NY Congressional Candidate Maintains Lead In Primary | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Democracy isn’t dead, the rich are just in control of it. As citizens we have to take the country back

    1. We The People are DONE with these stupid millionaires sabotaging our Democracy for their benefit and not ours!!!!

    2. muhammad was a pedophile caravan robber we see what youre failing to do, Comrade.

      Your game is almost over.



    3. drizzit 12: The Democrats use the word democrat. Why don’t Americans call America what it is,
      what it was founded as, a republic. Don’t you think downtown Washington looks like ancient Roma?
      For me, the trouble is seeing Donald Trump and thinking he eats caesar salad more than he is one.

    4. @muhammad was a pedophile caravan robber , quit putting words in people’s mouths. Not every politician is corrupt and your name says it all.

  2. Good. After Engel’s comment about only being there because of the election, he screwed himself.

    1. I spontaneously sent Bowman’s campaign $50 minutes after that, and then learned the next day that a lot of people had done the same thing, so his campaign got $107,000 in only 12 hours. Wow. Watch those open mics! And, you know, maybe watch having that kind of resentful attitude about being around the people you are allegedly representing.

  3. Jamaal Bowman is what we need in Congress….Engel is a fossil, he should have been done and buried a long time ago!

  4. Trump’s and the GOP’s- White Supremacy racist repression and deaths; has done more to help people to finally demand equality than any thing this century.

  5. *When we can’t change the minds and actions of the People in Power . . . then we CHANGE the PEOPLE. 🗽 VOTE HIM OUT IN NOVEMBER 🗽*

    1. and heart. If you listen to him talk for longer, you can just feel the honest compassion pouring out of him. More like him, please!

  6. it so funny… you know within 10 sec if you like and trust a politician. you can see instantly this guy is a leader with character and integrity.

    1. brown beast: You must be a young person. An older person can tell if someone is a drug addict
      or an alcoholic because after years of abuse it shows. That doesn’t show the same on young people.
      Don’t let seeing a screen fool you. You should meet someone to look in their eyes and shake hands.
      That’s the deal a politician should make with a potential voter.

    2. I agree, and the moment I saw him smile when Mika said he used to be a middle school teacher, i knew i liked him!

    3. @John Watt nop. im old. I just have good instincts I trust. sorry, you’re a cynic and implying this dude has abuse problems is shameful.

    4. @brown beast I gave you a thumbs up, and yes, maybe I am a cynic. That’s not what I lead with, but as far as America goes it’s not easy being hopeful. I used drugs and alcohol as simple examples, not saying anyone here was doing that. I was trying to tell you to get out and meet your political candidates for real. That doesn’t happen a lot nowadays, no matter how many videos look like it.

  7. After teaching middle school for way too many years, I say, Go For it, Jamaal. This is your moment.

  8. Thank you for being such a beauty with mindful consciousness and “collaborative” leadership, qualities, Jamaal Bowman. A bright star. Thank you for the mindful dialogue, Mika. Trauma awareness is key for changing the current insanity.

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