‘Nothing Good’ Will Come From AZ ‘Fraudit’ 1

‘Nothing Good’ Will Come From AZ ‘Fraudit’

Jonathan Capehart talks with Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs about the “travesty” of the fake audit in Arizona- and the lasting damage to Arizona voters.

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  1. Republicans will again claim votes were stolen buy not offer anything to take to court! Anyone trying to use the FAKE audit needs to be charged with FRAUD and jailed!

    1. What are you afraid of? That sounds like something str8 out of China. You just can’t handle anymore bad news is all

    2. @Me Too Productions its already proved there’s duplicated ballots that alone shows proof they scanned ballots over & over in numerous states

  2. Rudy seems awfully quiet about that “stolen election,” ever since that $1.3 billion lawsuit from Dominion was filed.

    1. @Max Power I understand that’s the narrative that your left wing media handlers are spewing. You have zero evidence to prove it, but you hate so you’ll believe.

    1. best quote to come out of the cybersymposium by pillow guys cyber “expert” “We were handed a turd,” he told the Times. “And I had to take that turd and turn it into a diamond. And that’s what I think we did.”

    2. @Celery Race no haven’t you heard? The MAGAt governors are now blaming african americans for the cause of the covid spike. MAGA…………america’s useless idiots.

  3. Keep up the con, keep donations flowing, 8 months later, Is there really anybody not smart enough to see through this?

    1. @Pam BP yeah it was kind of funny as soon as his own experts said it was all bs, he dropped the $5 mil reward for proving it’s bs………..cutting his losses.

    2. @Chris Smith all the interviews Mike has done.. talking about sitting in a room with the president, how in awe of God’s magic for him to be there.. is it to much to ask that now he knows he was just a mark he could open up about it. Such a mess

    1. @Show Me Garage Perhaps in your dreams. One thing that is happening though which seems to have escaped your attention is that the whole world actually is laughing at the US or in particular case, this stupid attempt to pervert the course of justice. I mean ask yourself, Cyber ninja turtles doing anything would bring a smile to everyone. And for what? To show the rest of the world just how ignorant a collection of fools can get?

    2. @Jonas P The whole world is laughing at us due to potatoes incompetence. That’s the only thing I will agree with you on

    3. @Show Me Garage Not the only thing, ,trust me. The large anti vaccine/mask situation also leaves many gobsmacked. While everyone else have their dissenters, there is nothing like the wholesale ignorance on display in the US. Most can’t believe science can be tossed out so easily without thought. But those election claims, they defy belief sorry to say.

    4. @Show Me Garage One thing is certain, things can’t go on as they are.
      I agree with many of Chris Hedges’ analyses and suggest people check him out to better understand where the real causes of the problems lie.

    1. I hope they drag the democrats even farther. This is great entertainment.
      Y’all are unhinged by hate for your neighbors.
      I found the nazis you were looking for..

    2. The sad reality is that it will be difficult retain AZ & GA in 2024. Even MI, WI, PA are not done deals. Imagine the disaster of DeSantis as president!

    1. @shane3214 how long till you call me communist dear victim of brainwashing? Did you not see who loves Putin and Kim more than his fellow Americans?

    2. @shane3214 People like you bring shame to our armed forces, supporting the man that, as General Milley said “Preaches gospel of Adolf Hitler”. But I am sure that Gen Milley is “deep state”, right cultist?

    3. @becky doesit there is no path for trump to come back. Fraud didn’t happen. The audit in AZ is a scam to raise money.

    1. @LLL HAHAHA You sound like a real tough one. I’ll give you a list, but because you tube likes to delete many of my posts, be specific, do you want crazy katie hobbs’ lies or general msdnc lies?

    2. Something is coming out of it — it’s keeping the whole world entertained. It’s like a bad TV reality show that never ends.

  4. …recovering the cost may not be the problem. How about availability of the replacement voting machines …register to vote and make sure your vote is counted…A.C.Feuerhelm

  5. So, a group of foxes appoints an exclusionary group of their fellow foxes to audit the number of hens and number of eggs produced in the hen house, and shockingly discovers there are both fewer eggs and hens than had been recorded by a previous official count. Did I get that about right?

    1. @Show Me Garage And yet he charged the Arizona election fraud dept here $1 million and they freaking paid him!

    2. @avienus
      Gosh! So there are some cameras set up to watch. Are there cameras watching every part of the place where the counting and examinations are happening? That would take thousands of cameras. Use your brain cell.

    3. @avienus It’s totally exclusionary. They gave the Ninjas a special noncompetitive contract with the County government, didn’t disclose the conditions of the contract, and then refused to disclose the methodologies they’d be using to do their recount. All of these are no-no’s in most government contracting, and it means any results they came up with would likely be invalidated. But they knew that and kept grifting anyway.

    4. @avienusthat might make it a hair less suspect if that was what’s happening. It’s not. What you’re describing would happen in a normal audit conducted by actual elections officials. They did a couple of those already,- no election fraud. This fraudit conducted by the cyber ninja foxes has no transparency to it whatsoever. No transparency leads to no honesty. Do you actually believe what you just said, or are you making it up hoping I’ll believe it?

