NYC celebrates Biggie’s 50th birthday with limited edition MetroCard | USA TODAY

To celebrate the 50th birthday of late rapper Biggie, MTA has issued limited edition MetroCards for New York transit riders.

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  1. Hahahahahaha, of course they would do that.

    I guess his teacher was right. His life did not amount to nothing. He’s 6 feet under. The only people that follow him are those that have no morals. Baybe, baybe. Lol

    1. @Final , hahahahahaha, sure he is. Lol. He advanced humanity greatly.

      I guess your morals are way up there, like those of this “rapper”.

      People like him and you are the reason why we’re in the state that we are in today, as a country. I guess you have no qualms about selling drugs, promiscuity, and treating women like “SEHCTIB”, huh?

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