empire and not a small one as territory and resources. Why you blame USA where people are at least free .

  2. saying the anti air can shoot down almost all the missiles is incorrect. Maybe about 60%. I think even the US in Afghanistan only recorded 79% efficiency and that was against much less capable missiles and such.

  3. It’s possible to save electricity. Ask South Africa who do not have electricity sometimes for 12 hours a day, which of course is not due to war, but by theft corruption directly and indirectly etc by the existing government. This has devestating consequences for their economy and it’s wonderful people. PS, most of us or al least, peace loving people, are against Russian murderous aggresion and lies.

  4. Deep condolences to all mother, father, children and family who lost their lives in this war. Slava Ukraine🇺🇦🇺🇦

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    1. This just goes to show y’all like bots still exist and most liked comments on most videos nowadays are illegitimate

  6. It doesn’t look like we’ve done very much to sanction Kaliningrad. They still look to be relaxing in luxury there.

  7. In the past I was against Ukraine attacking Russia itself because I felt it was counterproductive and will have turned the civilian population against Ukraine, seeing what Russia is doing I say it’s long overdue to return the favor and strike Russia energy sector as well as Factory enabled them to continuing the war and put pressure unfortunately on Russia civilian population to speak out against the war publicly

  8. Attack the little triangles. They were put there to deter so troops could be used elsewhere. These lines will end up being weak points. Test them.

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  10. Those transformers take a long time to build and repair. I’ve always said that freedom fighters (“terrorists”, to the folks they’re fighting) should studiously avoid casualties by taking out electric substations and water towers. Imagine the drama of a water tower tipping over after a rather small explosion takes out a leg.
    In war, I thing tit for tat would be good policy. Be open and note each substation the Orcs destroyed “yesterday”matched explicitly with a substation in Russia that was destroyed in today’s attacks.
    Build cheap drones!

  11. Millions of ukranians still living in the country will leave. They won’t live in a country in ruins. Zelensky and his advisers are the culprits. Ukraine should’ve kept neutral.

  12. Nobody becomes a millionaire or billionaire by working for others and depending on them, good Investment breed millions of dollars and consistency breed billions

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  13. Russia Offers ‘Heating Points’ In EU Cities

    Russian cultural centers in Finland and Luxembourg are welcoming visitors who need to “warm up” as energy prices continue to skyrocket, according to the country’s federal agency for compatriots living abroad and international humanitarian cooperation.

    The body, Rossotrudnichestvo, has opened “heating points”, which provide those in need with an opportunity to get out of the cold while enjoying tea or watching a movie.

    “Little by little, [the people] are coming. In Finland, Luxembourg, they were already warming up yesterday. The film program is up to February,” a spokesperson told the Russian media on Saturday.

  14. I wonder why backup Generators are never mentioned, I’ve seen some huge generators that could power up a small town Or individual smaller generators. I lived 20 years in the Canadian Mountains of B.C.,off-grid with Genorates raising a family (4 kids & wife) using smaller gen.-sets.

  15. Going after civilian infrastructure is a strong sign of the inherent weakness of President Putin’s morality, ethics and army. I’m curious how long it will be before stronger support from the world will dominate the Russian Army.

  16. I remember when retired US General Ben Hodges spoke clinically of the need to take out the Kerch Bridge. Ever since then Russia has made Ukraine pay for attacking that piece of infrastructure. Good advice Ben Hodges. You helped Ukraine have no power this winter.

  17. “(Trumpian) Russia strikes major parts of Ukraine’s power system” so let’s otherwise “Convince It Forward”

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