NYS Dem. Party Chair Stressed ‘It Was Time To Resign’ On Call With Cuomo

New York State Democratic Party Chair Jay Jacobs says he had a “sad and difficult” phone conversation with Gov. Cuomo in which he had to be “clear and direct” that Cuomo needs to resign to avoid an impeachment process that a majority of state lawmakers support if he refuses to step down: “At some point he’s going to get an understanding of what the realities are and he’s going to make the right decision.”
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    1. @fragmentsofthemind Trump sent him ships to put those sick people on and Cuomo declined and sent them to Nursing homes instead, Trump tried to help but Cuomo’s ego was to big to take Trump’s help and killed thousands

    2. @Josh M trump’s cdc guidelines, nursing home had to okay they were well enough to take patients back. governor doesn’t have access to private books.

      but trump’s cdc guidelines but you don’t blame him lmao

    3. @fragmentsofthemind He might have thanked him, but he didn’t take his aide, and sent those sick people back to Nursing homes, you’re just so lost you can’t admit it to yourself that Cuomo is a piece of garbage

  1. I so didn’t want this to be true. I’m liberal, I’ve agreed with other proved allegations. As a (I believe) a critical thinker and still wish this were not true. Where I stand is that as a critical thinker, if I truly am, I wish that Trump supporters would look at their choices this way: what’s wrong is what’s wrong regardless of what we wish to be true.

  2. the world government of the antichrist is near but through Jesus Christ we have salvation believing by faith
    believing in the place where you are. read in the bible Romans 10: 9 and 10
    John 14: 6, John 1:12, Acts 4:12

    1. Yeshua is alive and well. Antichrist is not a human being. It is the influence that causes people of all walks of life to be deceived if they don’t have discernment in Christ. An example is the Trump base including alleged Evangelicals. If you know the bible, then you know that even the elete will be deceived in the end. It’s not the end of the world, as God loves the world. It’s the end of deceit and tyranny. The Kingdom of God is within us. The anti-christ is defeated. Keep speaking the truth and keep loving Christ and everyone, that is the fruit of a person in Christ and not listening to evil influences.

    2. Can the both of you take your fairytales and throw them in the garbage already? You’re supposed to be adults you should start acting like one.

  3. Spiro Agnew successfully traded his resignation as vice president for immunity from prosecution for accepting bribes. Como should take a good look at that and attempt the same maneuver.

  4. Cuomo stated ” let the probe be completed” Now that it’s done, He’s crying it was bias against him and the people were out to get him….Sadly he sound’s just like trump.

    1. not much difference. Trump was perhaps more overtly corrupt. Cuomo failed with his covid response and the thing with giving nursing homes immunity from deaths should be reason enough for him to be kicked out, but I take anything.

  5. Here is a real thing to ponder….

    Imagine the women subjected to environments like this who don’t have a large media machine and investigation process on their side.

    Even with nationwide pressure he resists. Imagine other situations without all this.

    1. What about Trump? What happened to the siixteenn women who came forward against him? Somehow it all got swept under the carpet. Hmmmm.

  6. He should have been out of office and be prosecuted for the whole elderly covid deaths affair and the manipulation of numbers. This may have tipped the scale, but there is much more than this don’t forget it.

  7. Hey, he can run for president. Sexual harrassment never stopped anyone from holding the highest office in America.

  8. I’m a lefty and a partisan but in circumstances such as these those things don’t matter, doing what’s right does. It’s time to resign governor.

  9. *IM A GUY IN EUROPE* and I dislike BOTH your parties – but at least the Dems are repaired to impeach the obvious wrongdoers and not double down on the wrongdoing…!!!

  10. Time to go thru Brother Chris dirty laundry, I’m willing to bet the apple doesn’t fall too far from the cuomo tree

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