Fears Of All Out War As Israeli-Palestinian Violence Intensifies

With more airstrikes and rockets along with clashes in the streets and the threat of a ground conflict, there are growing concerns of all out war between Israel and the Palestinians. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Gen. Barry McCaffrey and Jonathan Lemire.
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  1. Can’t have a “war” between a US equipped Israeli military and tiny ill-equipped militia. It’s like Mike Tyson boxing a toddler.

    1. @Siegfried Furtwängler Knappertsbusch ‘defending itself’ ? The Palestinians were the ones defending themselves after Israelis stole their homes. You even inadvertantly admit you know this by acknowledging Israel took more land off Palestinians during the 6 day war. That is not ‘defending themselves’ now is it? It is attacking and stealing yet more land of a group they already had taken half their country from. How would YOU react if the same was done to you?

    2. @Siegfried Furtwängler Knappertsbusch You really don’t know anything about what is going on there do you? The Palestinians are not ‘selling’ their homes, they are being forcibly removed from them against their will, so they can be given to Jewish settlers. They are continuing this practise even knowing it is against internationl law.

    3. @Ki Po Take your false propaganda elsewhere, it doesn’t wash with people who actually know history and know what happened. Go tell the millions of displaced Palestinians that there ‘weren’t really any Palestinians’ before US and UK thought they had the right to tell Jewish people they were entitled to take Palestinians country and homes because the Bible said so.

    4. @Peace Hope Many countries do not recognize international law. Moreover, Palestinian is not a nationality, they are arabs. It is not black and white. Both peoples wish to live there.

    5. @Peace Hope I will let you know how I would feel after I fire thousands of missiles at someone and start a war I cannot win. Until then you may consider me someone who knows better.

    1. @Npc Dd1 destabilized a pipe line that wasn’t built yet?… LMFAO 🤣 Gas prices just rose because of Trump’s friends hacked Colonial pipeline… LMFAO.. ENJOY, unless you want Biden to commit a republikkkan sin and regulate Colonial pipeline to keep up to date on its cyber security???

    2. @CLUELESS JOE and yet Obama was the only president that I can remember who gave Israel the least amount of support. Clueless Putin puppet Trump is the worst president in US history.

    1. @Mr. T jarhead is a military grunt, Jared Kushner doesn’t have the balls for that

    2. As soon as Biden entered office, he immediately pushed Israel into making concessions with Hamas terror groups, restored funding to the UNRWA which supports Palestinian extremism, he restored $290 million dollars of aid to Palestine which will be used for terrorism like in these recent attacks. So Trump said no more US tax payer money to those who blow up our allies.
      2014 has horrible over there.

      We had 4 years of peace under Trump. And then….Biden.

      You do the math.

    1. @Russell Harris idk dems and republicans seem to find their common ground when it comes to Israel all the time. When it comes to America, however, they are all out against each other.

    2. @niemine 17 not true IDF attacked the mosque which started this despite what the state media tells you

    3. It’s all monodirectional violence. Israel is committing genocide and the American taxpayers are funding mass murder.

    1. @MTK True. Netanyahu and his extremist government started this by kicking out Palestinians from their lands that has been living there since the 50s, and giving those lands to extremist Israelis.

    2. @Dale Hauk They can support whoever they want. They are as free to vote for and support who they want, as are you. Why WOULDN’T they support HAMAS? They are the only ones defending them from Israels ethnic cleansing and violence. They voted for more moderate representatives before and what happened? They had even MORE of their land and homes taken from them, and family members murdered.

      You just admited you are a hypocrite and don’t think innocent civilians have a right to defend themselves if they support a political party that you don’t. You sound like you have an ISIS kinda mentality. Let’s put it this way. Around 40% of Americans voted for and support Trump- Does that mean they can be murdered with impunity and have their homes stolen from them and their kids bombed to pieces by people who don’t support him? No. So why do you think it is ok to do that to Palestinians? I have a feeling you would be the first one complaining if you were treated the way they are by Israeli government..

    1. @Gourd Lord There is only one reality. I suggest you find it before you instead find yourself on the wrong side of history in this age old battle of Good VS. Evil.

    2. OHH 1 MORE THING, forgot to mention, the time to pray 5 times a day and say Allah6 Akbar 5000 times . I sure don’t have that type of time. I have work to do and bills to pay..

    3. @Pete yeah the people being forced out of their homes are obviously the bad guys in this situation. If being against apartheid puts me on the wrong side of history from your viewpoint then I don’t really care.

    4. @Gourd Lord THey are not “their homes”, they are simply being evicted for not paying rent. They can live there or simply move up the street to someplace where rent is cheaper if they can’t afford it. Or here’s a novel concept, they can make enough money to buy and own their property then they wouldn’t have to worry about being evicted now then would they?

      Remember you are on the side of people who would blindly fire rockets into random cities over a property dispute. Killing innocent people that have nothing to do with the argument. Hamas just turned a property dispute where they were in the wrong into an all out war and they will suffer for it. I hope all of Palestine is conquered and becomes part of Israel’s territory.

    1. They got evicted legally, nothing wrong with what he said if i dont move in here someone else will.

  2. **If you aren’t careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”**

    ― Malcom X

    1. Copy and paste still works, good to know. Explain how this quote applies, I dare you.

    2. @KING MOOSE Everyone must go on their knees and pray to God to forgive our sins and to heal the world!> Look for> (Pray for the world and our nation)

    1. It’s gonna be WWIII of us Americans get in hope we don’t but if we do can’t wait because imma be their fighting man I cant wait to join the marines

    1. Then war is the answer just like 1967, “only the strong will survive, then the weak shall perish”

    2. @Marshall Miller your comparison proves your low intelligence. I hope you didn’t major on conflict management.

  3. Well we may very well see Armageddon in our life time! Well world you wanted to destroy one another, lets get on with it.

    1. Yeah, it’s looking that way. Armageddon or Gilead here in the United States. Autocratic Theocracy and civil war.
      I have plenty of juice and a rig to haul that fat tank of guzzoline!

    1. Those aren’t his people, they are converts. They’re blessing is over. They got land due to the Balfour declaration. Now if they aren’t the people, then who is?

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