NYTimes: Trump Loyalists Plotted Against Trump 'Enemies' 1

NYTimes: Trump Loyalists Plotted Against Trump ‘Enemies’


The New York Times is reporting that, during the Trump administration, activists loyal to the former president tried to discredit members of Trump's own administrations views as disloyal 'enemies' to the then-commander-in-chief. We discuss with Katie Benner of The Times.

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    1. @Graphic design for Free False dichotomy. Trump represents the Constitution. The Left is anti-Constitution. First Amendment free speech – Haven’t you noticed? – The Left-controlled media platforms have been busy censoring conservative voices. They even censored the President of the United States! Second Amendment – They can’t wait until they make all gun ownership illegal. It’s a common move in all tyrannical dictatorships. Fourth Amendment – unjustified search and seizure of private property. The Giuliani raid comes to mind…

    2. @Maharajji NKB Mitch McConnell said: “There is no question, none, that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day”. And McConnell said: ”Jan 6. was an intensifying crescendo of conspiracy theories orchestrated by an outgoing president who seemed determined to either overturn the voters’ decision or else torch our institutions on the way out.”

    1. @Drakkenmensch Silverflare I agree 100% , mobster’s believe in loyalty BUT they also live by a code .. Trump lives by anything that benefits him 🙂 Sincere best wish’s moving forward .. have a good weekend . Zoe , Canadian neighbor

    2. @james you like Semion Mogilevich? Salerno? NY divorce coercion gang? Solntsevskaya Bratva?

    1. @Nathaniel Erskine You are looking in the mirror talking to yourself. Have you been injecting disinfectant?

    2. @Stacy Rarig you mean the one that keeps 18 vans on the road employs 25 men doesnt qualify for stimulus check because I make too much money my mentality is just fine

    3. @Stacy Rarig I always do because I’m not a lazy guy. If you’re interested in a 55 year old man that’s never been married has beautiful homes antique car collection has a good business hit me up if you’re not a monster

    4. @Sarah F 4.0 yep, my great grandfather died as a proud Antifa member fighting the Nazi’s.

  1. I think Liz Cheney has what it takes to pick off the people who went against her in removing her from her committees. They’re going to start quitting one by one or deciding not to run for re-election. Cheney is not without her own means of fighting dirty, and she is going to have them begging for mercy soon.

    1. Nicole Dennis Nope, she will be around longer than you think!!! Her constituents will vote her in again!!!!!

  2. And fight for a man who uses them. He never cared about the country or the people or the constitution. He never cared about them. He reinvented himself as a republican to hide his secrets and for his benefit.

    1. @Jean Knitter If you want prison visits to Mr Trump, you should change your name honey, Mr Trump doesn’t find ‘Knitter’ HOT.

    2. @RAS ML Trump said. . . CV-19 will be over by Easter. . .it’s a made up nothing burger by the Democrats, they stole the election from me. Trump University, Trump Airline, Trump Stakes and vodka and lets not forget his Atlantic City scams not paying union workers hiring scab. He has a HISTORY of being Sc_m bag and that’s being polite.

  3. When has Trump ever NOT recruited the fellow morally corrupt to go after his perceived enemies?
    Lifelong practice has made this a highly effective tool for the former White House dweller.

    1. @Ian Calleja please stop, your man lied about a phone call from a boycott leader talk about petty, he groomed you suckers with four years of bull****

    1. @Mike Davis not in America you mean ! Its all under communism now but don’t worry things r gunna be turned around very very soon, no ones gonna get away with cheating that much ! not even dementia ridden Joey Bribes & co !


    1. @keir farnum s
      I don’t buy that all. There has never been a more corrupt power than the democrat party. Start with soros. The scale of bribes, pay to play, voter fraud, using a CIA and FBI to stage a coup, even murder (Seth Rich) is beyond anything in world history.

    2. @keir farnum read the time magazine article about the money Facebook poured into election. Or Washington post reporting Hillary laundered Clinton foundation money to pay for dossier against trump

    3. @keir farnum no. In real estate in New York Trump would have met the mob. But Cuomo and every person in NYC would have met or done business with the mob. historically the mafia has helped countless politicians get elected.
      However, since Trump was not in politics he was not involved in such graft. Trump is not in for the money. He is trying to save the usa from obvious attempt of left to turn usa into a one party system and destroy the middle class.

    4. @Bruce Smith
      “Trump is not in it for the money.”
      Give me a minute.
      I’m not done keeping my sides from splitting.

  4. What does loyalty to this man even get you in return? Especially when he wouldn’t bat an eye throwing you under the bus.

    1. trump always keeps the bus engine rolling in case he wants to throw people under at a moment’s notice.

    2. @Phil M ; He had to bend over since he owed Putin money. He had to look the other way when the reporter was murder because he wanted an arms deal. Yep. Money over people.

    3. @Fifty-3 : Racism? Do you even know the meaning of that word? Calling a man who likes to fake tan an orange traitor isn’t racism. Are you even a citizen of the US or are you a foreign person getting paid to sow chaos?

    4. @Fifty-3 Only 47 miles of new barriers where none had existed were completed under Trump. At that rate, He would need a lot more than another 4 year term for you to see it completed.

