Obama Nat Sec Official: No Reason To Believe Trump Admin Has Plan With Iran | The Last Word | MSNBC

Ben Rhodes tells Ali Velshi that he wonders whether President Trump understands that the killing of Qasam Soleimani is an "act of war." He says that, to date, there's no clarity where the Trump administration will take the U.S. beyond this killing. Aired on 01/03/20.
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Obama Nat Sec Official: No Reason To Believe Trump Admin Has Plan With Iran | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @David Arango
      Funny how you repubs talk fair and balanced when the vast majority of you scoff at the mere mention of the massive amount of crimes trump has done.
      Come back when you’re REALLY ready to talk about reality. Inventing Obama into some massive criminal, while ignoring trump’s crimes… it doesn’t fly.

    2. showlogicprod He’s good for killing everything that he touches. “Everything Trump touches DIES”!!! Just like Rick Wilson said!!! Several failed businesses and bankruptcies!! How can any successful businessman have so many failed businesses and bankruptcies!!! Bankrupting a casino how is that really possible??? I worked at a successful casino “MGM Grand” that was and still successful 19 different properties. Because I can’t see a casino going bankrupt when the House has the advantage.

    1. @Christy Greathouse
      Well Ms. Greathouse, your disinformation doesn’t work on us that are informed.
      When Moscow Mitch agrees to allow witnesses and evidence to be presented. Then the articles will be sent. Remember how every republican was complaining about witnesses? They claim they wanted witnesses in the investigation phase of this Impeachment? Now when it comes to the trial phase they don’t want to allow ANY witnesses.

  1. You should not be in control of pressing the button if you are 70 yrs old and still need to use phonetic spelling

    1. Gudda Riley news flash: those of us who are 70 were not taught to spell phonetically. That is a fairly recent approach. My 8 year old granddaughter was taught this way. It comes and goes as a technique. So to reiterate, if you were 70; as I am, you learned to spell the old fashioned way, as it looks here.

    2. Gudda Riley However, The thought of Trump being near the idea of a nuclear explosion is terrifying. I guess we can be greatful that he didn’t wake up and decide to nuke Iran.😜 We should note that Trump did not bother to consult Congress. He thinks he is the emperor. We know better.

    3. Trump has no idea of the meaning of ‘phonetic.’ However, age has nothing to do with it – he can’t spell!

  2. the president is a thug and we’ll be lucky to have a country left to elect a next president – he likes to create a crisis and then attempt to be a hero – he is a loser and we will lose, too

  3. So a failed businessman with fake bone spurs and real ties to Russia is leading the U.S. on war. Republicans and MAGA are to blame for this. The Orange Toddler is being enabled.

    1. Jimmie Gonzalez Except his cult thinks he is their savior. Pathetic bunch of idiots. They should be on the frontline.

  4. What the United States did in killing the Iranian general is a terrorist act, there is no other word, now because of trump who is a dangerous person, he is at risk to its inhabitants and the world.

    1. @David Lafleche Because bin Laden was a terrorist. You’re not making any sense – nothing I said was hypocritical.

    2. @David Lafleche I don’t think you’re reading the OP correctly – the post claims the US committed a terrorist act.

  5. Was the Iranian 45 had killed fighting against an American invasion or occupation in the “Middle East”?

  6. “we have no clarity from Trump” – has anyone ever? on anything? The guy himself has no clarity on the very basics, let alone a strategy


  7. Trump has no clue how to negotiate anything. Trump only destroys deals like the Paris Climate accord, and the Iran Nuclear deal. Trump has no middle east plan, and his incompetence and recklessness may get us all in a world war.

  8. Compared to the other administration the difference in quality is abismal (take it as you want it youtube!)

  9. “The global reaction to the attack has revealed the US as increasingly isolated on the world stage.”
    “UK warns that a war with Iran ‘is in none of our interests’ ” — for example

    1. If you guys could see the bigger picture, trump knew exactly what he was doing and he anticipated that he wouldn’t get any aid fro other country’s. Well guess what, we don’t need aid, we aid everyone else so he can now use this down the line to withdraw from other foreign conflict. You guys literally will view anything he does the way you want to and never see the bigger picture while all you do is consume leftist media and don’t even attempt to associate with the right.

    2. David Lafleche you just admitted that Obama is the measuring rod by which trump guides himself. That’s called a role model. You owe Obama a thank you

    3. David Lafleche the war in Middle East is all about oil and resources and the doofus is gonna collapse this country

    4. @David Lafleche Obama expanded the 2nd Amendment while Trump has suppressed it. The only terrorists that I lose any sleep over are the ones in D.C..

  10. The killing of Soleimani has nothing to do with Iran per se, but everything to do with making impeachment look insignificant and being reelected.

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