Chuck Todd Breaks Down The Timeline Leading Up To Capitol Riot

Chuck Todd breaks down when "our democracy was hanging on by a thread" when former President Trump and his allies were pressuring the Department of Justice to overturn the election results. 
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  1. I don’t know what’s worse – the crazy congressmen spouting these lies or those who continue to donate and follow them.

    1. The answer is easy. The ones who give them money. Most of these people know they are lying. If they stopped getting money for these lies, they would move on and tell the lies that would get them paid.

    2. 💩Rioters left feces, urine in hallways and offices during mobbing of US Capitol
      By Carl Campanile and Yaron Steinbuch January 8, 2021 NYPOST💩

    1. Don’t count on it. The investigation, would have to be independent. They are too friggin afraid that the truth of their involvement on Jan 6th will come out.

  2. Those pesky Italian satellites and Venezuelan voting machines… Yep, that is totally believable. Republicans will believe anything so long as its completely fabricated.

    1. Georgia: “We ran the most secure election ever in our history.”

      Georgia: “We are missing chain of custody documentation for 333,000 mail-in ballots.”

    2. @Ron White the guy killed his wife a year before the election, he just used her name to try to vote twice for Trump. The two events weren’t causally connected.

    3. @HS disinformation, couldn’t find anything about this claim. Where your information come from?

    1. Right, the insurrection and domestic terrorist attack against our Capitol is not only treasonous, but as you point out, one of the highest crimes a person can commit short of murder.

    2. What was that so-called terrorist plot years ago when it turned out they were all agents of your security services?

      Why won’t they show all the footage of that day at the Capitol?

    3. Trump is so upto his eyeballs in crime he would have done anything to stay president. It was his only hope.

  3. Pretty ironic that Republicans say the election was stolen from Trump but their election results were completely legit😒 IGNORANCE IN AMERICA IS UNBELIEVABLE

    1. @John DiGiacomo OBVIOUSLY YOU DID NOT WATCH THE TV ELECTION RETURNS. TO MAKE SUCH A STATEMENT. The Algorithms, of how the election RETURNS came in.. Is mathematically impossible!… as they were presented, to the public, by TV! And they SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES!

      I’m so glad, that you are so intelligent, that you can read the soft ware, in a computer voiting machine, with out ever looking at it, or allowing others to. And that you accept the FACT that computer voiting machine software, can be written, to HAVE a desired “RESULT!” And that software can even be written to ERASE, it’s own FRAUD, IS A GOOD THING?


      Was I suppose to vote ALL

    2. @John DiGiacomo
      One correction – it was Paul Ryan of Wisconsin who did that. Tim Ryan (D-OH) seems to be a great guy.

    3. Peggy Fleener, I watched until 4:00 a.m. on the day after the election until Arizona and Nevada, were called. You obviously don’t have any idea how elections work. You could receive fifty ballots only one would count. If you attempted to vote more than once the votes would only count one, and there would be “questions” if not charges. Regarding voting machines, the Republican legislators decided on the voting machines, and software, the Republican election officials controlled the election, the counting and the machines. To assume that Democrats could “cheat” with Republican legislatures, elections officials and in some cases governors in control is absurd. The Republican election officials in Arizona have already stated the “audit” was ludicrous. Regarding the “audit” company, the owner wrote an op ed supporting conspiracy theories, he declared that there was fraud before the contract was awarded, and he stated he expected additional business if he found fraud. He issued blue pens to counters in violation of Arizona law, and there have been black pens seen on the counting floor since then. There is also the fact that any subsequent audit would be invalid because of the break in the chain of custody which, according to the Department of Homeland Security, voids the machines from being used in future elections. Cyber Ninjas could literally lie about the results in hopes of additional contracts and there could be no audit to refute them. No reasonable legislature would have appointed that company to do an objective audit without an agenda. The fact is neither party would allow the other to be with unattended ballots and machines. The signatures are checked by both parties, the figures are tabulated by both parties, and the Republican election officials refuted any fraud.

