Susan Rice On The ‘Overdue’ Expanded Child Tax Credit

White House Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the extended monthly “cash money” child tax credit payments that will hit bank accounts on July 15. Amb. Rice says that President Biden’s goal is to make the expanded child tax credit “long-lasting.”
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  1. she was pretty clever turning her tiny little salary into $25 million she must know something

    1. @jerry sanders oh I know, I was surprised that was even leaked, we know insider trading through Amazon, Microsoft, Raytheon, Boeing, and others are the reason our politicians went from modest salaries to 7 and 8 figure lifetime wealth

    2. This administration is all a bunch of very corrupt self-serving criminals who are complicit in the total take down of our Country by playing on the desperation of those Americans who lost everything! They created the situation for just that purpose! They are making millions while most are/or have lost everything they worked their entire lives for. CCP play book is working for them if we don’t ALL wake up. SHE MAKES $25 mil for insider trading and doing her job as instructed…maybe! Hmm

    3. It’s called raking the dirty money after you leave office. Biden did it in 2017, raked almost $12 million in one year. Corrupt politicians are like gangsters, they will not touch the dirty money placed into accounts for them until they leave office (ie ‘the heat is off’). Joe Biden almost didn’t run for office in 2020 because of it, but he was promised his massive jump in income would not be questioned by the media.

    4. @Cold Beer yea Biden and his entire family are millionaires based ALL UPON HIS lifetime political grifting career. How does Even a 50 year senator become MEGA RICH on a government salary? He’ll claim oh I invested properly.. YEA RIGHT. That SOB hasn’t earned an honest dollar his ENTIRE ADULT LIFE post-Corn pop days. That goes for his dirty brother sons, daughter and wife and his best friends. All criminals by definition.

    5. @jerry sanders If you look at his tax returns, he pulled in almost $12 million in 2017 (the year he left office), and his shills try to say it was from book sales and speaking fees. 2018 and 2019 were also ‘very good’ years for him income wise. This was one of the reasons he did not want to run in 2020, but was guaranteed the media would not address it, and they haven’t.

    1. @SimpleGuitar Boris Johnson for one. See the vid last week. Had to have 50 police to walk from his front door to the car. 100 feet.

  2. If you look closely at the actual end result of most democrat social policies, they never produce the intended effect. But this time will be different, right? 🤣🤣🤣

    1. It will be different! I will have a new car paid for by our kind Government. 6 more years!!!

  3. How do people who don’t pay taxes get a tax credit? It’s not a tax credit. Stop calling it that

    1. @Joe McFibbin I agree but luckily if you make over a certain amount of money you don’t get this so

    2. Like the other guy said it’s “buying votes” that’s why they want voting effortless so their lazy constituents will elect them.

    3. @Christopher Jones maybe NAFTA is the reason a lot of people and small businesses hate Democrats….oh and the lockdowns they wanted to keep forever, but let Walmart stay open

    4. Governments have given people incentives to have children since at least Augustus Caesar. This is not new. I’m single with no children, there are all kinds of breaks for people with children!

  4. Yes sir!!! Gettin me a new ride. Let’s get this extended 6 mo years til I pay dat loan off.

  5. Imagine if people waited to have children till they can afford too…. Oh well, Dems doing what they do….trying to Buy votes.

    1. Well, some people do. They are called responsible parents or yiu might also title them as “racists” lol

  6. Yeah this isn’t a tax credit. This is keeping people from ever trying to better themselves. Why does the Democrats constantly want to help people that don’t even try to help themselves? If there is a silver lining, maybe this will drop abortion numbers.

  7. Welfare for babies. I thought we already decided this was a really bad idea when we stopped funding for 16-year-olds from having as many babies as they could to support themselves. Go ahead and screw our next generation. You all will be in the ground before the effects of this are really seen. Nice…..

  8. Isn’t this nothing more than an advance from next year’s child credit when you file your taxes? So fill out 2021 taxes in the spring and there’s a looming gap that needs offset because you already took half the credit this year?? If so, sorry, I’ll pass….how to opt out?

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