Trump DOJ Official Prepped To Ask GOP In Six States To Void Biden Win: Krishnamoorthi 1

Trump DOJ Official Prepped To Ask GOP In Six States To Void Biden Win: Krishnamoorthi


Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi discusses how close Donald Trump came to deploying Justice Department appointees to overturn the results of the 2020 election, and reveals that Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark drafted letters to six states that Joe Biden won, encouraging Republicans to overturn Biden's win. 
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  1. Dear Mr Garland, I think it’s time to do something. This is just as dangerous as physical insurrection!

    1. @Paul Bird agreed! The republicans are officially a white christian nationalist CULT and the democrats are either way too progressive or still part of the corporate establishment. I wish someone would put some money into establishing a few more political parties. I hate having to vote for corporations and I’m just not ready to vote for all progressives just yet. One thing for sure is I’ll never vote Republican again unless Adam Kinzinger can get another party started. We really need to do a better job at keeping religion and psychos out of politics and the DOJ. Once that started it was only a matter of time before our government collapsed. Religion mixed with psychos is a recipe for destruction.

    2. Biden is afraid of another insurrection if Trump is indicted that’s why Garland is keeping quiet.

    3. Time to take brush, broom and disinfectant to the Justice Department and get rid of toxic Trump debris.

  2. The only thing that shocks me anymore is the lack of accountability.. maybe Teflon Don did sell his soul to the devil.

    1. @MICHAEL VIEHL You aren’t being attacked you’re being bombarded with wisdom and I would listen up if I were you.

    2. Trump has fulfilled the prophecy of the antichrist according to some bible scholars. I believe he is evil incarnate, a soulless evil demon.

    1. Yes! I like the way The Mooch described it. McCarthy is younger, but looks years older! All the lies, corruption, immorality, willful stupidity, etc., all take their toll!

    2. Talk about a man with no self respect, honor or integrity. His lack of leadership is embarrassing as well as his lack of any substantive intelligence. He will never hit ANYONE with the house gavel , he’s too much of a coward.

    1. Except he now works for a radical right-wing company, and he’s probably making six-figure paychecks and laughing at this vlog … DOJ has the ball now… will the nobody ride off into the sunset making big bucks… stay tuned…

    2. A nobody making six-figure paychecks working for a radical right-wing company… the ball is in the hands of the DOJ…stay tuned…

    1. @Just Say’n Let me see if I have it. Donald Trump…. in the Oval Office…. using the Big Lie…. and the victims are The Constitution, our Republic and the Democratic Process?

    2. @Just Say’n Oh! Oh! I think I have it! Donald Trump… in the Oval Office… using the Big Lie… and the victims are The Constitution, the Democratic Process, and our very Republic?

    3. This wasn’t event he Select Committee on the Insurrection. This was an already ongoing Judicial Committee investigation.

      The Insurrection Investigation hasn’t even begun yet. Hearings will commence soon.

    4. @Ash Roskell If the DOJ is readying warrants and indictments, do you think they’re going to tell everyone about it and give these traitors a chance to fly to some country where they can’t be extradited? This is shaping up to a Nazi/Argentina situation, post-WWII

    1. @SSJvegito501 ‘ pretending ‘ to be working means absolutely nothing
      he WAS busy…uterly self serving…

      busy , conning and ripping off America like nothing Americans have ever ever seen – dt🤑 & family🤑🤑🤑with many sticky fingers , behind the scenes…


      🤜🏼💥👹so beyond time to get rid

    2. @Drought Tolerant 500+ of you have been arrested, more coming, from the events of that day.
      Some of you are facing years in prison and a hefty fine.
      Because that’s the prize for destruction of *federal* property, with additional prison time for causing injuries and death.
      All because your cult leader refuses to accept that he lost re-election, he’s a private citizen now, and as such, is subject to the same criminal penalties as anyone else.
      Those SDNY tax fraud charges? He’s going down.
      And, did you know? If he’s in prison, he can’t run for office.
      And if by some miracle he’s not in prison (he could die, he is clinically obese) in 2024, those of you who *are* in prison in 2024, can’t vote!

