NYT: Third woman accuses Andrew Cuomo of unwanted advances 1

NYT: Third woman accuses Andrew Cuomo of unwanted advances


A third woman has accused Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of unwanted advances in 2019, The New York Times reported Monday, adding to an escalating crisis facing the governor in the wake of two sexual harassment allegations.
The woman, Anna Ruch, told the Times that Cuomo approached her during a crowded wedding reception in New York in 2019. Ruch told the newspaper she thanked Cuomo for his toast to the newlyweds, and in response, she says he put his hand on her bare lower back, which the Times said was exposed in an open-back dress.
When Ruch removed his hand, Cuomo allegedly told her she seemed "aggressive" as he put his hands on her cheeks, she recalled to the Times. Cuomo then asked if he could kiss her, Ruch said, and she distanced herself as he came closer.
"I was so confused and shocked and embarrassed," Ruch told the Times. "I turned my head away and didn't have words in that moment."
The newspaper also reported that Ruch says she was later told by a friend that Cuomo had kissed her cheek as she pulled away.
The newspaper reported that her account of the episode was loud enough and could be heard by a friend standing nearby, who corroborated the exchange, along with photographs from the event and text messages at the time. The New York Times did not identify the friend in its reporting.

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  1. I’m starting to think all politicians should be like all police officers and have body cameras on

    1. @Brian Jones Don’t be ridiculous. Men of all political persuasions cannot be trusted. You cannot make generalizations.

    2. It’s the American culture… handshake, hugging and kissing as part of the professional business. Just a deep bow from the distance is good.

    3. @Mott Hoople Al Franken resigned after democratic pressure. Roymore fought the changes and Republicans called it a witch hunt and supported him.

      What I said lines up.

  2. I believe these women. But I find it curious that my Republican friends now think the Me-Too Movement is legitimate.

    1. Its amazing that the Democratic Party is offended by alleged unwanted advances – where no one died, yet has no problem with Cuomo incompetently killing thousands of elderly. I guess killing old people benefits the Party

    2. @Patrick Daniel that’s just a ridiculous statement. MOST people have real values, just because you disagree with them politically doesn’t mean a democrat can’t be a good person with values. Seems like you might hold some extremist beliefs…id watch out for that!

    3. Because the accusation is now on a Democrat? If this is true, he needs to resign. I’m a Democrat.

    1. @Soy de Estados Unidos no. this is stupid. forgive me for asking. you just picked a movie star I guess.

    1. @Belly Dancer Emoh and don lemons racism towards straight male whites is integrity? Um yeah we are done. You are waaaaaaay too ignorant to be trying to make any sort of sense.

    2. @Belly Dancer Em love how you still couldn’t control yourself enough to not use trump in your response right after I told you not to give me some orangemanbad bs. HOPELESS

    3. @Belly Dancer Em lol because I’m calling out cnns lies? Oh I think I understand now. Youre only 12 years old aren’t you? Yeah I’m done with your blatant stupidity. Bye bye. Have fun at the Bieber concert.

  3. The nursing home allegations are a lot more important than this. There are things a lot more important than this. This has gone too far.

    1. @blaseblah He didn’t kill them. I believe the allegation was that he intentionally didn’t count all their deaths as nursing home deaths caused by covid. Let’s compare apples to apples.

    2. @jewels24k he didn’t personally kill them, but his decisions were responsible for their deaths. It doesnt take rocket science to figure out forcing nursing homes to accept Covid patients would result in more deaths.

    3. Democrats don’t value life. The unborn, hah! The elderly, hah! They’re not allegations. Cuomo put COVID patients in with the elderly in nursing homes. I don’t think that’s even disputed.

  4. If I ever open a business all my partners and customers will be treated fairly. Bodycams will be mando.

    1. @Jennifer Rae why? Just because he thinks differently than you, that means he must live in a sad existence??? Lmao. People like you are what’s wrong with this country

    2. @Bill Blaskey the people that stormed the capital are insurrectionist all of them feed a lie by trump. He had his chance in court to provide all the evidence he kept claiming to have. He had 60 chances and couldn’t come up with squat

    3. @Bill Blaskey if the government lost legitimacy it’s because of trump and no one else. He worked for four years to dismantle our constitution and make us look weak as hell to the rest of the world

  5. I always question the timing of these allegations, purely political! Not that I don’t believe the allocation or not it’s always timing! It appears to be Paid political allegations! WHY NOW? Hummmm one is to wonder?

    1. @Scott Kitchingman Yeah well, these aren’t just any Republicans; these are Trump’s Republicans. And since when have Republicans given too farts about sexual harassment?

    2. You question the timing? I question the sanity of everyone. First you can’t kiss someone without asking or that’s assault, now if you ask to kiss that’s assault. So now you don’t know it’s unwanted till you ask but if you ask your assaulting someone.

    3. It’s been widely known he’s a womanizer and bully. Now that he’s under investigation for wrong doing, people feel safe to come forward.

  6. Sadly this is the type of man that pushes their way to the top. The aggression needed to climb to the governors position is likely to show up in other parts of their lives, power and entitlement do corrupt.

    1. You have to wonder how his brother got to be a top reporter at CNN…seems the family are very connected with the upper echelons doesn’t it.

    2. @ThyalwaysseekIt does not matter anymore. Cuomo’s age marks have been getting worse for years. It is time that we get both Cuomo brothers off TV, out of politics and most importantly, out of our lives. They have the most disgusting looking age marks that people could develop. Everytime I look at either Cuomo, I think what happened to them. They look like their face have been collalpsing over the course of their lifetime. It is truly disgusting and I hope we can at least get older Cuomo to resign.

    3. Yes they SURE DO, just got rid of the most CORRUPT POLITICIAN I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

    1. You kind of wonder what the motive is I’m a woman it’s black or white no Gray line between if somebody I think is inappropriate I’m going to stick them out right then and there people are going to know no disrespect but it’s hell no so I don’t understand why two years two months what’s these young ladies motives 15 minutes of fame it’s sad but the world is a very cruel place and everybody seems to be out for something specially if it’s Fame

  7. Kind of a bigger deal when you kill 11k senior citizens and lie about where their deaths occurred than some he tried to touch me B/S. So what!

    1. Don’t you see the connection? In both cases Cuomo tried to bully people into silence. He used his power like a club.

    2. @fineartist : Most definitely NOT a Democrat! All this ME TOO crap is getting old though, just making accusations with no requirement to back it up on anyone and everyone has got to stop. Doesn’t matter what party the accused is associated with it’s total nonsense either way.

    1. @Sam If she didn’t work for Cuomo, then he wasn’t in a position of power over her. Isn’t it legal for a man to hit on an attractive woman at a wedding?

    2. Yea, it’s not like he was touching women and kids and sniffing their hair like his pal Creepy Joe

  8. If making an awkward ill-advised pass at a younger woman at a wedding reception is a crime, then we’re going to have to build more prisons.

  9. I think these allegations should be looked into to know exactly what really happened especially for a man who does not have a history of such a behavior but anything is possible.

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