Nova Scotia hasn't decided if it will accept deliveries of AstraZeneca vaccine 1

Nova Scotia hasn’t decided if it will accept deliveries of AstraZeneca vaccine


N.S. Premier Iain Rankin says his province is 'working in earnest' to find the right age group to give the AstraZeneca vaccine.


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  1. Astrazeneca is banned in switzerland, India and south africa so far as I know, maybe even more countries. Perhaps this is why N.S is cautious.

    1. So far as you know? As in you have done no research what so ever. India is using Astrazeneca in the millions, infract that’s where most of the vaccines are made.

  2. They’re arguing about when, how many doses and how effective, or who’s it for…. they paid for mass vaccinations blindly. quite literally lowering or ignoring standards to retroactively put out supporting research…

  3. The news guy keeps asking the same question over and over… sense in taking something that isn’t effective…. this news guy sucks….

    1. @THorne H well it is Justin Trudeau’s news company after all. He paid all the government news off

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