Ocasio-Cortez calls out Kamala Harris after speech on immigration

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) criticized Vice President Kamala Harris' speech in Guatemala where she told potential migrants "don't come" to the US.

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    1. Like :
      You will be welcome once Trump is out of office
      Do not come after Trump is out!

      CNN is a SHAME!


  1. Jim visited the border and you can look at his line questions and demeanor he knows it is out of control and it happened under this Administration. There was nothing inhuman about building a wall nor having the “stop in Mexico” rule for they could state their claim. What is inhuman is allowing the folks to continue on a journey where kids are abandon or die. I really hope we as the US is not buying this publicity stunt. If the US really want to fix the issues, having the same issues they are trying to address there is happening here in the US; start here at home. Fix home and then, only then, help these countries become independent. Outlets want to speak about Trump policies but then why were there a protest against her visit with signs of “Go home”, “Trump Won”, etc. You wont see that on this channel. The folks there knows this was a stunt too.

  2. These police officers are getting beside themselves, to the point,wherein as; they’re even threatening their beat up their own parents. Is this what we pay taxes for. The government is training these kids to be disrespectful to everyone, except the commissioner. Why? Because they have authority? Smh

  3. “But how can the US possibly solve all those problems it helped create?” Yeah, dude, it might be hard. So much easier to destroy things, right?

    1. These countries created their own problems- US makes the mistake of always getting involved and taking sides. The main alliance is US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand- These five run the Planet. Eg They allowed Russia to be Democratic by offering capital incentives; plus allowed China’s economy to grow by buying Chinese goods and facilitating Chinese goods to eg the EU and British Commonwealth. They control middle eastern oil, by offering them military support. And of course helped Japan rise, in return for Japan to drop it’s imperial ambitions. USA doesn’t boast, but it decides the planets direction on practically every issue.

    2. @MikeGamerGuy Visions of sailors pushing helicopters off into the ocean. That sort of thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    3. @Jerrell Bevers It’s a never-ending story, not just in the USA. Why did Trump do business with the Saudis, even though he knew that not only terrorists come from there, but the Saudi government saws journalists to pieces and slaughtered them? It is not the politicians who rule, only the money and the greed for it.

    4. @Jerrell Bevers Bush is an idiot. He didn’t have to take out a country to take out Osama bin Laden. He wanted to make a show of punishing someone for the evil act of 9-11 that destroyed 3000 lives, and punishing only those who were responsible for it, wasn’t enough. It should of been. Instead he used it for an excuse to start 2 land wars in Asia, and loot Iraq.

  4. “You gotta deal with the root causes”.
    It’s sad when you know what to do, but don’t do it for your own people first.

    1. @Adam Taylor stop messing the internet up with your soooooooo doltish comment of a 8 year old

    2. The Democratic Party is working on just that. How about getting off your butt and voting for them next time.

    1. @Lukewarm Enthusiastkamala Harris passed the most progressive bills there only 1 left party and there all jokes like aoc vote present for capital police get 2 billion look at there actions don’t be fooled by words

    2. @David Not a fake divide. I understand where you are coming from, for example both parties are highly complicit in crony capitalism etc. But ideologically there definitely exists big differences between parties.

    3. @Sir Fred Evans lol you wish…
      …that AOC lashed out @ VPKH?

      I suppose it’s a wish come true, then.

  5. I love how the people there even hate here telling her to go home and she isn’t wanted haha

    1. @sem2006fr If you take off one little letter…that being the last e in the word here, the post of Ryan Burkett makes perfect sense. Try it.

  6. When 🇺🇸 will resolve the homeless situation and creat a system that would prevent future homeless people, 🇺🇸 may turn their head into someone else’s issues.

    1. @S T there are millions of jobs out there and most people doesn’t want to work, this country spoiled people so much with unemployment and some other benefits so they don’t have to work, and this is a fact, I know companies trying to hire people and the answer from people is NO. They’re having the time of their lives, going to beach,traveling, mall shopping while government deposit money in their accounts and load food cards weekly.

    2. @Jame isom well 👏🏽 said 👏🏽. If people would just stop and say what if that was me or my family. When did people stop putting themselves in other peoples shoes? People these days are lacking love, compassion, empathy and sympathy.

    3. @J Guzman so my taxes I put into when I’m working isn’t MY money? Stop the ignorant spew. We didn’t know a PANDEMIC was going to happen. That money is mine! How about you spew that ignorant talk to corporations that can’t even pay a living wage 🤦🏻‍♀️

  7. The Congressman didn’t advocate for technology to be used to safeguard the capitol.

    Guess walls work when it comes to their offices but technology like drones works for the border.

  8. Alexandria, we cannot take them all. We need to help fix the problem there so they don’t come here

    1. People like you are the reason we are in the hole. It’s not our problem, we don’t need to fix it. We need to stop border crossings and fix our homeless problem before we can even begin to help other countries. We are trillions in debt, a lot of people feeding off of the government. We have way more problems that need immediate attention.

    2. @Buddy Bonin because it isn’t America’s job to install governments in to replace other governments in other countries? That’s invasive and an act of warfare. Here is a list of socialist programs that you are welcome to mock! Libraries, public schools, fire departments, the police, churches, all charity organizations are essentially socialist!

    3. @Smg it’s people like you that claim “we should take care of our own first like the homeless before we consider helping other countries” then turn around and demonize socialism!

  9. This is what happens when you use beautiful words to make it sound more humane… sooner or later you’ll just have to make it CLEAR and concise.

    Might as well just be clear and straight forward from the start.

  10. That reality really hurts but it’s the truth, plus agents are overwhelmed and may have a lot of oops.

  11. Remember AOC’s performance at the border regarding the conditions and ‘humanity crisis’?
    Like Biden and Harris, she hasn’t visited the border.
    The Democrat’s level of hypocrisy can’t be adequately measured.

    1. Truth has been spoken. I think if AOC stays in house longer she will infect this country

    2. @SAILESH RAWAT She is the reason for ALL of it.
      Every problem can be traded back to a women in the power.
      Remember what the EVE did??

  12. My mother migrated from Honduras, and to sit there and say “don’t come” is like saying “don’t survive “ smh my mom loved Ronald Reagan because he gave immigrants asylum so my mom was able to work a regular job after she got her green card from the asylum she received from president Reagan and now her son in 2021 now runs a multi million dollar business… who would’ve known lol

    1. CORRECT…..”do not come” is a very clear message to not attempt to enter America illegally. Nice try gomer.

  13. @7:30 “…where evidence shows that ppl
    are smuggled through @ border entries.”
    That’s awesome! Lawbreakers breaking the law only @ designated spots & in front of law-enforcers!
    Go go gadget border protection!
    Otherwise, coyotes may have to resort to dropping toddlers down a 3Øft wall.
    (that’s okay; not all of their bones have
    hardened, so they’ll just bounce…right?)

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