Obama Blasts Republicans Opposing Voting Rights Legislation

Republicans on the hill seem steadfast in their opposition to supporting any voting rights legislation. How will Democrats respond? Fmr. Obama aide David Plouffe and fmr. aide to Jeb Bush Tim Miller both join to discuss.
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  1. “We need to protect our Democracy and the Constitution”……if they were serious about that, protecting the integrity of voting would be a priority…

    1. @American Truth quick answers to your 3 questions though… 1)youve heard nothing of the red flag laws being pushed pretty hard for the last year or 2 by pretty much all dems (including biden in a recent speech), as well as a few RINOs? i cant fix that for you. 2)schumer, pelosi, nadler, gov cuomo, gov newsome, and most of the other dem congressmen ive seen speaking since about last october. 3)im not a republican, so i dont care what a lot of them say, BUT it could have a lot to do with the dems propensity to conduct witchhunts instead of real investigations (such as the russian collusion fiasco, which i listened to every minute of testimony, and was definitely nothing more than a witchhunt).

    2. @Dave Greco 1st) question you still didn’t answer. What red flag laws? Name just one. 2) none of those people you mentioned every said they wanted a vaccine passport 3) you still didn’t answer. Last you definitely are a Republican don’t lie. Everything you said has been right wing MSM

    3. @American Truth wow… you really have zero understanding of anything, lol. you very obviously have no idea what the red flag laws are, and you obviously pay zero attention to anything unless facebook tells you to. not sure how you missed the slew of dems talking about vax passports, too busy watching tv? playing xbox? no sense arguing with someone who has zero clue or facts about anything. again, have a nice life 👍

    4. @Dave Greco Wow once again another great deflect answer. You spent all that time writing that when you could have just named one red flag law you are talking about and you still didn’t answer the other other questions. So far you haven’t proved anything you said. You did do a lot deflecting and you did try lying about not being a Republican. So there is that
      Edit: Also we found out you don’t know what a coup is or what armed means but we did learn that you know your right wing MSM material that consists of just saying stuff and not proving any of it

    5. @American Truth lol. when you say “one red flag law”, you show that you have no clue what that means. im not going to try to teach you what it is, put your phone down and learn. again, you obviously dont know enough to have a conversation with, and im not going to fix your ignorance via text. lol, youre killin me here. AGAIN, have a nice life

    1. @GoldenAce Storm so when obama says the us postal service can be trusted you can guarantee he’s lying his balls off and that they know they are trying to steal the elections….

    2. @Gnarly Dewd and your evidence for this is? I mean we can make claims but that doesn’t make it the truth. I’m asking for evidence?

    3. @GoldenAce Storm well documented they received mail in ballots before they were even mailed and dead people and all sorts of fraudulent ballots have already been exposed fool.

    4. @Gnarly Dewd you call me a fool yet you continue to make claims? I ask for evidence actually evidence so far you’re saying things without any. Let’s not resort to name calling it only worsens things and helps nothing

    1. @TakingRainbowsBack ! it just means that the “enemy” is both strong as in capable of causing harm to you, and weak as in we can defeat them.

      Like whenever trump or the rest of right talks about AntiFa, BLM, Biden. They always present them as an evil force that wants to “invade your house” or “jack up your gas prices”. But then joke about how AntiFa and BLM are just snowflakes, and that Biden is a senile old man.

    2. @TakingRainbowsBack ! Yeah, what’s up with that? YT often removes my comments without links, too.

    3. @DancesWithBears Actually, some trailer parks these days are really nice. I toured one before purchasing a home, I was blown away by how nice some of trailers are inside! It really is incredible.

    4. @Neil Peart’s Purple Nose I live in a tiny home – less than 170 square feet total. Honestly, even a single-wide trailer would be as big as a mansion to me.

    5. @srgreeniii their ate republican run states that do mail in votes so are democratic states that do mail in votes like California. PROBLEM is all those states got their vote in on time,but 5 or 6 states said cause of covid they gave voters two more weeks to get the mail in votes .Out of all of our states all turned in votes on time except for those 5 states that broke the constitution.

    1. @Bigtimefirebreather okay. Wasn’t talking about who supports it, just that you have to be more specific than just saying you need this when really things are more complex than what you think. Like a backend database to verify and ensure that you are on a valid and approved list to do such action.

    2. @anthony rubio you realize not every state requires an id? How are you going to try and debate politics when you don’t even understand state government.

    1. @srgreeniii If you vote for a bill that you knowingly supports lack of voter integrity so that your party can have an advantage in Republican areas(because your agenda is anti-american) then you would be a traitor. And a lot of what the Democrats stand for is against this nations interests not just in theory or in the short term but facts on the ground and long term.

    2. @Orange Taco Well you’re using my talking points which is funny, because I’ve been the one saying read the bills for some months now. So why would you need the federal bill for elections? You do know its unconstitutional too right? Have you read the state bills that you are claiming you need this federal bill for?

    3. @J C unconstitutional? Really after claiming for months about election fraud you are saying something is unconstitutional. You’re funny, no it’s not where In the constitution does it say that. To give people more rights on election day and make it a federal holiday. Read

    4. @Orange Taco Well mr sock puppet troll I would waste my time with you but I’m not interested in dealing with crazy people today.

    1. @Skywind you do realize that most people are moving from blue states to red states because of the disastrous policies of liberal mayors and governors. The only problem is these people for some dumb reason vote the same way when they move to red states ruining those states as well. So I wish they would just stay in the blue states tbh

    2. @Catnipfumar Right from the get go your showing racism (Oreo, just like Candace Owens).

    3. Joe Marvelous think about what would happen if you sent in those three ballots for the same voter address. If you can’t figure that out, time to shut the f up.

  2. I’m sure he did lol he’s gotta do what he can to stay in the favor of the progressive dems since even they have said he’s not left enough

  3. Since when was needing an I.D to do something racist? Whenever I order an alcoholic beverage and they ask for my I.D should I shout racism?

  4. I want the DOJ to investigate Moscow Mitch & his wife. There was four recommendations for an investigation into corrupt action they were involved with.

  5. These guys need to get out when they’re done. Term limits too. Age limits. No lobbying. They seek only to divide.

  6. “No person shall… give, offer to give, or participate in the giving of any money or gifts, including, but not limited to, food and drink, to an elector…” Georgia legislation. It’s not just the ID thing that has people chaffed. It’s ridiculous lawmaking like this that seems aimed specifically at cities where wait times can be exceptionally long due to lack of polling places. And the political right’s opposition to mail-in voting, which was literally not a thing until the USPS was sabotaged by DeJoy (another Trump crony with conflicts of interest who bought stock in Amazon after being appointed.) Wish people would stop arguing in bad faith with the “democrats are the REAL racists, they think the blacks are too stupid to get an ID” bs. What about people who don’t know about the new legislation who don’t have a driver’s liscense? (Minorities are less likely to have one.) Any potential vote taken away for such petty reasons is not right. Anyway, that’s my 200 cents on the issue.

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