  5. Still baffles me that so many will really put their careers and necks on the line to pledge loyalty to this guy, when every living creature on earth knows he _never ever_ stands by _anyone_ in _anything._ Not family, not party, not associates – _nobody._

    1. @Ramon Gonzalez says the drug smuggling Facist , who supports Facist Antifa and marxist BLM who loves burning , loot and murder…So when are you going to beaten up by a police in a Antifa or BlM riot and send to jail..???

    2. @Its Life & adventure
      You need some new talking points. That crap doesn’t work with educated people. BLM and antifa control nothing. Fascism is perpetrated by those with power against those without power.

  6. Hitler demanded pledging loyalty to him
    Trump is the same type of individual
    and his minions are mini Geobbles

    1. @josch : That is what happens when you are so crappy a businessman that you have to go to the biggest loan shark and that shark makes you do his bidding.

    2. For too long, I refused to think of Trump as a despot because he was so stupid, ignorant & inarticulate. Then his personal profit motives & wanton disregard for our country coupled with his demand for loyalty & ouster of anyone who opposed him came to light, and I had to realize it was obvious all along.

    3. @Daniel Amor : It is you who needs to go back to school. “During the Weimar era, the oath of allegiance, sworn by the Reichswehr, required soldiers to swear loyalty to the Reich Constitution and its lawful institutions. Following Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor in 1933, the military oath changed, the troops now swearing loyalty to people and country. On the day of the death of German President Paul von Hindenburg, the oath was changed again, as part of the Nazification of the country; it was no longer one of allegiance to the Constitution or its institutions, but one of binding loyalty to the Führer Adolf Hitler himself.” Are you even a citizen or are you a foreign author of chaos?

    4. @Nicole Dennis Wow, “Nicole”, eight years on YouTube, no uploads, no visits, no subscribers. You’re just a bag of Trump-slurping noxious gas

  7. They pledged allegiance to the oaf of office, rather than their oath of office. Every one of them are awful.

    1. The oaf is a fool but not as big a fool as those who think the oaf will ever return to the power of the White House. Most Americans don’t like failures and Trump’s presidency was just that. There is also something about attempting to overthrow the US Government that really puts a lot of Americans off. Who knew?

  8. It still astounds me to this day – how many members of the Republican party – I’m talking about rank and file voters are absolutely ok with this and then still have the nerve to call themselves patriots – it’s sickening

    1. @jx what is sickening is ur own leftarded nonsensical thoughts who is the one ignoring the constitution right now ? Oh duh could it be globalist puppet Bye-Done ??

    2. @Nicole Dennis How does anything you said make sense? Try saying something coherent and hold an educated conversation for starters. Please do add facts, not some conspiracies.

    3. @Nicole Dennis you are literally drowning in the kool-aid – there is no hope for you at this point …….

  9. Now would be a good time to have Paul Manafort testify without 5th available as to why he gave the data to the Kremlin.

    1. @Lance Thumel he’s already pled guilty by accepting a pardon. Hence he has waived his 5th amendment rights.

    2. @Lance Thumel once youve ACCEPTED apardon for your crimes n felonies,thats an admission of guilt ,and your 5th amendment rights are waived. And you can be forced to testify. Pay attention to the law,and maybe you will stop supporting criminals n traitors for your cult leader

    3. Right on! Have the criminals testify to the Criminal in Chief. It is time Trump finally faces all the consequences of his self entitled life. His 3 oldest children also. They are just as guilty of crimes.

  10. It still blows my mind how so many people decided to vote for a born wealthy narcissist with the assumption that he was going to work in any bodies interest but his own.

    1. @keir farnum the only inept dictator I can see at the moment is puppet Bidan ! Trying his best to take away the citizens constitutional rights, funding worldwide baby killing !! & funding the enemies of America yet doing absolutely nothing to help the American citizen ! ?? I could go on !! All I will say is Huge Election Fraud = Treason = Gitmo Firing Squad ! I cannot wait for sweet sweet justice to prevail !!

    2. @lapland123 the fact that your justifying communism and karl Marx is very disturbing! I think your the one who needs to do a little more research! If you’ve done your research and you still think it’s ok, there is something bad wrong with you!

    3. @Bwen Luck Satan traitor trump did that on January 6th he incited violence and said to his followers you better fight like or you will not have your country back and I will march win you and what did he do he bailed out on his followers and he left Vice President Pence and his family to die

  11. “Trump thought the FBI was out to get him.”—Sounds like someone had/has a guilty conscience.

    1. @Maharajji NKB Trump is a traitor to America. The FBI have not done enough to stop him. He is a criminal.

    2. @Maharajji NKB
      Comey helped put Trump in office. Strzok and Page were just expressing their personal opinions to each other; that’s not an agency wide conspiracy. But that’s typical Trumpian paranoia: if one person in an agency is against you, the whole agency must be complicit.

    1. His book dereliction of duty used to be on the must read list for army generals . He wrote it as a young O5

  12. That’s why Trump very comfortable with Kim Jung Un and Putin, they’re his consultants.

    1. All the world leaders Trump got along with were despots. All the world leaders Trump didn’t get along with were elected. That alone should have been a clue as to what to expect from Trump, the biggest fool to ever win the presidency and the latest to miserably fail as president.

    2. @John Swo I remember in 2017 when he wanted to hold a military parade in DC a la Kim Jong Un. If the sum of your ambitions is to imitate some of the most hated men in the world, don’t be surprised when people call you crazy, especially democratically elected leaders who actually know a thing or two about politics/history.

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