Ocasio-Cortez reveals what she said to Paul Gosar on the House floor

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) tells CNN's John Berman what she said to Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) on the House floor during the ongoing speaker vote. In November of 2021, Gosar tweeted a doctored anime video that depicted himself killing both Ocasio-Cortez and President Joe Biden. #CNN #News


    1. She talked to him because being an adult you realize that he is a fellow employee that she has to deal with everyday.

    2. @David Hogue Gosar said that. It’s on tape. He sent his chief of staff to the airport in Phoenix to find the South Korean airplane that carried the ballots. Then said the CIA Office of Special Intel told him about the airplane. That CIA office does not exist. He’s a head of lettuce.

    3. Because it is still the right thing to do. Imagine if we never communicated with our friends, loved ones, rivals and enemies! What a world that would be! 😬

    4. Who’s ready for Civil War I want Civil War I’ve Are democrats ready I sure am. We gotva trillion rounds of ammo and you don’t know what bathroom you use.

    1. Me, 110% me! Kevin just needs to give them their own medicon, don’t do interviews, just look around, and laugh as Biden does! Maybe they’ll get the message that way!! AOC, keep yapping, you’ll be next!!! oh wait, you’re not on any committees.

    2. @Jeff SpicolliWonderful! We found another traitor. Where are you from? China or, or Russia? Probably not from either country. Just another maggot traitor. An American citizen and a true patriot would not cheer on people that undermine this country. You are enjoying watching this country go up in flames. That is absolutely revolting.

    3. Maybe it’ll lead to both parties playing fair again, respecting decorum, protecting free speech and not politically punishing each other. Do you expect the pendulum to be locked in one direction?

    1. @KC  No. That woman is beyond her age in ability. In ten years, she will be excellent. How about Santos in ten years? Think he’ll be a Congressional star? You say nothing of that calamity and bash her.

    1. What nettled me is that white boy reporter asking ocasio Cortez about the drawing Paul gosar created and he has some disgusting nerve asking is she ok with what Paul grossar did. This hangdog sandbag report should be redundant from the job because he’s a waste for asking a stupid clodhopping question like that

    1. Ignore the trolls. Republicans these days don’t understand quality or intelligence in a woman. She isn’t staying in her place.

  1. Showing class and fortitude as she speaks truth to power…… it is comforting to know that AOC’s generation is ready, willing, and able to fight for liberty, equality, and justice for all of the people……. the times they are a changin’ …….

    1. @Rebecca W. go make breakfast and the bed. Don’t step into a man’s comment trying to be relevant. I fight men what do you do have sex with them

    1. When has she ever actually debated? When her constituents called her out all she could do was dance. She had nothing to stand.

  2. Amen. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate every word from AOC’s mouth.
    She is a light in dark places. Thank you everyday for your service. You are a patriot in my heart. Fight on for us all!

  3. We could do with a big dash of AOC in our “left” in Australia. Very much respect this womens tenacity and intelligence.

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