1. Requiring proof of vaccination is commonplace, and is not the same thing as requiring a full medical record.

    1. @DAVID not really they remind me of rice so sick of rice sometimes we get meat when we find a floater in the river

    1. You don’t scare a darn soul, the mask isn’t for you dummy it is so you don’t potentially spread it to people who can’t fight it easily. Just dumb. Science will win in the end against you antimaskers and die hard conservatives.

    2. @Luke Smith LOL you like science? What about the science that shows cloth only stops 3 microns and bigger and covid is 1 micron …. Thats why it says right on the box that it doesnt stop the spread of covid , thats also why the CDC originally said masks wont do much of anything . Or are you one of those people that like to cherry pick what “science” they follow? Speaking of all this science that the media and govt love to talk about , why is it they have never shown any data what so ever to back up any of their so called ” science” ?

    3. @Kevin KuptzThe virus cannot survive on its own, but only in droplets. Mask easily stop those droplets. You act like a fool who thinks he can park his car in a space just large enough for him to walk through.

    1. ya just mail us our vaccine. trust us, we will take it. they should have faith in the mail-in system just like in the election LOL

  1. Guidelines aren’t laws, remember. Do what is right for those around you and for yourself; our state wisely lifted the mask mandates. We honor and follow the requests or requirements of local businesses when we frequent them. Risk of COVID deaths has not changed because they were very low to start with. Note that nobody is reporting on the change in risk status, and the CDC and Administration don’t touch on that either in their public pleas for us to keep masking, keep fearing.

  2. Notice how every time the “left” gives you a “choice” it takes away your actual freedom of choice?

    1. It’s ironic, Isn’t it? The same lefts that love calling everyone “Hitler/Nazis” have the same mentality as the Nazis. They have to hide their own bigotry by being bigots.

    2. You don’t have the freedom to infect others. That was decided in 1905, when the Supreme Court ruled that compulsory vaccination is perfectly Constitutional.

  3. Does anybody else just really hate when he gets into that kinda whispery voice, like during his covid address to the nation when he said “If we do our part”.

  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. He’s so funny.

    Edit yet States have been unmasked for months with no problems. It’s done fellas.

  5. Dear Joe, you have never been, will never be, and are not now in charge of my health. As for your mask, shove it. Maybe Jill will help you if you get confused.

  6. Funny: they called the previous administration dictatorial, but this administration has freed us.

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