    1. Line them up. TREASON IS PUNISHABLE BY DEATH IN THIS COUNTRY. Seriously you would think a “LAW AND ORDER” president would know this.

    1. Why do you think the GOP are changing so many voting rules…so that we can’t vote them out. They’ve given up on democracy and will do whatever it takes to hold onto power

    2. I live in Gym Jordanland. He will have to be physically removed because these jackoffs that live here love what he’s doing.

    3. @j majick 😢 at the end of the day unfortunately a democracy is dependent on voters who make wise choices as well as respect for others opinion.

      This is the reason democracy fails in countries with low level of education or lacks freedom of the press.

      Too many ignorant or people believing in wild conspiracy theories in the US unfortunately which will take possibly generations to change

    1. And don’t forget all the Republicans in congress that were involved in he planning of Jan. 6th. There are members seated today that participated in this COUP attempt. We know Jim Jordan was in the meeting along with Mo Brookes and Sen. Ron Johnson. An attempted overthrow is at the very least SEDITION and borders on TREASON. Arrest them now and let the courts sort it out.

  3. I hate that resignations are the go to for disobeying unlawful orders. Just opens to seat to someone that would.

    1. @THE AMERICANS The Department of Justice employees are not the employees of the President. Never have been. Never will be as long as we live under the rule of law.

    2. @T Electronix A mass resignation of the senior staff of the Department of Justice would be like pulling a fire alarm, not like quietly leaving a burning building.

    3. @dave etcetera I thought they’d be the LAST to resign… This is the time you stay and fight!

  4. It must really eat at the Trump cult, to know that literally the only reason they didn’t get their way was because of just a handful of patriots who had the courage to look Donald in the eye and refuse to follow his orders.

    1. @Captain Swag – The problem is, they’ll never hear this news because they only watch OANN, Newsmax and some of the Fox shows. One neighbor told me that everything else is “fake news.” I was reading a newspaper one day and she said, “Anything you learn from the Associated Press is a lie.” Then she wonders why I don’t want to join her book club or go to lunch. lol The Trump cult is a bunch of brainwashed nutcases.

    2. @Lotta Sunshine I know a place we could send them all to: Guyana. And hey, we could offer them all the purple Kool-Aid they want.

  5. Any number of these shady actions by Trump would have had him impeached outright decades ago. Outrage is truly dead.

    1. @Yo Momma “people have different beliefs so we can’t impose our God unto them”
      Congratulations! Someone actually gets it.

      “which political party came up with that ?”
      The Democratic-Republican Party, which was against the Federalist Party.

    2. @Cindy Pomerleau totally agree with you..Reagan was no choir boy..he was the downfall of labor unions and fare wages..Trump is just a puppet for the rebublican party who want his pac money..they didn’t expect Donnie to go insane..

    1. Some of his followers will probably go to prison however I don’t see Donald Dump going to prison. They may take his businesses which will freak him out!

  6. This piece of work needs to be prosecuted. Now follow with harsh penalties so they never try this again.

    1. the problem is they can’t be held accountable for things they almost did. They got right up to the edge but either didn’t jump or got pulled back at the last second. The snakes can’t be held accountable for failing to do something. The best we can do is get the information out there so everyone knows what was going on.

    2. @triton007 yup. that’s why you have lawyers. they can tell you where the line is. it’s unreal what stuff people get away with that most citizens think should be highly illegal.

    3. ​@triton007 according to Ari Melber (MSNBC) “Trump committed a crime with DOJ coup plot, ‘The criminal intent is clear. I don’t use that word lightly, trying to abuse your public office to fraudulently change the outcome of the election is a crime.”

    4. @taz 9 unfortunately, while attempted murder is a crime, attempted/failed coup is not. Also unfortunate is that Ari tends to exaggerate anti trump news almost as much as FOX exaggerates pro trump news.

    5. @triton007 I guess time will tell. If attempted treason is not a crime, it should be. Otherwise people would be trying it every day.

  7. Until this traitor is held accountable, along with his lackeys that attempted the COUP, Trump and his Traitors will continue to be a threat to our Republic and Democratic institutions.

    1. And he’s going to get away with it and run for office in 2024 if our f****** government doesn’t arrest him for breaking the law

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