North Korea parade shows off missiles and Kim Jong Un’s potential successor

In a recent military parade, Kim Jong Un unveiled new intercontinental ballistic missiles and a potential heir to his rule made an appearance. CNN's Paula Hancocks reports. Then, CNN's Fareed Zakaria is joined by former US National Security Council official Sue Mi Terry to discuss the threat of North Korean nuclear missiles. #CNN #News


    1. @Muddy Water why pay for something yourself when you can have someone else do it for you? That’s just good capitalist sense lmfao cry harder

    2. @Vernon Bickerdike the ability to test a nuclear weapon in a secret underground military bunker that you control *is a lot different than sending an ICBM to space, changing its trajectory, re-entering the second stage and detonating the payload at the proper termination coordinates and altitude WITHOUT being shot down*

    3. @Vernon Bickerdike missile guidance halfway around the world is a whole different ballgame. That coupled with no economy it’s unlikely they can fully deliver a warhead. I have a lot of friends that worked on the ICBM guidance and it’s harder than building a nuke.

    4. @sandra folsom he has rockets capable of great distances, he shot one over Japan in 2022. I believe Korea has the capability, as for sanctions, they appear not to affect his weapons program, yes the people may be hungry but he seems to have found a way to continue making icbm and also nuclear weapons programs. Perhaps China is helping them I don’t know but they have rockets capable of reaching the USA apparently

    5. @Vernon Bickerdike it’s relatively easy to shot a rocket with no payload in relatively random trajectory. Very different to actually hit a continent you intend, especially keeping the payload intact. Their spacecrafts have been very unreliable. Yes they have put things in space but they are all decaying failures.

  1. Isn’t it quite dangerous to put almost all your soldiers and generals next to missiles parade. If one missile is targetted during the parade, it’ll wipe out the entire military – and they’ll die clapping.

    1. @Kevin well yeah, obviously the ones in the parade aren’t going to be armed and functional. I’m saying that they have no functional ones period. They just get one capable of a “test” once in a while to keep up appearances

  2. Putting a bunch of rocket fuel in a mossle is one thing, making it land on a target is another. Also the aircraft carriers would shoot it down

  3. The picture reminds you of the Rumunian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu. As the Soviet Union has disintigrated, he found quickly a brutal end, looking very rediculas.
    Maybe, the US has hoped, that a developed China culdn’t bear anymore such a rediculacy. So, on its own, North “Korea”, rather North China, isn’t a threat to the developed world.
    In comparation to Hitler and Mussulini it has an historic importance. The WWI was fought, to get Berlin an place on the table of declining colonial powers. Unconsiously, Hitler has under other pretenions stepped into those foodprints with the help of Moscow, undermining the sunctions.
    Maybe, you can compare the fight of the West against the Islamic endangerment, with the fights in Spain against the dictator Franco, to compleat the historic picture.
    And what wants Dadu (“Beijing”)? Exactly the same, what has led to the WWI and WWII wars.
    We might argue, that the opening of China by Deng Xiaoping was poisned by the “opening” of the former USSR by Gorbachev, which as become a mausoleum in the shadows of China’s economic rise.
    That’s why we have too early interpreted the appearance of Solidarność as the beginning of a new promising future. So, in this light, you can question the sole meaning of an “economic rise”, which can be easily highchecked.

  4. When your leader and his family are obese while the mojority of the Country goes through a chronic famine speaks volumes about a failed regime.

    1. While all of United States is Obese is as well with diabetes running rampant just one kim family while the North Korean people will outlive you by 80 years while you die from a Heart attack from poor diet

    2. @Edward Norton And there it is, the heckler.
      In the US it is a choice and several psychological ailments that contribute to the obesity problem. But in NK the problem is an Emperor-wannabe sucking the life of his country like a fat tick that won’t let go until the proverbial animal is dead.

    3. @erdvilla And your Point is what The North Korean people will outlive American people any day look at how many people got diabetes in United states and Heart attacks and bad Health, you are telling me about one Leader is not making up for all the Overweight and fat people in the United States which is one of the fattest Countries of all time

  5. None of those missiles were real, and this interview could have been done in 1996 and would have been a near carbon copy. A wise person once said about the Soviets and Chinese but applies here also, “what they show and advertise to have is 10x more then they actually do”.

  6. Because we are dealing with the treat for our extinction, so that’s why they need to go out there and stop this madness, Once and for all.

  7. So, through four generations of absolute autocracy, ONE thing is for sure: Being half way attractive NOT a prerequisite.

  8. I understand it’s what her line of work is about, where her focus is, but the U.S. and other allies have a golden opportunity to get rid of one of the two big supporters of NK, whilst not even committing your own troops to the fight. So that leaves only China, without which NK wouldn’t even be able to exist let alone create such complicated systems as such, so focusing on what NK itself says or what it says it does is at least unconducive to figuring out a solution, if not just naive.

  9. Using the threat of nuclear bomb anything against other countries is a question I can easily answer.
    The United States is the first and only country to drop atom bombs on other human beings, being the instigator.

  10. Surely there is something between North Korea’s arsenal & America’s rusted, decayed & neglected missiles & silos.🤦

  11. That is not the leader, it’s his body double. That’s why they want to pass leadership to his daughter.

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