Rocket Strikes Land In Baghdad, No Injuries Reported | MSNBC

Several rocket strikes have landed near Baghdad, one in the Green Zone near the U.S. embassy. No casualties or damage have been reported. NBC News' Richard Engel has details from Erbil, Iraq.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Rocket Strikes Land In Baghdad, No Injuries Reported | MSNBC


  1. Just had to undo everything Obama had did. The peace agreement was a start and comrade trump tore it up and killed thier number 2 in charge. But he allows Russia to cybor attack our countries election with no repuccussion. Putin still gets WH visits and secret meetings. I hope comrade trumps poorly educated loyal supporters Wake the F up.

    1. Right so we had an agreement that allowed Iran to blackmail the US into compliance, with the consequences being that not complying would result in Iran developing the bomb. Meanwhile democrats accuse Trump of being weak in compromising with North Korea over their nuclear policy. Hypocrisy.

    2. @RockSteadyMoment what lives? Iran was then and still the number 1 terrorist sponsored country in the world.

    3. @James Dunn yet you dipshits are siding with the #1 sponsored terrorist countries in the world. Dont ask why is Iran in Iraq.

    1. Biggus Dickus I think we’d be in world war 3 already had Hillary won. She sure talked about Russia a lot. We should count our blessings. In thanks I’ll offer you the song I came on here to share, I listen to it whenever disheartened by liberals and it gives me hope. 🙂


  2. Well , here we go….more war…thought the plan was to use deplomacy and eventually stop these endless wars….wasn’t it ??

    1. Aww….c’mon, – you don’t really expect someone who ‘suffers with heel spurs’ to fight, – do you?

    2. The idea is to maintain plentiful supply of poor and uninformed citizen that are disposable whom the government can pay to fight its wars.

    1. @Cristal Bruce We are all sinners. Technically speaking none of us are innocent. Only through the saving grace of God and the sacrifice on the cross we are purified from our sins. Still not innocent… But exonerated. Don’t be decieved please. We have all fallen short of God’s glory! We have all rebelled against Him at some point. Myself included. I’m a sinner. I’m in no way innocent. The Lord has mercy on those who love Him and REPENT though. God bless and happy new year to you.

    2. See how many of us are crazy😜.. for those… who are non-believers… ignore us… I’m pretty sure if you heard the mermaid.. was saving people ..a lot of people would not pay no interest ..or no attention to a comment like that.. Amen brothers and sisters you guys keep fighting the good fight.. and believe in the man.. who gave his life for us all ..amen

    1. @Robert The Bruce this guys is obviously a complete moron….. Trump loves the uneducated and the uneducated love Trump!

    1. Is Trumpsky or his Repulikans sending out for some popcorn, while the fireworks start over there, with or without nucs?

    2. @Gene Viève I went to the grocery store for more popcorn and they were all out! Apparently I wasn’t the first to this idea..

    1. You have kids serving? We have a all volunteer military and a very small number of patriots actually make the commitment and enlist.

    2. Lana Kahl 😂🤣🤣ROFL your in for a rude awakening. To be honest I thought the same thing about Obama!

    1. @New Blue 2 …do not under estimate Islam as it pushes into the West. Already it has found a HOME with Democrats and with open Borders making the US is an easy target. Under the Democrat Flag it will make the transition unimpeded. Soleimari found the establishment of Islam CELLS in other Countries so easy as Liberals embrace freedom of their Enlightenment Philosophy. The Islam Religion accepts no one who is not of Islam.

    1. @T H Johnson sent the first troops into Vietnam. After Kennedy’s assassination, before that we had advisors over there.

    2. @T H We have been terrorists all over the world since WW#2 Because the MIC dictates our foreign policies

    3. @Patricia roe in 53 Mcarthur sent planes and troop transports in at the French forces request. In ’54 CIA sent in an additional 24 pilot’s. In 56 Eisenhower sent in Troops to Train South Vietnamese Forces. 1959 saw the first American Casualties.

    4. Left: wait, what does enlist mean? I’ve never heard that term. Oh wait, doesn’t that mean the Army Sailor-men people do stuff with the flying machines and the scary guns?

  3. I watch this footage of our troops mobilizing with a heavy heart, knowing that some of those faces wont be coming home to their families

    What an incredibly irresponsible decision to start this conflict.

    1. @Vic Someone You leftists are just too much, always jumping straight to worst case scenario doomsday paranoia.

    2. @Jagger Lux Trump pulled the trigger and has been goading and starving Iran since he stole the presidency. He started this thing all right, there is no whataboutism here. America is a terrorist organisation and you guys vote for it every time, well the reckoning is upon us all now. Thanks ‘murica, now sod off and worry about feeding your own poor and helping your own sick instead of leaving poor people to die. America is the definition a rogue state.

    3. I don’t feel one bit bad for those military members, especially those who joined the military during the Trump regime. They knew what they signed up.

  4. I hear Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka support the war effort by collecting money for the troops. Oh wait, “for the Trumps”.

    1. People seem to conveniently forget that happened,and not that long ago either, then they had to go to court and were ordered to attend a course on how to not rip charity’s off. Also the trumpy family are banned from running a charity in new york ever again lol 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  5. My thoughts and prayers go out to the innocent citizens of Iran who are caught in the cross fire of this political mayhem.

    1. Marlena Forbes-Reidy
      I’m sorry. I wasn’t saying they don’t do anything. I agree with you. What I am saying is to also take action along with prayer. I just want to make that clear.
      I could have written that comment a little bit clearer. So once again I meant no offense and sincerely apologize if I did offend you.
      God Bless my friend.

    1. @CAVKING19DELTA TEXAS Hi Troop. I’m an old Cav man too. 19K4H-A8. I see the Cav is still in good hands. Scouts Out!

    2. Carl Spackler I will be sure to tell my dad. I myself am the son and nephew of cavalry soldiers

    3. @Average Joe …with an average IQ makes for a very average comment. Islam hate Atheists and Homosexuals and now they have made their HOME with Democrats, it will not be long once Democrats take over Congress for the US to become ISLAM. The Democrats with open Borders will see an influx of Middle East, African Workers and Goat herders all seeking a piece of American PIE. So average Joe get your Quran and prayer mat ready.

    4. You dumb. An HVT presented himself outside his AO and TRUMP terminated him. Happened 536 times during Obama administration.

  6. It’s easy to Start sh*t when you’re in a Safe place, And your love one’s are all home Safe and Secure, But what a bout the Safety of others, That are in the middle of your Madness ! 🤢

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