    4. @HS They craziest part I’ve found is that it’s been proven 100 percent that the FBI or at least some type of law enforcement agencies know about ALL mass shootings in the United States AFTER they take place! Sounds like they’re ALL in on the investigations and it’s strange just how involved they are in trying to figure out the details of EVERY mass shooting that takes place? They LITERALLY put the shooters in prison over these events. Why do they care so much? Really makes you wonder…

  4. With all this evidence, can we put to prison all of Trump’s croonies and Trump himself? All this is illegal.

    1. I am so tired of this crap if they don’t want to believe it so be it let them. I do my own and as you can tell I’m a brother and I’m tired of you

    2. Georgia: “We ran the most secure election ever in our history.”

      Georgia: “We are missing chain of custody documentation for 333,000 mail-in ballots.”

    3. hope u r well my friend.. chuck has the phrase , ‘ vague threats & warnings ‘ what the F does that mean, they were not vague Chuck, they were out there clear & stark, & the DA of Fulton County will have Trump’s balls for her supper…Richard Nixon’s plumbers at least done their dirty deeds, in private, but Trumps mob, committed crimes, out in the open, always sure in their minds, that Trump would pardon them . stay safe

    4. Merick Garland, please help us. The Congress tried twice to put a stop to Trump’s criminal behavior and failed because of Trump’s friends. It’s up to you. Please, please , please!

  5. The question is, when states start overturning elections, is America done? The answer is yes. Most of this all for a piece of human garbage.

    1. My comments are not to disparage his supporters. They are hopefully made to get people understanding, he is not worthy of their support. May God bless this nation.

    2. Georgia: “We ran the most secure election ever in our history.”

      Georgia: “We are missing chain of custody documentation for 333,000 mail-in ballots.”

    3. Georgia: “We ran the most secure election ever in our history.”

      Georgia: “We are missing chain of custody documentation for 333,000 mail-in ballots.”

    4. Georgia: “We ran the most secure election ever in our history.”

      Georgia: “We are missing chain of custody documentation for 333,000 mail-in ballots.”

  6. What happened to the proud boys? And all those homegrown terrorists? Republican seditionists.

    1. @gary avona The future will have challenges for all of us, but being free gives us options. Mah Freedum is what they have lost. Ironic.

    2. @humbugs100
      If you mean not based in race hatred, probably not – though they are rife with racists, but they officially hate almost everyone else.

    1. What was that case years ago which was supposed to be a terrorist plot, but turned out to be undercover agents of your security forces?

      Why won’t they show all the footage of the day at the Capitol?

      Why are there people who were involved on the day who haven’t been charged, despite being in the heart of the action and despite the hunt to find these people being sweeping?

      I guess these are questions you’re not interested in answering.

    1. @Myrna D: If there is credible evidence of election shenanigans in races where Nazi-Republicans won, why would we NOT insist on an audit?

    2. @Scourge You can’t answer a question With a question. Especially when your question is rhetorical. Which means the answer is obvious. Good try. Try again.

    3. You know, you may have a good point. Dems are always on the defensive. they need to be on the offense and claim voter fraud in the house and senate seats that went to the GQP. I like your plan!

  7. I want to know what calls and requests by Trump we haven’t heard or know about that may have worked.

    1. Or the ones that didn’t work, and how bad does this really all get??? I’ve a hunch it makes Watergate look like a Fairytale. And yea, i was here for that one too. i still remember watching in real time Nixon’s infamous wave -off from the helicoptor.

    1. He is a pathological narcissist, he can never forgive or move on, it’s a condition of his personality disorder. He has to deny the truth to himself because his miserable mental landscape would collapse if he recognized any loss. His recent months have been a journey from vanity towards insanity.

  8. correction – the situation was “far more dire” than any GOP or Conservative right wing will admit.

  9. America almost lost democracy. Many who have not followed along may think this is “fake news.” It is not. My faith tells me we’re still here by the grace of God. Many very courageous American patriots from all walks of life stood united and continue to do so with the same goal in mind…to save our country. Be thankful.

  10. How dare he state facts!11!!!!!11 – says every single Republican in the universe

    Trump and his minions were the ones trying to steal an election.

  11. “Stop The Steal” indeed .
    mind-boggling what this country has come to.
    75 million voters prefer brazen and flagrant corruption and idiocy.

  12. At some point, Trump and every Trump accomplice, every Trump aider and abettor will face justice. It takes time. Do not lose heart.

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