1. @Buster Masten care to state what specific law or laws are being broken that leads to corruption and the government not representing the people?

      I’m betting you can’t name one actual law.

    2. @Cenn Jonson I suppose if a presidential candidate’s campaign chairman gave a foreign adversary’s intelligence services sensitive detailed polling data on swing states like WI, PA, and MI and then said campaign and the foreign adversary used mirror image voter suppression campaigns in those swing states, maybe resulting in a 19% decrease in black voters in Wisconsin alone, I guess it could be conceivable that the candidate working in harmony with a foreign adversary and using as many as 5,000 data points on each of the voters identified for “dissuasion” in those state with member of the national political party Cambridge Analytica and Facebook itself in the same room doing the same job, we might – I repeat MIGHT see something like a 70,000 vote margin win over the totality of those 3 states, maybe 10,000 of Wisconsin’s 4+ million voters could be swayed if Facebook ads can really be targeted to an individual (they can).
      IF all of that can happen (it did) someone like TRUMP INc/MR PUTIN could actually get elected.
      Banish the thought. NO way!

    3. @Buster Masten and do you honestly think politicians using inside knowledge to trade stocks is actually fine and should remain legal? Only a super tiny minority of pro establishment extremists think that. Most support outlawing this obviously corrupt practice. The fact you don’t and think things are fine is highly suspect.

    4. @Vicki Daniels I just got done reading a peice that gave the filing numbers,or the state clauses…they have inacted. I suggest yourself look into them . People in Georgia can be charged with a crime for handing out water or snacks to people in line at the polls.
      In Iowa and Kansas people can face charges for assisting voters with disabilities. Returning their ballots for them.
      In Texas election officials could face prosecution if they encourage voters to request mail in ballots.,and or reporting harassment from poll watchers.
      Texas enacted SB1 omnibus legislation that burdens Latino, black,and Asian voters, and makes it harder for those who face language barriers, or have disabilities, and stop harassment from poll watchers.
      And bans 24 hour drive through voters.

  1. ever since Citizens United from SCOUS we became a government for the corporations by the corporations. if we happen to elect someone who truly represents us wait until 1 of the 500 lobbyists from K St. gets their hooks into them or they start worrying about their stock portfolio.

    1. @Bill McCaslin which explains why you are paying more for your car, radio, computer and cellphone, Thanks Trump. BTW while he was doing that, his daughter was receiving patents from the Chinese Government to produce items in China to be sold in the USA by a company she owns which is a subsidiary of Trump’s own company.

    2. @Bill McCaslin trump did not put the ppl ahead of corporations… you lost me there… he played on racial wedge issues… the forgotten ppl of America? Who might that be? Middle class? They weren’t put into a better situation under trump… he allowed companies to open back up without regulation and that freed up jobs… risking another flint Michigan because they aren’t being regulated as they should be because when given the chance they will cut corners to save a buck which they never pass on to us, the only thing they pass to us is a ruined piece of land and inflation

    3. @Bill McCaslin Fascism is far-right ultra-nationalism and authoritarianism. How many democrats are saying the US should close its boarders and the election should be overturned?

    4. @sammyshott23 Fascism is far right on a socialist spectrum and Communism is far left. Funny enough, that is where Canada seems to be going by taking over the country’s crypro market. Thankfully, there is a rifle behind every blade of grass in this country so it keeps everyone in check.

    1. @ColorMeOakland we have to shift the mindset of minorities blaming whites for every problem in their lives. how does that happen ?

    2. Very true. It all comes down to voters. Either We, The People are willing to fight for it or we don’t. It’s that simple. It’s up to voters. I will vote for democracy.

  2. There is absolutely nothing normal about Marjorie. There’s nothing normal with accepting lies. There’s
    nothing normal about sitting back and allowing those lies to be told and spread as if they were more than lies. For the Sake of US all. This must be stopped.

  3. She’s right but the only I disagree with is our democracy being gone in 10 years. The way things are going now, if there’s no positive change, It won’t last 5 years. And I’m being generous.

    1. @RJCHOICE I’m not being mean here, just that comment was extremely volatile over quite a few lies. Chill with the racism, misinformation, and outright hatred. That is not going to win anyone over. :/

    2. @Shawn Hartmann so you’re saying it’s just a crazy coincidence the gas was highest when Obama was in office, dropped to all time low while Trump was in office, the doubled within a year after Biden became President? Shutting down a pipeline in America did not help us in anyway!! One of Biden’s first act!! Anyway, if gas was high during Trumps time as President you know you’d blame him!! Just like they blame Trump on Covid deaths even though more people died while Biden was in office!! Come on man!! I’m not joking!

