NYC Mandates Covid Vaccines Or Weekly Testing For City Workers

“That’s a very fair thing to do. And that way all of us can walk into those facilitates and be comfortable,” says fmr. WH Covid task force member Andy Slavitt, on venues giving the option of getting vaccinated or getting Covid tested. 
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    1. @Janine Kreikemeier
      Here are some of the facts about SARS.

      “The SARS-CoV-2 virus has mutated over time, resulting in genetic variation in the population of circulating viral strains over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Molecular, antigen, and serology tests are affected by viral mutations differently due to the inherent design differences of each test.”
      Enjoy your day.

    2. @Kathleen Geldart isn’t it just interesting that SARS virus in 2002, although very deadly strain and a pandemic, didn’t shut down nations, and nations did not lock down their people and demand mask wearing at all times in public with social distancing. The msm did report on the deadly virus, but they did not do a play by play of the numbers and send massive fear messages non-stop. Oddly, we didn’t need a vaccine to calm the fears of the people because natural immunity worked back then as it has always worked for thousands of years. We did not need stimulus checks due to job losses, we didn’t shuttle unvaccinated illegals into the country by the millions and then shame Americans who choose not to be vaccinated… isn’t it just odd!

  1. I wonder why the vaccine companies dont speak on their own products but its government officials promoting selling their products???

    1. They have stocks in those companies and her kick backs to there “ not for profit foundations as donations “ . There slick .

    1. there is no hope with all these ignorants. i don’t care if you want to commit a suicide, but i care if you provide more chances to virus getting mutated and successfully evading vaccine… you decided to be a virus incubator. execution is an easier, cheaper, and effective solution.

    2. @R M that’s like blaming anti biotic resist bacteria on people who don’t use anti biotics.

    3. @Luvnmi you really really don’t know what you’re talking about at all. Everything you’ve said about how vaccines work is patently false. They don’t suppress your immune system at all, in fact they do the opposite. Injecting you with a dead virus will not make you sick with that virus, it’s dead. The reason people get symptoms after a vaccine is because their body is having an immune system response and sometimes that means they get a slight fever (the reason you get a fever when you’re sick is because your immune system gives you a fever to fight the virus). The reason people still get the flu after getting a flu shot is because the flue shot doesn’t cover every mutation of the flu, just the ones they think will be most prevalent that year.

      Please stop listening to idiots.

    4. @balbs100 It’s ok if you’ve already received your shot. I wish you nothing but health and happiness.

    5. @R M Nah, I’d say the vaccinated peoples bodies are mutating the virus in host and then spreading.

    1. @Uriel Salas Do you also lean towards science when scientists say infants have a heartbeat in utero after 18 days???

    2. To get the most of the public to take the vaccine they did the good guy bad guy act. First acted so nice with no pressure what do ever and waited to see who would take it, and now since vaccination rates are slowing, the bad guy now steps in to force it onto the rest of the population. Why, because everyone vaccinated will add to the peer pressure.

    3. @Uriel Salas The only thing funnier than you thinking scientist are infallible, or immune to being bribed is you thinking you saved lives hahaha. chomo lefty

    1. @jamesmontalbano I can’t move beyond this tri-state. My whole bloodline is within these 3 states lol. Secondly I have a city job with some of the best benefits across the country.
      It’s just sad seeing all the ignorance here. This city has been going downhill for nearly 2 decades now. It was slow at first but dropped dramatically during the second half. I honestly don’t know what the future has in store for us.

    2. @thelonestranger777 you can’t move because of your bloodline? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

    3. @thelonestranger777 while the city is currently on a decline… 20 years!? No, things have been getting better since Giuliani was mayor… there’s been a decline since COVID…

      Just look at areas like Harlem, Astoria, Williamsburg, Flatbush, Bed Stuyvesant, as a point of reference. You’re not being authentic.

  2. Be educated…don’t sign the document they give you, prepare your own legal document and ask them to sign before getting vaccinated, so you can sue them later, just in case…

    1. @Daniel Pena official same, I swear I had this when I was in college oct/nov 2019. Literally everyone in my school was sick for weeks. The professors were so understanding of us missing multiple classes for being sick so long, it was very odd.

