NYT: Justice Department Investigating Rep. Gaetz Over Sex Trafficking Claim | All In | MSNBC

NYT: Justice Department Investigating Rep. Gaetz Over Sex Trafficking Claim | All In | MSNBC 1


    1. @frogsoda thing Is he won’t tell his story. He’ll just go on fox news and spout bullsh1t, and conservatives and Republicans eat it up like it’s true. Facts don’t matter to fox viewers.

    2. @Cristo Alan545 nah.. pretty sure pervert democrats who violate law are in jail too. Morals doesn’t have a party I don’t think

    1. @kilgoring troutless But you do realize the hypocrisy of this network and 99 percent of the comments. One allegation against Gaetz and you Libs are having a field day like theres no tommorow,But you ask who Tara Reade is and the libs are like 😴.Childish if you ask me

    2. @Daniel Santiago For Cuomo,It’s innocent until proven guilty. For Gaetz. It’s guilty until proven innocent.

  1. If Rep Matt Gaetz is claiming the underage girl is just an ex-girlfriend, how old was she when they were dating?

    1. @weantoine Oh… you right though. Good riddance to this one though, we need to keep our children safe from monsters like this.

    2. You are being confused because you are being fed untruths here with this new feed, now after you have tried and convicted him, the news feed will down the road make a small retraction saying that “oh that part we got wrong” … but the damage will have been done, that’s how the left do that now, it’s a known thing.

  2. Before Donald Trump and teenage girls pranced into his heart, Matt Gaetz’s love and devotion were exclusively reserved for police breathalyzers.

    1. Yet with those serious flaws showing themselves……he won his office any way……..Makes you think of….. the kind of people who elected him to that office?!

    1. @InDebtBigTime Political hit job by ex AG of DoJ Bill Barr against Matt Gaetz … now tell me the motive for that ? What does Bill Barr gain from that ?

    2. @Eric Nunez Robles lol, you mean all those people trump left there, that mess, NO, judges, NO lawyers, trump knew back in Feb that there were people coming to the border and did NOTHING to lessen the load that was already there waiting.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis If you haven’t been under a rock,the border crisis started 5 weeks into biden’s presidency,you can keep telling yourself that It’s trump fault if it makes you feel better.

  3. Maga cult: “Just another witch hunt by the Libs!”
    Liberals: “But the investigation started last year when Barr was the AG.”
    Maga cult: **stares blankly** “Witch HUNT!!!”
    Everyone: 🤔🙄😅😂🤣

    1. @Eric Nunez Robles, most of us believe predators should be held accountable no matter what party they’re from. Only cult members excuse their own from any accountability.

    2. Eric Nunez Robles, I have said Cuomo should resign and if enough evidence he should be put on trial. While not discounting what Cuomo did, what Gaetz did is way worse.

    3. @Kc 82 Not true. Bill clinton was accused many times of being a predator against women,But the democrats love when he speaks at their events.

    4. @Edwin Garcia I see,so ten allegations against a dem is no big deal to you,but one allegation against a republican and you talk about a noose.

  4. I hope Gaetz kept the WWI gas mask he wore last year, mocking the COVID pandemic. He is going to need it.

  5. If I were casting a TV movie about the evil of Matt Gaetz, I would definitely cast Matt Gaetz. Who else looks the part of an evil psycho?

  6. This makes my heart and soul so incredibly happy!! Watching his life get torn apart scandal by scandal leaving destruction in it’s wake in all aspects of his life is a karmic gift

    1. I’ll remember your words and subscribe to your channel so I can remember to ask you for your comment a few weeks from now … when the truth comes out.

    1. Yeah…that part of the clip I saw when he called a 17 girl a woman was very telling of his guilt IMHO. Disturbing.

    1. Why…. who did he or his family extort? …. you read one news report and you have him walking the plank … I’m glad you are not a judge.

  7. Matt is a busy little beaver, taking care of a young male, now the girl, too sad. Florida deserves him.

  8. You know you’re top tier when you tell the world that your father “even wore a wire…” Jayzus! 😆

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