Senate report cites security failures on January 6, omits Trump’s role

A new Senate report reveals previously unknown details about the stunning security breakdowns ahead of the January 6 US Capitol attack, including a finding that the US Capitol Police's main intelligence unit "was aware of the potential for violence" beforehand.
Among the failures was an inability by intelligence officials to tie together a swirl of troubling internet chatter leading up to the riot and a reliance on using past, non-violent Trump rallies in security planning.
There are also several glaring omissions in the report including any examination of Donald Trump's role in the riots, raising questions about whether lawmakers, in their quest for bipartisanship, exposed the limits of a Congress divided and unable to agree on certain truths, particularly those related to the former President's actions.
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  1. Now that we know how it happened and who got tossed under the bus. The real question is , WHO started it?

    1. @BWolf i know you are. ALL magas are low information. its your bread. and racism is your butter.

    2. @Nuts Flexington There were thousands of Trump supporters that were stranding outside the Capitol Building peacefully and waving their flags. Not everyone was on a mission to enter the Capitol Building.

    3. You idiots say Trump said something that caused a riot, but ignore the FACT that HARRIS BIDEN caused the crisis at the southern border by eliminating Trumps stay in Mexico plan that Mexico agreed with!

    1. HELP!!! If you really support Pres Trump, kindly donate $500 now. I believe it will default to monthly donation to $1,000 after the first month. SO EASY, you do not have to do anything, just make sure you have enough funds. Thank you!

    2. @Jack Tryin Why are you playing the role of of middle school English teacher when you have no concept of punctuation or syntax? Just stop trying so hard.

    3. @savannah505 “Tried to impeach Trump the first time for a phone call to investigate Biden and his son for dealings in the Ukraine, even after Biden admitted on video twice that he would withhold money if they didn’t fire a prosecutor *looking into his son’s dealings.*”

      That is a false statement. Don’t take it personally. It’s not your fault. You were lied to. You believed the lie.

      The prosecutor who was fired was investigating dealings with Burisma that occurred two years before Hunter Biden joined the board. That investigator, and his office, briefly looked into Hunter Biden, but dismissed him from any investigation because he was not with the company during the timeline in question.

      So there was absolutely no personal ” quid pro quo.” The firing of the prosecutor had nothing to do with Hunter Biden. Neither Joe Biden, nor Hunter Biden, stood to gain anything at all from the firing of the prosecutor. That has been looked into and established by both US officials as well as Ukrainian officials. In other words, it’s a great big nothingburger.

  2. The capital in DC should be one of the most secure buildings on earth. For anyone to get into the building on January 6th it must have been a setup.

    1. @darena12 you have zero evidence that all the people arrested were from a certain group. you got onto a bandwagon and have no idea where it’s headed. follow your shepherd and don’t get out of line.

    2. Hey guys,remember when the BLM movement burnt down American cities not too long ago?🤔

  3. We need to cut the pay and the perks in half for all of congress and the senate. I would seem they are treated to good and cling on to their seats even tho they are worthless.

    1. So many of the senators come in plenty wealthy. It’s their access that is of value for them, so cutting salary wouldn’t change a thing.

    1. @Vernon Hendrickson the fact that he used the term boomer tells his true age. There is no way he was a ranger and still under 30. No one over 30 uses the term boomer. It’s played out and about the most ignorant try at an insult that I’ve ever heard. 🤣🤣

    2. @Good Stuff from David Paul 🤣🤣🤣wow. You are completely ignorant. Nazi material? Really? You do realize that BLM, a democratic supporter, and antifa, democratic supporter, literally live by the nazi playbook. Did you graduate high school? I shouldn’t ask that. It’s easy to pass school and college nowadays.

    3. @keir farnum oh and I’ll do what I want. That’s the beauty of America. You might learn what rights are one day but I doubt it.

    1. AOC 2 buildings away has PTSD but the people NW with literally fires everywhere nah it’s okay in the name of democracy

    2. Democrats got caught cheating big-time, they found thousands and thousands of ballots that were from a copy machine and pre-filled out. Five states so far are doing a forensic audit, looks like Joey is going to be thrown out of the White House

  4. Simple. Everyone knew about the rally. Everyone knew about the protest. It’s ridiculous that the capital police did not prepare.

