NY grand jury won’t hear Trump case this week, sources say

Amid multiple investigations into former President Donald Trump and a potential indictment, a New York grand jury investigating Trump’s alleged role in a scheme to pay hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels is not expected to consider the case again this week, according to court sources.
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  1. I wonder if the New York DA has been asked to postpone so that Jack Smith can get his indictment in first because it is so much more important (and he has only just gotten access to key wiitnesses.) It would be interesting for jack smith to indict first and then have it followed immediately by New York and Georgia, kind of like a tsunami or a breaking Dam.

    1. @Timothy Kozlowski  You need to get your information from state and federal law enforcement since the laws broken here are both state and federal. The ‘constitutional lawyers’, liberal or otherwise, are irrelevant when state and federal laws are broken, arrests are, or might be made, and charges may or may not be filed.
      Think of it like this: let’s say Recreational Marajuana is illegal in your state, as well as in federal statute. You get pulled over for running a red light. You and your car smell like weed. The cop that stops you smells the weed and sees a blunt in your ashtray- giving him probable cause to search you and your vehicle. The cop (let’s call him a state trooper) confiscates the weed, puts you in cuffs, and throws you in the back of his squad car. He continues to search your vehicle and finds cocaine. Meanwhile, his partner runs your license and discovers that there’s a warrant out for your arrest issued by a nearby state. You are arrested, thrown in jail, and your car is impounded. Now, you can call your constitutional lawyer if you want to, but you were legally stopped, legally searched, and illegal drugs were found on your person and in your car. Your outstanding warrent comes into play, requiring your immediate remission to the issuing state – except that you’re busted for drugs in THIS state, the one you ran the light in. So you get booked, printed, and arraigned in the state you got pulled over in. They’ll let the state that issued the arrest warrant (or wherever the warrant was issued) know they’ve got you and arrange for you to be extradited after you’ve been tried (convicted?) etc., in the state you were stopped in. After you do your time , you’ll go back to the state that issued the warrant and stand trial for whatever crime you committed in THAT state. In all likelihood, there will be a photo of the drugs and other paraphernalia found in your car and on your person at the time of the traffic stop. If any of this sounds unfair, go talk to your constitutional lawyer. He’ll tell you that if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime, because this is what happens when regular folk get caught with stuff they’re not supposed to have in their possession. tRump-turd is whining like a baby bc he did the crime but can’t handle doing the time.

  2. “I’m Sitting Here Like Patience On A Monument Waiting For Discipline To Be Handed Down” Uncle Junior 😂😂

  3. Yeah a year from now we will be wondering why the judge hasn’t heard this case yet.. we know what it is… equal justice for most..

    1. @Ashton Chapman no he didn’t. Bragg didn’t feel the need to use Cohen as a rebuttal case following Costello’s testimony.

  4. Dear wolf,
    Please do not go easy the former vice president. You will be our voice in the room. Hold him accountable call him out on his corruptness.

    1. ​@tetleydidley isn’t it funny how he actually told people to protest, and nobody showed up; VS jan 6 where he didn’t tell people to protest, and over 100,000 showed up?

  5. Awesome.

    Look forward to another delay next week. And next month. And probably next year as well.

    1. You probably should be like, hey cnn can you possibly make any news that peyote watch that isn’t about Trump

    2. @huge actman  If he’d take a day off of his decades long crime spree, we wouldn’t have to keep talking about him. I’m sure the news will switch gears once he’s assigned a cell.

    1. Nope or he would of been infront of them faster then ever not keep dragging things out lol I’d they jail him they have to go after Hillary and Biden family lol

  6. Bragg prepares the presentation to the jury of possible additional charge for attack Bragg in
    media with the famous baseball in addition to the no bail out

  7. I am so sad. I think he was right and he will get away with literally anything. Corrupt justice system for sure!!!!

  8. It could mean they’re concerned about safety at the courthouse. By stringing things out they make it harder for violent people to plan.

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