Oath Keepers trial: Stewart Rhodes guilty of seditious conspiracy | USA TODAY


    1. @SayIrishWristWatch so you’re perfectly fine with the founders of blm stealing $10mil from the dumb blue haired upper middle class old white women? A crime is a crime is a crime no matter how you feel about it.

  1. Trump to Roger Stone..” Roger…Can you find me a fall guy for something I have in mind for Jan 6…You know..Not to bright …An eye patch would be entertaining.”

  2. Rhodes, genius that he is, got caught up in his own lies and conspiracies. He was using them to bolster his sense of self worth. All the while as his self esteem rose he lost sight of the moral ground and not unexpectedly fell back to ground in dishonor. A lesson for future little men hoping to build a life based on lies.

    1. He’s no genius. He’s a coward with a big mouth like his daddy, Trump. 20 years in Shawshank with the sisters will cure him. He’ll keep an eye out for them.

    1. Yeah, all 960 that have been arrested and/or charged are β€œfeds”. Anything to shift the blame and fit your narrative, right?

    2. Best part is that Trump sold them out. Trump did not go with them to the Capital even though he gave the insurrectionists virtual protection. Trump coward that he is went to eat McDonald’s burgers in a room full of televisions because his co-conspirators in the White House were worried it would expose them.

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