    2. @Daniel Pena official Headline: (link will get my comment removed)–>Situation Update, July 26th, 2021 – CDC withdraws authorization of fraudulent PCR test that drove “casedemic”

    3. @dickerson r the types of mask people are wearing barely do a thing to help though, people just strap a piece of stylish fabric to their face.

    4. @Andy Sauro
      Yeah man… the whole “covid’s real” thing is still a lil…. not proven. Maybe you can share a link to where scientists have actually isolated the virus. Or… maybe show us where the CDC actually has a sample of it? Would love to see. Been waiting ever since this whole ordeal started. Still haven’t seen anything. Kind of odd don’t you think? How, no country on the earth has isolated the virus. Weird.

    5. @dickerson r the masks people wear don’t work. Nothing short of a N95 or KN95 works. The cloth ones may actually be worse for you, and I I mean this as an anti mask sentiment. I mean this scientifically and can explain from an engineering perspective.

      The virus is less than 1 micron in size. Cloth mask weaving is around 60 microns in diameter. Whenever you breathe out, you’re pressurizing air through the mask out FARTHER from you, and sucking in air HARDER when you breathe in. Think of it like breathing through a straw.

      The cloth masks would work if it were respiratory droplets like we initially thought, but it’s aerosolized. And they can’t walk back now since they killed any good will with masks already.

  3. How can the citizenry make logical decisions when the “established” has been the source of misinformation? Come on maannnn! The amount of spin you put on things has surpassed obvious 🙄!

    1. I can tell you watch FOX “news” because you think the CDC has been lying to you. That’s FOX’s spin on it.
      Those “lies” were actually updates as more information became available. Only a moron would think the CDC had all the answers on day one.
      …but you’d rather listen to Tucker Carlson.

    2. @MrDeathpilot We’re the morons but you’re all the ones getting a vaccine that “allegedly” works yet still afraid of people who don’t have the shot trying to force it on others 💀🤡🤣🤦‍♂️

    3. You strike me as someone who doesn’t want the vaccine cause ma freedoms. Well, the vaccinated are not the ones dying of COVID. Use your brain.

    4. @Daniel Schlobach neither am i but i’m proactive apparently you are one who doesn’t want to think for themselves or be responsible for their actions and inactions, being you want the government to be responsible for your laziness and the msnm for your “truths”.

    5. @Daniel Schlobach That’s fine, so why is it bothering these politicians, news reporters and liberals if I don’t get vaccinated? It’s MY decision that has no effect on you.

    1. @MrDeathpilot – look up what Michael yeadon says about the vaccine moron. Pfizer’s former Vice President.

    2. @MK LA HE definitely is a moron. Not FDA approved.Vaccine makers with no liability. So what I take it and die and my family can’t have a liability claim?NO MORE TALK!IVE MADE MY POINT

    3. @Anti – Ethnic Cleansing
      How about you explain why we should be panicking. We are all waiting.

    4. @MrDeathpilot
      hey look everyone, another freedom hating conformist! Wow… they’re everywhere. 

      Hey, MrDeath… Do you value our American freedom? Sounds like you don’t.

    5. @Iben Pishtoff
      They claim it’s harmless. I’m tired of wasting resources on their belligerence. Let them stay stubborn & find out the hard way.

    1. I agree. If you won’t get vaccinated or tested you deserve to be unemployed.
      I’d rather have smart people working for the government.

    2. They will replace them with lemmings. As in people like most of your friends and family on Facebook that go along with this BS

  4. The threat of mandates only makes me not want to get it more. I have something called FREE WILL and I choose No!

    1. @MrDeathpilot Where do you live? I want to come over to your house or box that you live in and have a face to face with you about this topic.
      I’m gonna change your mind.

    1. I heard a medical worker being interviewed and said very very few places have the type of test to differentiate… i think they just made it up to scare ppl


  5. This just in NYC makes subjects wear a yellow arm band signifying non vaccination, mulling the act of tattooing them next

  6. This is by far the most brilliant idea I have literally ever heard. Good job new York you truly are a shining beacon of freedom and virtue may the sun shine on you always. Best plan ever. SMH laughing

    1. @John S What do you mean again? Do you mean the less than 200 people that were let into a publicly owned building by law enforcement officials? Must be hard being so special

    2. @John S What are you going to do about it, lefty shill? You are chained up on the Democrat plantation

    1. Well according to humans theres about 1000 living gods. So itll be interesting which one decides to punish us

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