    1. @Shaman 96 you’re deluded. It isn’t obvious you have zero evidence and major figures in rightwing organizations were implicated. As far as both sides go that wasnt referencing the capitol at all. At the capitol it was pretty one sided. The GOP is literally blocking an investigation

    2. @Angel Hart there were doors being broken down. Not every officer cooperated. We have it all on video, some of it livestreamed

    3. @99.6% Survival Rate Here’s a basic reason why our world is fucked up……Humans, as a whole, have forgotten how to look and listen versus see and hear, there is a difference between the two. The term stop and smell the roses comes to thought 💭.
      Humanity has also lost their power of discernment… differentiate between light and dark. In our current time, the consensus of a group of people is, what’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong……The natural order of our reality is out of balance.

    4. @Daniel Hicks Evidence 😆. Let me explain something here …………….🤨🤔It was once explained to me that there is no coincidence that the eagle and hawk have been used as symbols for great and powerful nations…..they are birds of prey. An Eagle has a left wing, a right wing and a brain that controls both the left and the right how can an Eagle fly straight when it’s wings are being pulled from left to right? There really isn’t any difference between the left and right, only the rules that exist on their ball courts. We are spending too much time yammering on about farr right this, Far Left that, and which side people choose to adhere to or not, versus being concerned about what matters and that is The Law of Free Agency. I remember Orwell saying that the people would rather enjoy and embrace their slavery, actually love it …… welcome to the great reset. Everyone wants to believe in a great utopia, but that is not possible in this reality, only an illusion of it.
      Just look at what those dark masters are doing, using a flu strain to dictate how you flow based upon your obedience. The masks are a symbol of a muzzle and your muted identity. In order to flow you must, mask, test, be traced, snitch and vaccinate, only then will you have access to limited Privilege……. Might as well get on your knees, submit and Obey. Is this the kind of life you desire?

      Please do not come at me with the idea that you think that you know something, because you don’t. Look and listen and you obviously do not.

    5. They did prepare. they were lining the walls of the capital with their phones out recording everything

  5. When are some of the Senators going to be held accountable they were more involved than Trump was

  6. “They aren’t the same”
    Alright, well, let’s all put masks on and torch a courthousr and police station because apparently we won’t be held to the same level as people who simply took part in a riot.

    1. @D A civil rights. Notice how the movement is only for a certain group of people in certain situations. It’s only black people involved in white police officer altercations. BLM doesn’t care about white people being murdered by the police and their civil rights. Or black people killing other black people and their civil rights. So is it really about civil rights? Civil rights should be applicable to all citizens, not just a select few.

    2. @I’D JUST LIKE TO INTERJECT FOR A MOMENT “Except the country was burned down ”

      Really? The whole country?
      Must be except where I live?

      Or maybe you are exaggerating about 99.999999% ?

    3. @BitBuhkit Go to Seattle, Portland, LA, Chicago, NYC (where I live), Atlanta, Philadelphia. Major population places all saw burning and looting in 2020.

      No one is saying “the entire country” burned but it’s funny you took no offense to the guy who claimed that republicans “burn down the country because their candidate didn’t win.” So do you agree with that statement too?

      You got a little bias running down your chin there.

    4. @Mastodon1976 hmmm, the leftist media, and i guess most media, must’ve left that out of the report.

  7. Senate gives themselves more security than ever, people can’t even visit the capitol anymore without being arrested or harassed by police and military. THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!!!

  8. ‘I could shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any votes…’ — Donald J Trump
    ‘How come if I steal a nickel and he steals a dime
    He writes a bestselling book, and I do the time?’ – Something Funny Going On, And Justice For All
    I don’t know which is more amazing: How out of touch the establishment is with the rage out here in the real world; or that they think it doesn’t matter.

  9. McCabe: “If the case is there you bring it” ALRIGHTY, THEN! What a joke. No concept of law when you have no real concept of right and wrong, good and evil.

  10. If it was BLM all the information would have been on everyone’s desk and they would have been ready lol

  11. So another words they weren’t even prepared for any kind of attack whatsoever even before January 6th🤔

  12. The first “insurrection” in history where they opened the doors and said…”Come on in ya’ll”.

  13. The Terrorists were able to gain plenty of “intelligence” with their little Republican sponsored “tours” the day before.

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