NYPD stepping up presence in Brooklyn after a series of possible anti-Semitic hate crimes

The New York Police Department will increase its presence in several Brooklyn neighborhoods after at least six possible anti-Semitic incidents this week, Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted. CNN's Polo Sandoval reports. #CNN #News


    1. @Time to get huge! *When asked about his Daughter Ivanka, Trump said ” Doing it Doing Doing it Doing right”*

    2. @Crystal Giddens , I have hope for Jews. I don’t have any hope for the Nihilist Left. You need to understand who the REAL enemy is and find common ground with a would be allies.

    1. @Jacovien Daniels looks like you and I share similar sentiments about these children of Satan. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, even if I hate his black guts. Maybe black and white separatists can come together and take them out so we can finally separate.

    2. Jacovien Daniels
      the white Indo-European people are Japheth not Esau. remember what the president of Egypt said: you j&w$ left black and came back white. they went into Japheth that’s why they are called Ashkenazi Jews. they only subvert into others for the purpose of abominations.

    3. Jim Campbell Japheth and Togarmah, the forefathers of the Turks, one of their sons is Ashkenaz. These are the forefathers of the Khazars as the Khazar King/Kagan states in “Khazar Correspondence”.

    1. @Ray El But who’s really guilty of modifying the word? Because when it says TMH will send the Israelites back again in ships to Egypt, Egypt in that sense is referring to bondage, not the literal land itself. So how could it be referring to the Israelite’s first bondage in Egypt when it says “AGAIN”? Hmmm? Acts 7:6 disproves the misconception that Deuteronomy 28:68 could be referring to the first bondage in Egypt because why would it say sojourners in a “strange land” when the Israelites had already been to Egypt?

    2. Jacovien Daniels please provide me with the scripture that says that? You’re talking out of the side of your mouth with no proof to back up what you say. Please Don’t quote scripture without anything to back it up. I’ve already provided you with a link that says that the Bible does not mention what race the israelites. Do you just want to believe what you want to believe?

    3. ​@Eric Larsen Sure it does, is that why you can’t name me a single group of people who match all the curses of Deuteronomy 28:15-68, besides so-called African Americans? Everyone wants to be us, but they don’t want to live with the curses for 400 years like we did.

  1. Humm big city’s. Supply and demand. Thou shall protect thy neighbors in the countryside!! Country people will survive… stop the Californication of America. Fly over states feed the cities.

  2. When Rockstar games thought up GTA, did they just interview a couple “TEENS” or hand them a couple go pro’s for a week to get ideas?

    1. Liberals have never lived in my crime infested hood (70’s-90’s). Just neighbors who invested in firearms to protect themselves from those TEENS. It’s not racism, it’s reality.

    1. @Chief Tahchawwickah It wasn’t white people who attacked him! They were no white people involved! But he managed to stir up hate against white people! To bad the attack was staged because he surely deserved it! He is like OJ simpson. Throws everyone under the bus who helps them!

  3. Before the year and 10’s decade is over I want to try make the last comment on the last CNN video of the year which will read..”thanks CNN for all the fun and fake news”

    1. 1st of all if they’re landlord wouldn’t have been Jewish they wouldn’t have attacked them & 2nd a land lord has all the right in the world to raise the rent as much as he wants regardless of his religion and its definitely not a reason to go around attacking people from the same faith as him

  4. Ah see when jews start feeling it, its a problem. Welcome, Jews, to the inner-city white experience. Enjoy your stay.

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