Watch Erin O'Toole's take questions about how he would handle COVID=19, economy as prime minister 1

Watch Erin O’Toole’s take questions about how he would handle COVID=19, economy as prime minister


Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole made a statement and took questions from reporters in Ottawa about the economy and COVID-19.


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  1. He makes a lot of declarative statements but does not back anything up he declares. The Conservatives & Liberal parties are a joke.
    The corruption of both parties is pathetic.

    1. I think it’s pretty clear now why Trudeau flopped on vote reform and started siding with the Conservatives on election rules. These two parties know that if we had fair choices we’d choose parties/representatives that were demonstrably competent far more often.

    2. @Dale Wilson wasnt the consertives wanted the election rules changed who flopped on that because blame the liberals has way out

    3. @Dale Wilson That’s exactly it!!
      Truthfully I think both patties manufacture consent so they can manipulate their base of voters. Language is key. Budget, jobs, wholesome values are def coded conservative words. Equality, justice, child benefits are some of the Liberals.
      They just toss those words around & their base eats it up without any sort of intellectual exercise to understand what those words actually mean in context to a governing body.

    1. Do u have anything of substance to add or are u going to use hyperbole to undermine your position? LMAO

    1. You mean someone who looks like a movie star, is woke and does not know how to fight their way out of a paper bag?

    2. We don’t need charisma anymore. That’s all we have in the last 5 years. We had just virtue signaling the whole time. We need results. We don’t know if Conservatives can do that but we do know with certainty that Liberals can’t.

    1. You blaming O Toole and Conservatives for Covid. Look who was in control when this started. This is all on the Liberals. They could have should have done more. So Woke.

  2. Typical poly-tics.. lots of talking but never really saying anything of value.Different wings of the same bird.

  3. So… no concrete plans, nor answers. All he can do is complain. If he’s taking his talking points from south of the border, he needs to update himself. That guy didn’t get elected.

    1. Trudeau has had no concrete plans and he sure has hell has NO answers to anything, and he’s the freaking governing party!

  4. Andrew Scheer was not the guy, Erin O’Toole is not the guy.. and I will be voting NDP next time around.

    1. U don’t vote NDP to stick it to the the corrupt Cons or Libs. U vote NDP if u vote for humanist policy that puts human life before human excess. U just exposed your lack of political literacy.

    1. One can be disappointed with O’Toole for many things.
      However kudos to O’Toole for his command of the French language.

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