NYT reporter: ‘ Tragic’ emails reveal Trump’s fake electoral plan

The New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman breaks down her findings that reveals dozens of pages by Trump advisers detailing Trump team's 'fake' electoral scheme. #CNN #News


    1. @7X HARDER never said that Dude..
      We all know what he said that is public
      What he never did was use e mail or write letters..
      They say he was dumb and stupid…I wonder

    2. @gacj2010 that’s so true! He doesn’t know how to use a computer, and his fat stubby fingers wouldn’t work with a keyboard!

  1. She didn’t say “tragic”—she said “traunch”. This seems to be the word of the month. 🙂

    1. @Andrea Mortimer Well I guess D Thomas’ comment went a tad over your head. It’s called a Pun, or a play-on-words. in all other respects, your description is correct.

  2. They knew it was illegal the whole time. They just hoping their supporters are to stupid to know that what they were doing is illegal. And they were right

  3. Imagine losing a basketball game by 20 points, and then going to the refs and telling them “I just need you to find me 21 more points, because I won that game.” 🤣😅

    1. Imagine calling Adam Silver saying It’s not fair we won the game by a lot. We had more scores than anyone in the world I know this for a fact so what are you going to do about.

  4. Maggie Haberman strikes me as the type of person you want to stay on the good side of – Cause if you’ve been shady…she’ll find out 🤣🤣

    1. @Cid Sapient So you are unable to form a coherent rebuttal with anything based upon facts. Duly noted.

    1. There isn’t any real evidence Churchill said this at all (Even the “proper” quote). Some scholars call the way quotes get attributed to him that aren’t his so often “Churchillian Drift”. It is true though, especially in the context of our isolationism until Dec 1941

    2. @Jacob Olness Very possible. One thing is for certain-the quote is way too articulate for Trump having said it.

  5. Some people are saying that indicting a former president would tear the country apart. I disagree. Not indicting him would be far worse to the long term future of the country. He tried to illegally subvert the will of the people. Bring the evidence and put him on trial.

    1. @patrick Day
      I don’t think it would tare the country
      Apart but i do think
      The Republicans
      Will definitely get out and vote like never before….
      Dem’s has always
      Been faithful about
      Voting because they got free stuff…
      But i think that’s going to change..
      I’m hoping it will
      Start in November..

  6. This was a well funded, organised and coordinated failed Coup. To make it the last there needs to be serious consequences.

    1. @Will Kennedy Who broke them down? Don’t even try that nonsense with grownups who watched the video.


  7. When it comes to actually getting results…If I took three years to even remotely commit to a decision and action, I would have lost every conceivable job I have worked. There’s nothing worse/slower than government work. It’s disgusting.

  8. How on earth has he gotten away with this for so long? In many other countries he would have been in jail long ago. If not marched out at daybreak, blindfolded and shot.

    1. I have to admit there is a dark side in my mind that wishes we didn’t take so much time and care in dealing white collar criminals. Poor people are slammed through the system in a hurry.

    2. @theskyehiker It’s easy to answer your question. Money. Money buys great lawyers. Great lawyers know more then good or mediocre lawyers. It’s fair, but not right in my opinion.

  9. I never believed I would live to see what happened on January 6th, let alone allow Trump to walk away from an indictment.

  10. I did wonder how the word “tragic” figured into this story and now that I’ve read the comments I see it was a misunderstanding by the copy writer who published the video. Understandable I suppose since it’s not a commonly used word.

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