    3. @Keith Thorson Yeesh, get at least one thing right, would you?

      Biden did not “shut down” ANY pipelines. At all, not a single one.

      Gas wasn’t higher, it was lower in 2015 and 2016 than at any time during Trump’s single term.

      Regarding C19, no. More people died under Trump during the 11 months he had remaining before we fired him for incompetence and malfeasance than in the 12 months Biden was in charge since you math haters started that silly rumor.

      Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, but somehow you conservatives manage to consistently beat the odds. Kudos.

    4. @PrinnyCast
      Just because you don’t like what I posted does not make it a lie.
      At least give an example. quote me. where was the lie?

    1. @sit on me please

      It’s not about economics it’s about power and control wether it’s AOC and the squad, white liberals, hollywood celebrities, the fake news media, the Democrat party, and SJW’S wanna embrace a socialist communist agenda in America then they all need to leave this country and go move to China or some other communist country.

      Because socialism always fails and it destroys lives and that’s why people in communist countries flee socialism and come to America

    1. I think Hillary singlehandedly did that on her own. Hacking a sitting US president was quite the feat for the ideologue

    1. I think that the majority does want democracy, as long as it’s not too much trouble.
      I have three (many more than that, but I’ll spare you) thoughts on the matter:
      #1) Many of us would like to see real democracy, just not this watered-down corporate/billionaire controlled version that we’re allowed today. And this group is willing to seriously work and sacrifice for it.
      #2) If 25-30% of the citizens push for Fascism and sufficient numbers of the rest of the citizenry either ignores the push or caves to in to the aggression, the Fascists win.
      #3) The middle and upper middle classes are known to be single issue “Wallet Voters” and always look for the candidate most likely to bring them more wealth. They couldn’t care less about who foots the bill for their wealth increase either.

    2. @Dmitriy Steps  agreed. They install folks all because they promised their very short-sighted goals. Then SUPRISE the same leaders line their pockets and abuse power. I see a generation of adults that have no idea the power they weld. They see the Boomers retiring with golden parachutes and they want their’s as well. We Gen-X who went through hell are shaking our heads saying “this can get so much worse”.

    3. @M C Smith  yepper. Wallet voters drive me nuts. I’ve called out several. I think we’ve had time to prove trickle down doesn’t work. The money is hoarded and sent offshore. I think you reach a certain amount of wealth in your life; you spend more time managing that wealth than enjoying it. Capitalism is good, but it can spiral out of control.

    4. @M C Smith  democracy is “trouble”. It is hard work. It’s loud and messy. Have you heard the saying “the best agreements are usually the ones both sides don’t like”? What’s been lost is the sense of compromise for the sake of our Union. Meanwhile, the elites are lining their pockets as the ship sinks.

  4. Yes! It’s very scary that one Congressperson doesn’t know the difference between gazpacho and gestapo. How many others are making our laws who are equally as ignorant (dictionary definition).

    1. No Amount of Evidence Will Ever Persuade an Idiot. — Mark Twain Marge TG is a posterchild for borderline personality disorder.

  5. We don’t have a democracy now and haven’t had a democracy for the majority of our history. How long was it before women got the vote? How secure and complete has the vote ever been for people of color? We have a minority with a lot of money changing laws and threatening to simply overturn elections. If we want a democracy, we need to get it back.

    1. House of Representatives – where the laws are made. Populist, fast turnover, elections every two years. Number of representative proportionate to population of their state. Wyoming has 1 Congressperson, California has 53.

      United States Senate – Where the laws are debated and passed. The great deliberative body that represents the STATES. Senators serve for 6 year terms.
      Individuals already had their voice in the House and the entire population of a state is represented by 2 Senators. Wyoming has 2, California has 2. 300,000 Republicans in Wyoming have as much say as 10,000,000 Democrats in California do. Each state is equal.

      The electoral college is an abomination remaining from slave days, the filibuster is not needed because 300k WY-GOP are already equal to 10m-CA-DEM
      Partisan Gerrymandering should be punishable by death.

      PLease, before you make disparaging remarks about the greatest representative democratic republic in the world, know what you are talking about

    2. Your Supreme Court judges sitting there for decades is also spectacularly dangerous to democracy, and so, so, so many other things in your system.

