How Winston Churchill Was ‘The Man For The Hour’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Democrats wank to Desmond is amazing Do I Google “nazi doctors on COVID” to find out what you are talking about?

    2. @Democrats wank to Desmond is amazing And when you lose film yourself crying about your idol losing.

    3. Anyone who thinks election is going to get rid of Trump presidency is naive. Americans still haven’t woken up to what happened in 2016. That was half point on the path of slow coup that started in November of 2007, just after Obama was elected as president.

    1. Another unqualified Trump failure, with not the first molecule of care for our People, nation any people or the greater good of the world.

    2. She’s a hypocrite with no spine who will change her own rhetoric with the flip of a switch to get on her knees for Agent Orange when he signs her paycheck. Next year when the regime ends, she’ll be in damage control over her tone deaf defense of this excuse of a man.

  1. Trump’s response to the pandemic would be like Churchill handing the keys of 10 Downing St. to Hitler.

    1. @Bradley Smith Seattle is handing the keys of Downing street to Hitler? That’s a weird, weird metaphor.

  2. It took a direct order from The King to keep Churchill out of Normandy, it took daddies money to buy a Doctor to keep the oompaloompa out The Army. Churchill was a front line combat officer, in the trenches during The 14-18 War! The coward-in-chief managed to bankrupt casinos!

    1. yep – trumps vietnam was as he has said avoiding std’s during orgies and the like in the 70’s –
      Churchill was a highly experienced statesman – he served several times in the army – in Cuba, India, the sudan and the boer war, and later after being in parliament returned to fight in the first world war – he was not a coward. He knew the realities of war – (also having been a war correspondent) – There is no comparison between these two men – Churchill although flawed in many ways was a great leader for the British people and an exceptional wartime leader – unifying the British against the evils of Nazism – trump (who has sympathised with Nazis, and avoided serving his country when drafted (bonespurs???)) A repeat bankruptee, tax-dodging, debt ridden – fee avoiding (cheating businessman) with the most limited understanding of global history or science of any president in history of usa – is the most unqualified, least suited, inept, leader the USA has ever had – and he seeks to divide the nation and blames others for his mistakes and lies constantly – no comparison at all – Churchill was a great man + rose to deal with the challenges that arose – trump just blames Obama for his failings – even though he has been president for long enough to have shaped the government as he would wish – no comparison between churchill (or indeed Obama) and this current excuse for a president – no comparison at all!!

  3. #45 doesn’t want to discuss the bad situation we’re because he’s the bad situation. This is a entity with no soul, he’s empty inside. It’s all about HIM, a rather disgusting person.

    1. @layladystay The Bengali famine was in 1943, 4 years after WW2 started. You can’t even get the most basic fact right.

    2. @layladystay He was an Imperialist war monger, always trying to get something for nothing. As if the world owed the UK a living.

    3. @layladystay no you are so wrong but then for a bunker boy fan its what we expect do your research (if you can read) if you cant im sure you can get an audio copy from ebay to fill you in on the facts and before you send a reply to this dont bother you bore me

  4. Odious little toad compares himself to Churchill? He chose the wrong side of that conflict to draw parallels.

  5. Winston Churchill may have been “The Man of The Hour but Donald tRump wouldn’t last longer than 2 Minutes at Most & Be Best, Stormy Daniels reports personally!

  6. Churchill:”We will fight them on the beaches…” Trump: “I can drink water WITH ONE HAND!”

    1. @Kev O’Connor, here are two more of Churchill’s classics for you to enjoy.

      Bessie Braddock, the Labour M.P. to him while debating in Parliament: ” Sir, I believe that you are drunk! ”
      Churchill: ” Madam, I believe that you are ugly but at least I will be sober in the morning! ”

      Lady Nancy Astor: ” Winston, if I was married to you I’d poison your drink! ”
      Churchill’s response: ” Madam, if I was married to you I’d probably drink it! “

    1. Truly loved BY his Country, Churchill united the Country against a common foe, Trump is the foe that divides a Country.

  7. True leaders bring their people together in times of crisis.
    False leaders attack, divide and abuse their own people.
    The USA needs TRUE leadership, something we have not had in nearly 4 years.

  8. Let’s all be clear. Trump is no Churchill, he can’t even stand in Churchill’s shadow. What a joke!!

    1. @Kev O’Connor So being a murdering racist in those times is acceptable.. The deaths of countless people in India who died in their thousands supporting the ‘Empire’ !!. sending English tanks into a Scottish city to imprison Scottish regiments in case they defended their own people who were marching for civil rights !! Oh and then “the problem with the Irish is they are not English” Yeah quotes from a typical imperialistic English racist/bigoted arsehole….. much like Bojo… If you want to keep statues of Churchill then ensure you place it beside Hitler.. If you don’t judge Churchill by ‘standards in our time’,,, then maybe we should change our stance on Hitler…..?

    2. @Kevin Friel Unfortunately as I said, there are very few, if any leaders throughout history that weren’t racist, so we have to look at the totality of their work, ideologies and impact. Any neutral individual, would never place Hitler and Churchill on a par.

    3. Kevin Friel Ehh. Hitler was despised by the world, what he did was horrendous, and the world was almost unanimous in its condemnation. We did fight a global war to defeat Hitler’s third reich and Nazism. And Churchill let the charge in that war of liberation, might I add!

    4. @Kevin Friel Ahhh , so easy to criticize those of the past. We have plenty of big problems today such as Yemen, Iran, Iraq, and countless others. Maybe you should show your leadership and actually go there and do something about them and show your standard as a human being.

  9. lol… Trump a sad reflection on Americans who wanted this….. rest of the world just laughing at this stage

    1. He’d have blamed Poland for not spending enough on defense and refuse to declare war on Germany as required by the UK’s commitment to Poland.

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