‘This Is The Worst And Scariest Variant Yet’: Dr. Uche Blackstock

MSNBC’s Craig Melvin is joined by Dr. Uche Blackstock, founder and CEO of Advancing Health Equity to discuss the spread of the highly contagious Covid-19 Delta variant.
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    1. @Reg U yeah they have a hard time with me picking on you uninformed dopes they don’t want you to know the truth

    2. @Lex Ruptor Who keeps talking about free stuff in this country? Socialist democrats headed for making it the USSA.

    1. @Mark Evans Unlike sheeppeople, other people draw conclusions with their brains. They do not listen to what others tell them to think. You probably can’t grasp this concept anymore, so think about it for a while. I’m sure you can do it!

  1. This virus is like Pac Man The more the bodies the Virus Passes through, the more Variants & Mutations it Accumulates.😳

    1. @DynaCatlovesme yes and no.. Generalization is that under normal circumstances most viruses need to remain stealth for their own survival but under a “Pandemic or a Global spreading” all bets are off.

    1. @Scahoni masks stop diseases you want the thousand of peer review articles available.. I can send u several links…

    2. @Liz R Don’t bother … keep doing what’s reasonable to do for not catching the disease. The rest that don’t believe in it or think it’s a hoax, let stupidity take care of them.

  2. We were double masking in Jan when huge spikes of pos cases , then feb-march started texas , florida , other repub states fully opening and stating no masks required after some were getting vaccinated. Now people not getting vaccinated after about 50 percent, not enough for herd immunity. Irresponsible not vaccinating or masking , this is a health disaster and should never have been politicized. I’m going back to double masking, distancing and pretty much lock down.

    1. Do what you need to do to keep yourself and loved ones safe. I’m in Canada and we have had a larger amount of the population getting vaccinated, but due to a shortage of vaccines we are low on fully vaccinated people. Some people don’t listen, but most of us still wear masks and socially distance.
      Last night some one died in Calgary from the delta variant even though he was fully vaccinated. It is the first case known, but there will be others, and the more it continues to spread, the more it will happen.That is what we don’t need.

    2. @Cones No I prefer to live in the real world, not lalala land where if I don’t know about it doesn’t exist.

    3. @dustigenes Thanks for your comment and update on Canada. Wish we had more people like you in the states that understand common decency and their responsibility to their community. I do think many of these idiots in the comments are Russian trolls. If they’re not Russian, then they’re traitors to their fellow Americans. People on the wrong side of history and history books will not be kind to them.

  3. The science behind the variants is easy: Viruses mutate. They can mutate to a less dangerous variant or a more dangerous one. Once you fail to contain a pandemic (because there are many adults who have not grown up, the politicization of science, and having nationalist approach toward viruses!) you are welcoming new mutations.

    1. @Scahoni I’m currently fighting my eternal challenge with the big brother, YouTube. Come back again later.

  4. The republicans won’t get it because of trumps messaging but he received the vaccine in January is that not a clear message!???

  5. This strain has been known about for litteraly MONTHS as it tore through India and we did nothing. Now you want to come out and say how bad it is? Maybe try being proactive instead of reactive, but apparently it would cost corporations to much profit to do the right thing for the amarican people.

    1. @Maggie travel restrictions when the varients are discovered, not 3 months later with so many exceptions that you might as well have done nothing for a start. It is the same reason we wound up with the virus in the first place.

  6. Bring it to Texas. We have far too many ignorant people in the way of progress. They only want to believe in the con, so forget about them.

    1. I am fully vaccinated and I just stuck a quarter to my forehead. It must be the vaccine. I’m sure it has nothing to do with being hot, sticky and gross from being outside all afternoon in the hot TEXAS sun. 😂😂😂

  7. Covid almost ended my life. I got deathly ill when it hit my lungs. I was admittedly apprehensive about getting the vaccine and now I realize how stubborn and foolish I was. Get the shot, it’s a million times better than gasping for air, fever, crippling body pain, migraines and suicidal ideation.

    1. Sorry you went through the misery of Covid…hopefully your well. Thank you for your comment. Take care.

    2. I hope your humble testimonial will affect those who are adamant about taking the vaccination. Blessings

  8. Oh, ugh!! get vaccinated, please. And yes, I had worse side effects after second dose but not as bad as COVID. And I heard if you have a strong reaction that means you have a strong immune effect.

  9. A family member had Covid and would tell you to suffer one day of vaccine response. So much better than covid.

    1. I just keep saying: If the baby version of the Virus (which is in the vaccine) hurts you, imagine what the real thing would have done.

  10. Transmissibility claims require explicit studies/experiments designed to establish degree of transmissibility. This talk of increased transmissibility is nonsense. Also, the computation of the R Value is not correct. We cannot say, without experiments, that the R Value is greater. It’s a matter of fitness or the founder effect. Please watch This Week in Virology for correct information….

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