  6. Silence is approval. This is about truth vs lies. You either speak out against it or you support it. No middle ground, no grey area!

    1. This could very well be salvation for our party and get us out from under the nightmare that we see in the Joe Biden administration. We were so very hard to get Joe elected president and now he is becoming a bitter disappointment. We have to remember what former President Obama said about his vice president at that time. Obama stated that people cannot overestimate how badly Joe an ‘F’ things up. We are saying that before our very eyes with the economy, the vaccinations, the border, and now with the entire world watching in Afghanistan as Americans were left behind.
      Nancy is already calling for investigations and she could invoke the 25th amendment against job. If you could be working on her own Insurrection. Republicans are putting together articles of impeachment also. Joe’s administration is a bitter disappointment for those of us who work so hard for him.

    1. Which is why people need to pay attention to their local elections I believe that Democrats and independents will be taking the stage across this country now. We’ve literally watch the GOP eat itself alive. As they all fight to see who can keep all the crazy white votes of America. When in reality you cares about those bolts because the rest of us out number delusional Trump supporters

  7. It’s time to arrest these GQP scammers! It’s a felony what they are doing, with a maximum of 30 years prison time

    1. so looking into an election should result in jailing people? OK, that is horrifying. If BIden really won, won’t this confirm it?

    1. He pretty much got what he wanted which is to be relevant either by hate or love people will talk about him.

    2. Chump’s lifelong career has always been about the con, the grift, the money grab by any and all means possible. As PT Barnum famously said “there is a sucker born every minute”, and Chump has exploited that to the maximum for his entire lifetime. It never mattered to Chump what the strategy was … whether is was criminal, illegal, bankruptcy, political corruption, treason, tax fraud, or whatever. Chump never cared how many people were damaged or ruined … the sole Chump goal was always steal the maximum amount of money by any means possible.

  8. If there was all this fraud where’s the smoking gun and why is it taking so long. Amazingbare the GQP.

    1. @Mike Graham They were counting PAPER ballots!
      Any talk of routers is just more WHATABOUTISM and diversion for the Republican’s brain-dead base. SMH

    2. @Mike Graham they shouldn’t turn over the routers to an inept bunch of idiots looking for.bamboo fibers. Good for them. I stand behind them .

    3. @Sarah F. 4.2 so you support someone that doesn’t comply with a judge’s order. Wow. All this does by not complying, is shows they have something to hide.

    1. @Me Too Productions funny how the “thank you for your service” is totally forgotten now that it doesn’t suit the moment.

    2. @shane3214 Soldiers follow orders, not politics. It’s unfortunate when it’s greedy politicians giving the orders.

    3. @Me Too Productions joe gave the order that betrayed us to Afghanistan
      That doesn’t fit your narrative either
      You’re a joke

  9. “We’re gonna rig the Presidential election. But, we won’t rig any other races… just this one.”

    1. @My Pillow Guy Which is why Georgia GQP passed laws allowing a partisan council to override the Secretary of State, so in 2024 they can declare the election fraudulent and send electors for Baby Cheesus.

    2. @Joel Torre close but the DNC paid Russia for dirt on Trump and got played because it was all bogus. Somehow only the slimy lawyer has gone to jail for the Democrats filing fake FISA filings to spy on the Trump campaign. Durham is presenting to a Grand Jury so expect subpoenas and indictments for more.

    3. @S McDonald Remember Rule #1 Democrats are guilty of every accusation they make. Congrats you described yourself to a Tee!

    4. @john giglio nope. Republicans are exactly what was stated. Trump and McConnell are some of the worst offenders. Remember you can’t have a scotus nominee in an election year. How about I will never go golfing..,or i would be proud to show my taxes etc etc etc.The republicans have mastered the art of gerrymandering far beyond that of the dems.

  10. “Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the republican congressmen.

    -Donald Trump

    1. @Gary Oakham Did you know that Trump’s 2016 campaign hired Steve Bannon’s once Cambridge Analytica with their “Psychometric Analysis” that data harvested 4000+ personality data points on 200+million American’s from all Social Media? This combined data and technology is literally capable of predicting and manipulating people’s choices. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to synthesize what Paul Manafort giving a known Russian operative proprietary Republican voter information and what “Russia having only bought some Facebook ads” was really all about. I seriously wonder, why God’s supposedly ordained and chosen one felt it necessary to psychologically manipulate people to vote for him?

    2. Exactly! The MAJORITY of fraud has been committed by the GOP – Nothing in the world is more dangerous than willful ignorance and conscious stupidity.

  11. My questions are these: who is paying for this? Who is going to be held accountable for the aftermath? How do we know these experts won’t do bad things with the information?

    1. @1776 SAR SUSAN CONSTANT Yea about that, he already reneged on it. He is in desperate need of an intervention before he blows his entire wad for the likes of Trump. I think someone close to him convinced him that he’ll need that money for his legal defense for his defamation lawsuit.

    2. @1776 SAR SUSAN CONSTANT lindell has yet to produce facts. They can’t be disputed, since he has no idea what they are.

    3. Taxpayers are gonna pay… just like we always do for Republicans BS … See the 2016 tax cuts for the wealthy…

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