    3. @Ver Coda A court where the judges are appointed by the President = banana republic. The USA isn’t democratic enough to meet the criteria European countries must meet to be members of the EU.

    1. @Linda Neilsen *trumpleThinSkin’s CRIMINALITY and Crimes Against Humanity:*
      – Emoluments, Profiting from the office.
      – Conspired with a foreign nation to swing the election. trump is the unindited co-consprirator to felony campaign finance violations.
      – Extortion of Ukraine president
      – Obstructed justice to cover up said conspiracy.
      – Endless failures to carry the duty and dignity of the office.
      – used insecure communication devices
      – Possible blackmail of several senators and possibly a Supreme Court justice?
      – Instigating RACIST attacks (Advocating Violence and Undermining Equal Protection Under the Law)
      – Abusing the Pardon Power
      – Hired illegal immigrants for decades
      – Witness Tampering, and Sharing State Secrets with Foreign Powers, Using Presidential Office to illegally attack Private Companies…
      – Human-Caused Climate Change DENIAL
      – Money Laundering, tax evasion
      – Accusations of rape and sexual assault
      – Directing Law Enforcement to Investigate and Prosecute Political adversaries for improper and unjustifiable Purposes
      – Undermining the Freedom of the Press
      – Violated Campaign Finance Laws
      – Cruelly and Unconstitutionally imprisoning Children and their Families in American Concentration Camps
      LOCK UP trump

    2. Baloney. If we were really the authorian state you fear, you wouldn’t be posting on youtube out of fear of the secret state police. So please take your fear-mongering and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    3. @missusri Your lockdowns have doomed this country more than Jan 6th. What do you think these kids are going to say when they realize just how hard they were screwed in 20 years?

  6. We must take the special interests out of elections and politics. Small donations from citizens only. Take the big cash out, stop the rich and powerful from ruling the average citizen!

    1. @Mitchell: Pelosi is one of the rich and powerful. She is ruling like a tyrant. She does not follow proper protocol.

    2. And like in many other countries, donations made only to the party, NOT to any individual politician

    3. @Linda Neilsen I’m all for punishing politicians no matter what side of the isle, if you can prove they committed a crime. It is not wrong to be wealthy in this country. The only crime the wealthy are committing is the absence of paying their fair share of the tax burden. Where does it say the democrats (working class) have to absorb the majority of the tax burden?

  7. There’s one way we can make sure competent people get into government by making them take a common civics exams what kills me is how many people in Congress don’t know how the government the job they have works but they’re always quoting a constitution they’ve never read

    1. @Bruce Day Funny how you start with coherent arguments, but end up cherry-picking on one side while ignoring the turbo-nutjobs on the other side, like that Marjorie Taylor, Lauren Boebert, and the many other crazies.

    2. @Bruce Day In all seriousness, do you not see how close the Republicans under Trump came to destroying this republic? The end game of the big lie, the coup attempt, all of it. How can you deny it was a breath away from becoming a tyrannical, unelected government? Leave the YouTube hyperbole at home and answer me honestly, if you’re able.

    3. @Garth Wright And the Dems want a popular vote election that would destroy the Republic. They also cheered on their hyenas as they targeted federal buildings and politicians during the summer of love that has also strained the republic to the point we are in a cold civil war. If Trump runs I wont vote if Desantis runs Im voting for him. If he were to choose Gabbard as his running mate you will get at least 12 years of the GOP.

  8. We could lose our foundation sooner than ten years, could being the operant word. Wake up, wise up and do not fear doing the right thing in our hour of need.

  9. This democratic country has existed for almost 250 years. To believe that the democracy will disappear in my lifetime is very scary and depressing.

    1. It all comes down to voters. Either We, The People are willing to fight for it or we don’t. It’s that simple. It’s up to voters. I will vote for democracy.

    2. She’s not right, she is frustrated that nobody takes her seriously because she is straight up stupid and has a record of saying the dumbest things on record we’ve ever heard.

  10. A small group of wealthy ppl in my state are looking to divert funding from public schools to private schools. The citizens of Michigan won’t get to vote on it if they get their way. This is a prime example of how we are being ruled rather than empowered to choose.

    1. What is wrong with having the funding follow the student? I assume this is what you are referring too. If I want to send my kid to a different or private school, why shouldn’t the money designated for my child, go to the school that I choose to send my kid too?

  11. As a student of Political Science, I am beyond anxious that we’ll be able to keep our democracy as we now know it.

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