North Dakota COVID-19 Cases Spike By More Than 50 Percent | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1

North Dakota COVID-19 Cases Spike By More Than 50 Percent | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


With COVID-19 cases increasing steeply, North Dakota now faces an urgent shortage of ICU beds. Josh Lederman reports from Bismarck, North Dakota. Aired on 10/19/2020.
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North Dakota COVID-19 Cases Spike By More Than 50 Percent | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


    1. @TARS, CASE, & JuJu my 5 in ap statistics says otherwise… anyways, ANY amount of hospitalizations is serious, ESPECIALLY when it’s something that could have been prevented if we had a competent president.

    1. I read that the recent outbreaks in most of the Midwestern states can be traced to the Sturgis motorcycle event in South Dakota. Basically Kristi Noem the Governor brought this on an entire region of the country and where is she now? On the East Coast building up her national profile.

    1. I know you don’t know the German fascists and Soviet socialists were liberal leftists too. Guess what, they thought they were right too. You’re following the democrats down a very dark road. History has already judged your beliefs as evil. I know I know, but It’ll be different this time.

    2. @jamricsloe German fascists? If you are talking about The Nazi party, that was a dictatorship and they put socialists and “communists” in the concentration camps as well. As far as the soviet union, that was a dictatorship/communism. “Socialism” is alive and well throughout the world, including here in the good old U.S. “social” services, “social” workers, “social” security are all examples of that. History has not judged democratic, or socialistic ideals as evil, it has however judged fascism, dictatorship, and other things badly which are all loose labels. You cant paint people you disagree with as such, dictatorships, fascism, and all that jive is WAY different.

  1. Must have been attending those rallies with Spready Krueger and his possee.

    People, just put the masks on…your god is a selfish liar!

    1. Muh diaper masks will protect me! Its more powerful that that old n95 mask that can’t filter the virus and so long as we maintain 6ft, the virus that lives on surfaces for days can’t jump out at me. Like really people, youre beyond embarrassing but never did I know you life was worth nothing.

    1. @Pat Tope COVID + Flu = no ICU beds. How is their immune system suppressed when most everyone was not wearing masks there or following any social distance rules to begin with.

    2. @Laurie McGee the cdc said 85% of all cases reported people often wore mask. And still got it. Look at doctors and nurses. They wear mask plus and still get it.

    1. ND colleges have the highest dropout rate and the lowest job placement rate in the nation. What problem does she have that she chose ND for college?

    2. @ruth depew people who wear mask also got coronavirus be a sheep and put a micro chip on your right hand is the cure for this biological weapon

  2. Don’t worry, like a miracle it will disappear. Strength to all the frontline workers in this trying time, nine months later.

    1. My diaper is stronger than the n95 masks, you know, the same mask the cant filter the virus. Just keep 6ft away from me simply because I don’t like your existence and need to spread my authoritarian mindset, not for the fact that the virus can live on surfaces for days which makes distance completely mute. Lastly in my self obsessed, excused riddled life, this is the perfect chance to cry covid and get sympathy points while never getting an actual confirmation.

  3. No leadership, no plan, the deaths keeps rising. The con man in chief says “it is what it is”
    VOTE for leaders that respect science and scientists. Your life may depend on it.
    The GOP cult and Putin’s Puppet have lied to the American people.
    Vote Blue and end this nightmare. We need real leaders.

    1. Great idea let’s listen to the party that started the KKK and puts up with the rioting and looting because a certain race feels they are being treated unfairly. Democrats already got caught cheating the only way they would win is if they cheated enough to win

    2. @Tig ol’ Bitties take a history class bud… and do you not think people of color are being treated unfairly in this country. please tell that to elijah mclain, atatiana jefferson, willie mccoy, and so many more. go to a protest before you start spreading whatever fox news tells you, people at the protests actually care about black lives matter, the ones looting and rioting are just taking advantage of the situation.

    1. @TheDiymovies you obviously have never been to Lake Tahoe. I bet you’re a pig farmer in Iowa. Flat lander east of the Rockies. Winter Olympics 1960. World Land Speed Record Black Rock Desert 1997. Iowa huh?

  4. That’s amazing you mean it just so happens to be panic level again right before the election wow talk about coincidence I know you would NEVER just fear monger to further your corruption nah never

    1. I know right? It’s so WEIRD that people are panicking about the sky rocketing amount of deaths that are currently taking place do to people being ignorant. People should ignore when there friends and family die right?

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