White House Announces New Initiatives To Address Anti-Asian Violence | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

White House Announces New Initiatives To Address Anti-Asian Violence | The ReidOut | MSNBC


The White House announced initiatives Tuesday to address anti-Asian violence amid new attention to the rise of attacks against Asian Americans after six women of Asian descent were killed in a shooting this month in the Atlanta area. Aired on 03/30/2021.
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White House Announces New Initiatives To Address Anti-Asian Violence | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. involving an elderly woman. should it be involving a “black man”? you need law and order. not identity politics.

  2. Forever​ foreigner​s.​ For​ever​ search​ing​ acceptance.​ Why​ do​n’t​ you​ Asian​ come​ back​ to​ home​ countries.​ We​ in​ Asia​ live​ better​ life​ than​ average​ US​ citizens​

    1. @THE TRUTH HURTS YOU! It’s​ the​ truth.​ Average​ US​ citizens​ are​ just 2 medical​ bills​ away​ from​ bankruptcy, and​ homelessness​

  3. Sometimes we reap what we sow. Black people helped them for decades and then they decided that they were going to be racist against blacks. I feel no sympathy for them. Where were they during the protests? Tearing down blm signs!

    1. @Anita Cox probably not as stupid as you, since you lack the ability to respond in a rational way. Normally, folks insulting others in the way that you just did indicates a lack of intelligence. Just saying! Sometimes facts are unpleasant things

  4. I thought people of colour didn’t vote for Trump according to the media. So how come over 85% of these attacks against Asians are from non white people?

  5. If the coronavirus is just a flu with 99% survival rate, why are so many people blaming Asian Americans for bringing it over and assaulting them? It’s no big deal, right?

  6. when you pick an elderly small Asian woman to kick, you are publically telling that you are inferior to that little old lady, you picked on your size

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