NY GOP want Gov. Cuomo impeached over alleged Covid-19 cover-up 1

NY GOP want Gov. Cuomo impeached over alleged Covid-19 cover-up


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing calls for an investigation and even impeachment after a top aide said the administration delayed the release of data on Covid-19 deaths of long-term care facility residents because of concerns about a potential federal investigation. CNN's Athena Jones reports.
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    1. @Matthew Tupper only in court. When I see the video, case closed. Are you different? Do your eyes not work? Or is it convenience you are looking for?

    2. @Matthew Tupper “even in a murder, that is caught on video, in front of police officers and 100 witnesses, it is still ‘alleged’ until proven in court.”

      Don’t be daft. This isn’t a murder and it isn’t going to trial. It’s an embattled politician fighting for their political life in the court of public opinion. And so far the reported facts are absolutely damning for him. Even if “alleged” to cover the journalists own asses. “It is what it is” as they say in New York! lol, Cuomo is boned!

    3. @Team CYBR Reactions you’d think so but no. If this were the case, every MSM network is now at risk of being sued for never saying “allegedly” when referring to Trump inciting the capitol riots. Regardless of your opinion on the verdict, he was just officially found not guilty by the United States Senate. This is just one of many examples that completely dismantles your point. The media doesn’t care at all about being accurate anymore – nor do they feel an obligation to adhere to the basic rules of journalistic decorum. There are no consequences because these days it seems everyone is just entitled to their own facts.

    1. @john Doe Clinton News Network. Hey John, I remember doing some research a few years back. I ran across an interview with the original Arkansas bodyguard of the clintons.
      He recalled, in great detail, when he first met Hillary Clinton. She was unshaven armpits and legs in a tank top mumu wearing a lanyard claiming allegiance to the Communist party of America… No freaking joke

    2. @OSU. 1 .BETTA. Haha you people that talk about God but are nothing but hypocrites covering a con and criminal.

    1. @Out of Compliance Nearly everything you said is pure bs. 52 million people live in S. Korea. USA ihas 7th worst death rate globally. All countries worse than us are very small. California and New York have nowhere near the highest death rates. Google it. Those ships were 2 late and hardly helped at all. He could have done WAY more about PPE. Worst of all he lied and did not listen to the WHO about masks, distancing and staying home. Instead, he encouraged people to spread the disease causing countless deaths and ruining our economy way worse than it had to be. I give him credit for financing vaccine research, but he did so much unnecessary harm. He knew how bad it would be and he lied to us.

    2. @Dana Nothing I said was BS. The WHO is partly to blame for this whole mess so not going to listen to them. And everyone wears masks, social distances, and stays home you idiot, not that it did much good. So tired of hearing that lie. The two ships were not used. Cuomo used nursing homes instead. “encouraged people to spread the disease’, you are just a liar. Trump wanted to reopen just after 45 days to slow the spread. That would have saved the economy. The Dems refused. Even so the US economy was hurt less than any other country… except of course China that saved itself and gave the finger to the rest of world.
      #1 in deaths California 47k, #2 New York 46k (however you should count surrounding states because New York infect them.)
      You listen to liars, you become a liar, congratulations.

    3. @Barbara SNYDER , I was talking about per capita deaths. S. Korea has almost the same GDP as Russia, $1.67 trillion, is a democracy and far from as you described. We have the 7th worst death rate globally at 148.34 per 100,00 compared to 2.96 per 100K in S. Korea. It’s 39.55 in Denmark, 78.51 in Germany, 2.01 in Ethiopia, 3.64 in Australia and 4.43 in Venezuela. Yeah the land of the free let Covid run rampant. It’s tragic, disgusting, and effing embarrassing how bad Trump and his minions sucked at Coviid.

    4. @Dana Part of the problem is real facts are hard to come by. Each country counts their victims differently. The US counts almost anyone that dies with Covid as a Covid death because the government gives money for that. This is not true in other countries. Dr. Birx said as many as 25% of the deaths are likely not from Covid. That would make the US far better than any other major country.
      It is interesting to note Biden’s plan while running for President was basically the same as what Trump was already doing. I would like you geniuses to say what more could have been done? CCP style lockdowns? Sorry, not in a free country. Besides, studies are now showing the lockdowns are causing more harm than the virus. Trump was saying this would happen but no one would listen.
      Get over your TDS. Maybe you will sound less like a raving lunatic.

  1. What’s done in the dark always comes to the light. A lot of politicians should keep that in mind when trying to hide policies stats and major issues in their quest for reelection.

  2. Great job ” Mario ”
    Your stupidity is personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of seniors
    Get your legal team in place

  3. This was news 8 months ago but CNN and their co-conspirators withheld it from their viewers while everyone else was well aware of it the whole time.

  4. Cuomo: Mr President quit pretending like COVID is nothing it is something and it’s dangerous
    Also cuomo: Lies about nursing homes

  5. Cuomo was acting like a dictator when he was sitting in his fancy chair at those COVID briefings during the summer! What a joke he was.

  6. Gotta love how CNN reports to tell the full story just so they can kiss up to Cuomo. Instead, they spin it as an attack by the GOP.

    1. If he was the same as a serial killer, then everyone including you would be serial killers. FYI we are not saints

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