NYT Reporter: ‘More Hope Than Expectation’ On Israel-Gaza Conflict Calming

NYT Reporter: ‘More Hope Than Expectation’ On Israel-Gaza Conflict Calming 1


  1. The problem with the Middle East is that the borders were drawn by colonial powers to create countries that were as internally divided as possible.
    And then we discovered oil to complicate things.
    But for this specific conflict, the Israeli are basing their view on a 3000 year old book that does not take into account the history of what happened since, and disregard the rights of people who have lived in places for millennia, longer than most countries have existed.

    1. @Vicki Richardville we? nah..Im ok with my tax dollars going to israel. they’re surrounded by a billion nutjobs.

  2. The footage of the building crashing looks like a controlled detonation rather than missile strike.

  3. Give the PLO a fighting chance. Tanks, surface to air, Air defense etc. they have been oppressed for years. Peace would be achieved only when you can’t defeat your enemy without great losses, which Israel does not face because of the west backing them with weapons.

    1. Hey Chuck Lewis, still holding on for your lover spanky bone spurs to send you a invitation to maralargo?😂

  4. “Biden doesn’t want to get deeply involved”, what a joke. USA always been deeply involved.

  5. Each side started with a plan.
    The Palestinians wanted to show that they can drop missiles on any part of Israel.
    The Israelis wanted to expose the locations of the missile storage sites and destroy everything associated with them.
    The Palestinians have achieved their goal and are ready to talk.
    The Israelis are not finished destroying everything involved with launching missiles.
    Degrading Hamas’ ability to fire missiles is more important to them than peace is, at this point.
    I don’t expect Israel to be ready to talk until they feel that THEY have stopped the launches.

    1. you make them sound very insecure, emotionally and egotistically. You might be right. I say remove all the walls, have the UN go in and enforce the basic rule of law (Human Bill of Rights) and if either or both sides are so barbaric and unevolved that they war anyway, make pretty little sea of glass out of the whole region. Enough of this sh*t already

  6. Prior to the inauguration, wasn’t Pompeo and kushner over there in that part of the world? Wonder what they were talking about with the two parties now involved in this conflict?

  7. Book of Revelation being full-filled ..
    Jesus is tuning up his trumpet
    Get ya hearts right with God

  8. Thanks for all the “peace” Jared. All the Abe Accords accomplished was an alliance for war against Iran. If we get involved it better be with the UN protecting Palastine

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