1. Written in 1855 (Crimean War)

    “This then is my creed. I look upon Russia as the personification of despotism :
    in the present state of Poland and Hungary we see her work.
    Such a power can be curbed only by war, and must be curbed sooner or later, if Europe is to remain free. If we believe that God wills the liberty and happiness of mankind, how can we doubt that we are doing God’s work in fighting for liberty against aggression”
    (The above is a letter sent to Richard Cobden MP)

    1. @Carla Broderick US helped Iraq attack Iran with the chemical weapons. US was on the side of Iraq in that Iran and Iraq war. Even though Iraq was using Chemical weapons they still helped them with weapons and intiligence. US has no morals and will support any of their puppet government. Just look at what Saudis are doing in Yaman but US is still selling them weapons to kill civilians. US isn’t the good guys like in Hollywood movies.

    2. In the letter you mention no one is doing God’s work honestly. This and all wars are the making of humanity initiated by few who claim to be working for the greater good in a false way of course, as in Putin’s war. Even before the war the countries that where friends with Russia and trying to get the best possible way and price for their from resources from Russia have collaborated in their best interest to do business. Then of course Russia got fat and more aggressive and turned their back to implement what they wanted all along. Now you see how we got here. The reasoning for the war was an excuse to ignite a larger flame to achieve Russia’s goal. Directly or indirectly others have done the damage as well.

      I clearly remember when Zelensky suggeted to implement the sanctions way before the war everyone hesitated to the last minute and even right now we see how the procrastinating is making things more difficult. And who is paying with their life? The people? The people who want to live in peace are the one being devastated and made orphans and dislodged from their livelyhood. When the one’s who are supposed to make sure to protect the people fiddle with a bear the bear comes back to bite them. Putin had the courage becuase he saw that in the West there are those that resemble him in the dirty laundry department, so he became aggressive and he demands revenge. There are always cause and effects in the Universe.

  2. This mass hysteria of Kremlin is fighting a war feeling like having a everyday candy.
    They are turning into a zombie or a monster state as every minute passes..

    1. America will lose this war in Ukraine, as it has lost many wars. the crazy elite of American psychopaths will not be able to do anything. Russia’s nuclear triad will win anyway….

  3. The funny thing is Wagner group could have done a coup in Russia with better Results then fighting in Ukraine…

  4. The only two t90 videos I’ve seen in active combat were wagner
    And yes they have a decent sized air force,look up the twelve or seven Russian soldiers who destroyed like 150 isis fighter using snipers kornets machine guns and air strikes
    There the new ss

    1. America will lose this war in Ukraine, as it has lost many wars. the crazy elite of American psychopaths will not be able to do anything. Russia’s nuclear triad will win anyway….

  5. When those soldiers that came to Crimea is when the EU and US should have stepped in since Russia was claiming it wasn’t them and no one was claiming the green men.

    1. That’s because Putin had his troops invade Crimea without wearing the Russian patch that let’s people know who they were so Putin wanted to make the EU to think that a different military force is invading southern Ukraine from another country without the flag patch on their shoulders that would identify which country is secretly stealing land even united states knew about it but couldn’t do anything about it because their was no evidence to prove that they were Putin’s troops because they had no Russian patches to identify them as Russian soldiers their is a documentary that talks about the secret invasion and annexation of Crimea

    2. Yes, but unfortunately Obama was leaving office soon and congress did not want to antagonize a nuclear power at the time. Then trump came in and just kowtowed to the whole thing.

  6. If (when) Russia has to leave Ukraine, Mr. Prigozhin had better be careful of open windows on the upper floors of his hotel room.

    1. @Alexander Everything I stated is complete fact. Look it up in the history books, you know the ones not banned by the Kremlin.

    2. @Bonnie their wasn’t any NATO members on Russia’s border before the war….Ukraine made it clear that they wanted to join…..and the rest is history…what did you expect….Do some research on why NATO was formed

  7. In Paraskoveyevka, for which Russian assault groups are now fighting, there are the famous Soledar armories, which are located in salt tunnels.
    As of 2014, more than 2.1 million small arms from the 30s and 60s were stored there. How many remain now is unknown.
    There is one “but”: the warehouses are very deep underground and can only be taken if a security squad voluntarily surrenders them. Otherwise, it is impossible to take them. There have been food and water supplies for the guard detachment there for several years now. — 105th Regiment of the DPR militia

    1. America will lose this war in Ukraine, as it has lost many wars. the crazy elite of American psychopaths will not be able to do anything. Russia’s nuclear triad will win anyway….

  8. The United States 🇺🇸 has been slowing 🐌 growth the military might in Ukraine 🇺🇦. Russia proved their military power is less than China 🇨🇳. China now sees this and taking advantage of cheap gas ⛽️. Russia 🇷🇺 will break once again. Bad leadership not growing with the times.

  9. I fell very bad kiev regime attacked since 2014 in Donbas, killed own people , specially Russian speaking people.

  10. It is time to realize is Ukraine fighting Russia”s army or just the losers of the world with this wagner group.

  11. I love the way they had to throw in that Hitler loved the composer Wagner😂 I bet he loved a lot of music. Its got nothing to do with Wagner in Russia but CNN is trying hard to shape your thoughts.

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