NYC Mayoral Candidate: We Can Reallocate But Not Defund Police

NYC Democratic mayoral candidate Ray McGuire joins Morning Joe to discuss his campaign, his background and his standing in the polls ahead of the June primary.

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    1. Unfortunately Democrats have a problem using terms that should be simple… defund sounds horrible, it should have been reform… reforming encompasses everything.

  1. What are you going to do?
    What are you going to do?
    That is what the focus should be on – POLICY.
    As opposed to attacking Biden for losing his temper. Who doesn’t? And consider all the traveling he did up to that point without incident. Talk about POLICY not flaring tempers. He is human. He temper won’t put dinner on the table, but POLICY will.

    Seriously, that was all people got from the trip?

    1. A real president is calm under pressure. Look at all the hard questions Trump had constantly. Biden hardly ever answers for anything because media coddles him and he even chooses who to call on. All he had to do was keep walking but no, he got pissy and lost it. He is lost.

    2. @David And just which of these things you named did only Biden do? Trump lost it on reporters constantly, he banned reporting agencies he didn’t want at press briefings (first president to do so). Trump constantly went into hiding when faced with real pressure or simply backed down (women’s march aftermath). Is that a much better response? Biden at least has the decency to apologize to Kaitlyn Collins after the incident. When did Trump apologize for anything? Please be factual before commenting in the future.

    3. @Sean Beebe Trump won’t ask God for forgiveness because he can’t see that he is less than perfect. He is a truly horrible man.

    4. @Angel Wilder You got that right. He’s never seen that he’s done anything to need God’s forgiveness. Saw it in an interview.

  2. Getting the mentally ill off the street smart comment. The gangsters get used to feeding off of and using the mentally ill which puffs up their deranged egos

  3. Biden give him a break he is a wise guy
    A wise is –
    a person who makes sarcastic or cheeky remarks to demonstrate their cleverness.
    A member of the mafia .

  4. Is this guy for real?? Defund the police and reallocate funds are THE SAME THING, quite literally. If he doesn’t understand that simple concept then he needs to drop out of the mayor’s race.

    1. @Putin is a poisoner pedo Sorry, are you saying that removing funds through defunding, and removing funds through reallocation, are, in their effect, different?

  5. Lol! He ducked that police reform question… Bro, are you guys stupid? You are going to turn NYC into a third world city.

  6. End QUALIFIED IMMUNITY, so they can beheld accountable, is all we are asking for, if al Sharpton knows him his no good

  7. That’s a GREAT idea. Send the bad cops to rural white America. Let them see first hand why people were so upset!! That really IS a GR8 solution!!!

  8. I have heard interviews with many of the candidates and at least I’ve heard here something a bit different and remember whomever the decision, that person will take over Trump proceedings, if they are ongoing

  9. Eric Adams campaign just called me from a 646-666- # are you kidding me, am not making this up, not gonna vote for him.

  10. NYC Democratic mayoral candidate Ray McGuire wants to put more lawbreakers in jail. Sounds like a repeat of an earlier policy when drugs users were thrown in jail. Ray should take a look at Michael Moore’s documentary on prisons. Rehabilitation is the key word. Lawbreakers need to learn how to live in society not waste time in prison.

  11. A crackhead mugging is a CRIME. Your bank charging you to cash your own check for your own money is “letting the markets decide”. Unregulated Capitalism vs Crime 🤔

  12. “Buy a man eat fish, he day, teach fish man, to a lifetime.” ….
    Joe Biden

    1. @mike briganti it was a shithole under your paesan Giuliani. Crime is way down from his reign of terror

  13. NYC needs to go back to being a middle class city. Spikes in crime correlates to displacement, lack of affordable housing. Gangs prey on less fortunate so crackdown on gangs.

    It is no coincidence these cities are suffering when you have gentrification you will have these problems.

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