Nothing Will Matter If We Don’t Win Voting Rights Fight Says Kurt Bardella 1

Nothing Will Matter If We Don’t Win Voting Rights Fight Says Kurt Bardella


President Biden’s new voting rights initiatives vs. the many GOP voter suppression laws are analyzed by activists and politics experts who emphasize that this is a critical moment for protecting our democracy.
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  1. Maybe you need to meet with Manchin and Sinema, since they are the ones gumming up all the works Rev.

    1. They have met with Manchin , not sure about Sinema . Manchin is controlled by big oil . 1 reason he doesn’t want the entirety of the infrastructure pkg passed . If he votes to end the filabuster , we start moving towards greener energy . The coal industry of W. Virginia is dying regardless . So he’s not helping constituents by effectively blocking like McConnell , he’s just lining his pockets .

    2. @Jackyc1234 Clark, We should also start using hemp trees for paper and stop cutting so many trees down. We could farm hemp for many things.

    3. @Jackyc1234 Clark Manchin also has ties to Dark money…Paid to live in the past, like many of his fellow Republican’s. Clearly…an Exposed double agent for the Republican’s…that simple. Very little Enforcement of literally anything from lawful congressional subpoenas to the invasion of the John F. Kennedy Conference room…No written way to punish either such act in our Constitution. Yet we all scream for accountability…Well, sad truth, our Constitution does not provide for any accountability for any infraction or violation…our Constitution is just a mere set of suggestions. That must Change. The Constitution welcomed this Rogue Republican Party with open arms.
      This opaque Planting of this republican within Democrat ranks…The Constitution does not even address such an issue…at the very top levels of our Government.

  2. Please make an effort to help people get an ID. It is needed for everyday life and would be of great help for many reasons.

    1. @Clint What you say is clearly true. But I don’t think helping the less able to acquire an ID negates any aspect of your righteous argument.

    2. @JC I know it’s not. The ID is an excuse that needs to be remedied and IDs would also help beyond voting.

    3. @Clint I agree it’s a distraction and an excuse and I would like to see it remedied and for more than those reasons.

  3. All the money, teaching, talking, meetings in the world don’t mean a thing if the Congress and the President don’t do something about these voter suppression laws by the Republicans. Too many people have bleed and died in this country for the right to vote. Is that what this is coming to. This time it will be different. Nothing matters more than this, the right to Vote.

    1. Don’t have to . If good people let every elected official know exactly how they feel , the tide will turn . They want elected & will sway to any direction to do so .

  4. Biden needs to stop hiding his head in the sand like this attack on our democracy isn’t happening. This is a time for a Churchillian approach, not Mr. Rogers goes to Washington and hands out tea and biscuits.

    1. And what do you suggest he be doing aside from reiterating that he is down for a filibuster reform, all for the bills blocked by GQP filibuster abuse? There is, as far as I know, no executive order that could be of any permanent help. Should he call AG Garland and tell him to crack down on the fascists with investigations and lawsuits? That would be a trumpy move – albeit justified.

      The problem here is DINOs Manchin and Sinema. They stand in the way of a filibuster reform that would pave the way for legislation that could stop the fascists in their tracks.

    2. @Ganiscol It’s called using the Bully Pulpit. Biden has a microphone like no one else in the Country. He needs to use it to charge up Americans against the anti-American, anti-democratic authoritarian movement that is motivating Republican Politicians all across the Country. As Americans get riled up and on board and make it known loudly that they recognize what is going on and won’t take it, the likes of Manchin and Sinema _and_ even some of the GOP politicians as well will be pressured into doing the right thing.

      But pretending it isn’t happening or down playing it and hoping it will go away isn’t cutting it. In, fact the Republicans just keep getting increasingly bold as they see Biden and the Democrats being their typically passive and timid selves about this.

    3. @Ganiscol Also I should have added look at history; look at how Churchill had to get up and basically scream from the rooftops day after day before the people of England and then his fellow politiciabs finally started recognizing what a real danger Hitler posed to their country and the world.

  5. Bardella is ABSOLUTELY talking the TRUTH here! Sans the right to VOTE, and then to also have it COUNTED – All ELSE is MOOT!!!!!!!!

  6. How openly racist Republicans have become and how willing they have become The fascist party.

    1. @dedrick cutrer All Trump supporters are cool with lying, bigotry, racism, tax evasion, and cheating charities.

    2. @dedrick cutrer um no your wrong try reading the legislation, otherwise you sound really silly for saying stuff that’s incorrect

    3. @Dodgy Goose I have read the law. Tell me what about this law Discriminate against minorities?

  7. Do the Democrats know what’s going on? Of course! The mystery is why they are not ALREADY playing hardball. America needs firefighters, not a cremation of voting rights! Put out the fire!

  8. Even if they pass S 1 and HR 4, the Republikkkan Supreme Court will just overturn them both. Biden MUST immediately add 6 more Supreme Court Justices to counter the 6 Republikkkan Supreme Court Justices.

  9. It amazes me, how much the present day Republicans resemble the southern democrats of the mid-19th century.

  10. The bad part is everybody knows it’s true but Republicans don’t care they can’t win unless they do it so they don’t care

  11. you know there’s have to be like tv ads that tells people all the time that they need to vote reminds them that our democracy is in danger.

  12. Voter suppression – Anything that makes it harder to vote. Very useful for the wealthy as money overcomes obstacles in many ways.

  13. The local elections with few voters can have a major impact on the nation level. That’s why, while it may not seem like much, picking off a few votes here and there can make all the difference.

  14. That… really chaps my ” hide” when i hear black women take my vote for granted!!!

  15. Silly me, I thought voting rights would be the top priority with Democrats after they dealt with the pandemic. 😐

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